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Archive-name: celebrities/ariana-richards-faq
Author: Wim Godden <>
Maintainer: Wim Godden <>
Posting-Frequency: fortnightly
Last-modified: February 1, 1998
Version: 3.2 1998/02/01 12:59:52
Copyright: (C) 1996-1998 Wim Godden

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Ariana Richards newsgroup ( FAQ version 3.2

Permission is given to distribute this file for any non-profit purpose.

Always wanted : Any Fan Club and Contact Addresses,
		Biography additions/corrections/mistakes,
		Filmography additions/corrections/mistakes,
		New FAQ ideas and improvements,
		Guest Appearances,
		Picture/info FTP/WWW sites.

E-Mail anything to Wim Godden ( or post to using the subject 'Corrections to FAQ'.



 0. FAQ
        0.1 FAQ History
        0.2 Changes to this version
 1. Introduction
	1.1  The newsgroup
	1.2  Discussion Content
	1.3  This FAQ
 2. Movies
	2.1  In Production
        2.2  Release Dates
 3. Internet sources
 4. Biography & Filmography
 5. Addresses
 6. Fan Club
 7. Other Frequently Asked Questions
 8. Contributors


0. FAQ Introduction

0.1 FAQ history
v 0.9 - March 15, 1997 - First version ('beta' version)
v 1.0 - March 18, 1997 - First Official Version
v 1.1 - March 24, 1997 - First updated version
v 1.2 - April 4, 1997 - Second updated version
v 1.3 - April 14, 1997 - Third updated version
v 1.4 - May 5, 1997 - Fourth updated version
v 1.5 - May 25, 1997 - Fifth updated version
v 2.0 - June 9, 1997 - First major update
v 2.1 - June 20, 1997 - First updated version of first major updated version
v 2.2 - August 7, 1997 - Second updated version of first major updated version
v 2.3 - August 10, 1997 - Third updated version of first major updated version
v 2.4 - August 22, 1997 - Fourth updated version of first major updated version
v 2.5 - September 22, 1997 - Fifth updated version of first major updated version
v 2.6 - October 25, 1997 - Sixth updated version of first major updated version
v 2.7 - November 3, 1997 - Seventh updated version of first major updated version
v 2.8 - December 7, 1997 - Eigth updated version of first major updated version
v 3.0 - January 6, 1997 - Second major updated version
v 3.1 - January 15, 1997 - First updated version of second major updated version
v 3.2 - February 1, 1998 - Second updated version of second major updated version

0.2 Changes to this version
- information updated
- Updated newsgroup rules
- Updated links
- Corrected minor errors


1. Introduction

1.1 The newsgroup
The newsgroup is the newsgroup for discussion about
Ariana Clarice Richards. This is the only subject allowed.
The newsgroup is a moderated newsgroup. Its 2 (two)
moderators are Wim Godden and Gregory Jackson. The 2 (two) moderators
maintain the newsgroup and its contents. Any violations on the rules of the
newsgroup, as described in this FAQ, may result in actions from either one of
Wim Godden is the creator of the newsgroup and has
recently changed the newsgroup from a retro-moderated to a moderated status,
meaning all messages posted to the newsgroup are checked to see whether they
comply with the newsgroup rules before they are posted.

1.2 Discussion Content
What to post :
* New threads for discussion
* Text Articles, eg. Interviews.
* Information about new movies, reviews, or release dates.
* Upcoming Appearances/Interviews
* New WWW and FTP sites, but posted with the permission of the
* Suggestions/Corections/Additions to this FAQ
* Pictures/movies/audio of Ariana Richards or Bethany Richards (ask
  permission for large files please, as posting large files to the newsgroup
  is not encouraged. It might be easier to place it on one of the Ariana
  Richards Fan Pages. has a few Mbytes of space left for
  such files. Contact for more information.).

What NOT to post :
* Threads should not be sexist !
* Threads should not be about nudity !
* There is a lot of worry nowadays about the safety of celebrities. Posts
  suggesting stalking, or even requests current location are discouraged.
* Privacy is also a concern, requests for e-mail addresses, location of
  schools or universities, or home addresses should not be requested or
  posted. All stars have an agent, please mail them through that address.
* This is NOT alt.FLAME.arianarichards. Posts aimed at degrading Ariana
  Richards should not be made here (or anywhere else !).
* Advertisements of ANY KIND !

