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[rec.arts.comics] REVIEWS FAQ: Technical Guide
Section - Crossposting Criteria

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If you will be crossposting your review to a non-rac.* newsgroup, like,, or,
*please* make sure that your review fits that newsgroup's review 
criteria.  Crossposting is fine, and is even encouraged, but please 
make sure to read the FAQs of those groups so your reviews won't be 

Followups should be set to three or fewer discussion groups, either
within the r.a.c.* hierarchy or within other *appropriate* hierarchies, 
not including the .reviews or .info newsgroups.



An essential read for anyone interested in crossposting book reviews to (such as prose comics novels, coffee table 
books, biographies, and the like).  



While I am not sure if this document is currently updated, its 
Guidelines still stand.  Individual issues of continuing comic books 
ARE NOT subject matter for r.a.sf.r.  "Series-within-series," or full 
runs of such comics, are.  Limited series (in whatever "format") ARE 
appropriate subject matter for r.a.sf.r.  The Subject line of r.a.sf.r 
postings MUST include the title of the work and the creator's name.  

*** Other Information

The current practice for posting movie reviews to 
is to list the subject as REVIEW: TITLE (year);  a quick glance at other 
reviews in the newsgroup should provide all of 
the information you need.

The current practice for posting Star Trek reviews to the newsgroup is to use these keywords:  TOS for the Original 
Series, TNG for Next Generation, DS9 for Deep Space Nine, and VOY for 
Voyager.  Comics would also have the keyword BOOK added to them, as in 
REVIEW: [TOS BOOK] STAR TREK #6 or the like.  Reading the newsgroup will give you more examples.

The and newsgroups prefer 
that bibliographic information be included in the addbib format 
(available in UNIX or just type it) so that it can be easily accessed 
from the archives.  It can be appended to the bottom of a review post 
as follows (an asterisk [*] denotes a required datum):

   %H   Header commentary, printed before reference
*  %A   Author's name (use a separate %A line for each)
*  %T   Title of article or book
*  %B   Anthology/collection title for individual stories/articles
   %E   Editor (of book or series)
*  %I   Issuer (publisher's name and imprint)
   %C   City (place of publication)
*  %D   Date of publication
*  %G   Government order number (use this for ISBN)
   %P   Page number(s) (use for page count)
   %S   Series title
   %V   Volume number
   %O   Comments/etc. (use for format/price, ordering info) 
   %J   Journal containing article
   %K   Keywords  

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Top Document: [rec.arts.comics] REVIEWS FAQ: Technical Guide
Previous Document: Posting Problems
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