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Paper Money Collecting FAQ
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Top Document: Paper Money Collecting FAQ
Previous Document: Credits and Copyright
Next Document: 0.1) History of rec.collecting.paper-money
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   0.1) History of rec.collecting.paper-money
   0.2) Charter for rec.collecting.paper-money
  *0.3) Can I post in a different langauge?

   1.1) Who collects paper money?
   1.2) What kind of paper money do people collect?
   1.3) What's the best way to get started collecting?
   1.4) I'd like to trade/buy/sell paper money, what should I do?
   1.5) How does the typical paper money transaction occur?
   1.6) How should I store my banknotes?
   1.7) Is there an all encompassing reference book for paper money?
   1.8) What is a "Pick" number?
   1.9) How do you grade the condition of paper money?
  *1.10) Who are some dealers and professionals that I can contact?
  *1.11) What are some societies/organizations that I can join?
   1.12) Are there any relevant periodicals?
   1.13) Who is J.S.G. Boggs and why is he famous for paper money art?
   1.14) Where are some paper money shows that I can attend?
   1.15) What are Green Sheets?
  *1.16) Where are some paper money World Wide Web sites?

   2.1) How do I get a banknote officially appraised?
   2.2) I found a US 1935/1953/1957 Silver Certificate in
      circulation, how much is it worth?
   2.3) Is a US 1963-1993 note worth anything?
   2.4) Are US two dollar bills worth anything?
   2.5) I found a very old banknote in perfect condition in a very
      old book, what should I do?
   2.6) I found a note from country XYZZY, how much is it worth?
   2.7) I found a US Federal Reserve Note with the little
      numbers in the wrong place.  Is it counterfeit?
   2.8) I found a note with a star next to the serial number, what
      does this mean?
   2.9) I found a banknote that says The Japanese "Government", what is it?
   2.10) I found a note marked as "SPECIMEN" with serial number of all
       zeros, what is it?
   2.11) I found a Chinese banknote that is labelled "Hell", what is it?
   2.12) What is a watermark?

   3.1) I heard the US is changing its paper money, is this true?
   3.2) What is a National Banknote?
   3.3) What are silver certificates and gold certificates?
   3.4) Can you exchange silver certificates for real silver?
   3.5) I heard that some US notes are stamped HAWAII, why?
   3.6) What is fractional currency?
   3.7) What is obsolete currency (broken banknotes, wildcat notes)?
   3.8) I heard there are a lot of counterfeit US notes worldwide, is
        this true?
   3.9) Is it illegal to copy U.S. paper money?
   3.10) Is it illegal to use U.S. paper money on products or in
   3.11) Are old U.S. notes still legal tender?
   3.12) Are banknotes with Barre's signature good investments?
   3.13) What's the story on the Bank of the United States 1840 $1,000
         note with serial number 8894?
   3.14) Where are all the Federal Reserve Banks?
   3.15) What's with all those weird things on the one dollar bill?
  *3.16) Where can I buy uncut sheets of U.S. paper money?
  *3.17) Whose portrait is on the various current banknotes?
  *3.18) How much do USA banknotes weigh?

   4.1) How do I get banknotes from country XYZZY?
   4.2) How do I get banknotes from every country in the world?
   4.3) What was Operation Bernhardt?
   4.4) What is concentration camp money?
   4.5) Does anybody collect Confederate States of America notes?
   4.6) How many countries currently issue paper money?
   4.7) A note from country XYZZY has a company name at the bottom, is
        it counterfeit?
   4.8) Are there really plastic banknotes?
   4.9) What is a military issue or Military Payment Certificate?
   4.10) What is the highest denomination note ever created or issued?



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Top Document: Paper Money Collecting FAQ
Previous Document: Credits and Copyright
Next Document: 0.1) History of rec.collecting.paper-money

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