These rules exist to make sure the newsgroup isn't filled with junkmail or
messages that are ethically not allowed to be posted. The moderators decide
what's ethically correct and what's not. If you want to post something and
you're not sure whether your post will be allowed, send the message to the
moderators first. Don't post it unless you have permission !

This is in no way an attempt to stop freedom of speech. The only reason for such
system is to avoid messages being posted that don't belong in the newsgroup or
that are considered indecent by the majority of newsgroup readers.


1.3 This FAQ
This FAQ contains information about the newsgroup, which is a useful
introduction to the group for new users.

A copy of this FAQ (and other related FAQs) can also be found at
Mirror addresses for this FAQ are always welcome !


2. Movies

2.1 In Production & Release Dates
Upcoming movies featuring Ariana Richards :

no information available


3. Internet Sources

Official Fan Page
Not available yet

Unofficial Internet Fan Club Page
Name : The ARIFC central
Author : Gregory Jackson (JAX-N)
E-mail :

Dedicated Fan Pages
  Author's e-mail address

* or
  Largest Ariana Richards Fan Page in the world
  Wim Godden
  First Unofficial Ariana Richards Homepage in Germany
  Andreas Shuetz
  Jax'N's homepage
  Gregory Jackson (JAX-N)
  Ritsko Dolstra's Fan Page
  Ritsko Dolstra
  Slim Jim's Ariana Page
  James Watkin
  Jason's Ariana Page
  Jason ???
  William's house of the rising starlets
  William ???
  Tddaly's Page
  Tddaly's Page
* and
  Simon Ethier's Ariana Page
  Simon Ethier
  StarGalaxy Ariana Richards Page
* or
  Ariana Richards NET
  Robert Wolfington
  Unknown Page
  Extreme's Ariana Page
* (new URL !)
  Donk E Gin's page
  Donk E Gin
  Frank Thiele's Page
  Frank Thiele
  Extreme's Page
  Bunnykin's Ariana Richards Page
  Dave Thomas
  Arthur Dents Vidcap Warehouse
  Arthur Dents
  Alexander's Ariana Richards Appreciation Page
  Alexander ?
  Jason's Ariana Richards Page
  Jason Seabolt
  Euphoria Super models and Celebrities - Ariana Richards
  BCrazy's Page
  Celebrity Pictures - Ariana Richards
  Celebrity Pictures
  Road Runner's Ariana Page
  Road Runner (Tim)
  Ariana Richards Fan Page
  Ariana Richards - Mexico
  Teen Starlets Picture Page - Ariana Richards
  Alexander Lohmiller

Admiration pages


General pages
  A Jurassic Park Page
  A Jurassic Park Page
  Movieweb : about Angus
  An Angus Page
  An Angus Page

Channel name : #ariana
Logon to IRCNet and type /join #ariana to join the channel.

The channel has its own channel bot, called MrControl.
To register yourself with the bot, type /msg MrControl hello

PLEASE STAY IN THE CHANNEL FOR SOME TIME (open another window or something).

The channel subject is Ariana Richards and anything related to Ariana Richards. Other subjects may be suitable in other channels, but are not allowed in #ariana.
What not to do : 
   No flooding (sending messages all the time without contents, this sometimes causing people to disconnect). 
   No shouting (using capital letters). 
   No insulting. 
   No cursing. 
   No fileservers containing any material unrelated to Ariana Richards.
When you join the channel and nobody's there, don't leave ! Stay there for a while. Somebody might join the channel. 

Mailing list
A mailing list is a forum for discussion (similar to a newsgroup) but the
messages appear in your mail box.
All messages sent to an auto response address (eg. Majordomo) are
automatically handled by a computer.  Please follow the instructions exactly.

Mail To:
Body: subscribe ariana

PLEASE NOTE : this is NOT Ariana's e-mail address. Ariana doesn't have an
e-mail address known to us or any web e-mail search engine.


4. Biography & Filmography
Name                            : Ariana Clarice Richards
Birth Date                      : 11 September 1979
Place of birth                  : Sonoma Valley town of Healdsburg,
                                  California, USA
Resident in                     : Thousand Oakes, LA
Color of hair                   : Blond
Color of eyes                   : Green
Height                          : 5 feet 6 inches (= 1 meter 71 centimeters)
Name of sister                  : Bethany Grace
Name of father                  : Gary
Name of mother                  : Darielle
Education                       : High school in progress
Favourite subjects              : Biology, Literature, Art, French
Favourite food                  : Chinese, Italian, all Fruit
Favourite drink                 : Water, Juice, Sparkling Water
Favourite colours               : Blue and Green
Favourite Music                 : Classical, Country, Soft Rock
Favourite movies                : Always, Beauty and the Beast, What About
                                  Bob?, Roman Holiday
Favourite actors                : Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas
Favourite actresses             : Audrey Hepburn, Meg Ryan
Favourite books                 : James Herriot books, C.S. Lewis books
Favourite sports                : English Riding and Jumping, Dance
Favourite hobbies               : Collecting Crystals
Favourite vacation spots        : Bavaria (Germany), Kauai, Great Barrier Reef
Best trait                      : Considerate, Funny
Worst habit                     : Getting to bed too late
Pet peeve                       : Thoughtless people, and people who mistreat
Prized possessions              : My happiness, my family, my horse
Most exciting moment            : Being asked to play "Lex", winning the 1993
                                  Champion Horsemenship Medal
Instrument played               : Piano
Personal quote                  : I'm looking forward to my first film-kiss
Ambition                        : To breed horses on own ranch
Pets                            : Two Yorkie/Maltese dogs (Buttercup and
                                  Brighty), a pony (Kindred Spirit), a
                                  Hanovarian Thoroughbred Horse (Sundancer,
                                  his show name is "Stroke of Genius"), two
                                  fish (Dewdrop and Marigold), two canaries
                                  (Rosebud and Sunbeam)
Sponsor of                      : The world-wide Campaign for the "Make a Wish"
                                  Foundation, a non-profit organization
                                  founded to improve the lives of seriously
                                  ill children.
International Fan Club address  : Unavailable

Ariana is a graphic artist.
She is also a sponsor for the Starlight Foundation for children.
Ariana released a CD called "First Love" in Japan on 17 December 1993.
Right now Ariana is writing a book about her experiences in filming
Jurassic Park.
She competes in jumping competitions with her Hanovarian thoroughbred
She has two dogs (Buttercup and Brighty).
She would like to own a farm and breed horses.

Award(s)        : Youth in Film Award (1993) for 'Jurassic Park'
                : Youth in Film Award (1992) for 'Locked Up'
                : Youth in Film Award (1991) for 'Switched at Birth'
                : Popular vote "Best Newcomer" in both Japan and UK
                : Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award for Jurassic Park in 1994

Benji-Benji                             Not yet released        Film
Incident at Lincoln Bluff               Unknown                 TV Movie        Nancy
The Princess Stallion                   1997                    TV Movie        Nancy Stewart
The Lost World : Jurassic Park          1997                    Film            Lex Murphy
Boy Meets World                         November 8, 1996        TV Series       Claire Ferguson
Born Free: A New Adventure              1996                    TV Movie        Val Porter
Angus                                   1995                    Film            Melissa Lefevre
Come The Dawn                           1995                    Film            Unknown
Jurassic Park                           1993                    Film            Lex Murphy
Locked Up: A Mother's Rage              1992                    Film            Kelly
(Aka Other Side Of Love)
Against Her Will                        1992                    TV Movie        Nancy
(An Incident in Baltimore)
Timescape (Aka Disaster in Time,        1992                    TV Movie        Hilary Wilson
aka Grand Tour)
Capitol Critters                        1992                    TV Series       Voice of President Bush's Grand-Daughter
Switched at Birth                       1991                    TV Movie        Kimberly Mays (age 9-11)
Spaced Invaders	                        1990                    Film            Kathy Oxley
Tremors                                 1990                    Film            Mindy
The Incident                            1990                    TV Movie        Nancy
Island Son                              1990                    TV Series       Tess Delaney
Prancer                                 1989                    Film            Carol Wetherby
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka                 1988                    Film            little girl
Empty Nest                              1988                    TV Series       Phoebe
Into the Homeland                       1987                    TV Movie        Ember (age 5 & 7)
My Sister Sam                           1986                    TV Series       Guest appearance
The Golden Girls                        1985                    TV Series       Lisa

Stage Play(s)   : Jake's Women (West Coast)
Other Works     : Released a CD in Japan entitled 'First Love'.


5. Addresses
* Address of agent	: Private
* Contact on the internet :
  Wim Godden         : (moderator of
  G. B. Jackson      :   (moderator of
  Andreas Shuetz     : (moderator of Ariana Richards mailing


6. Fan Club
We're currently negotiating about obtaining official status. If you have any
ideas, please mail Wim Godden at or Gregory Jackson at

7. Other Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I post binaries to ?
A: Yes, you can. However, if you plan to post lots of binaries at once,
   contact one of the moderators before posting. They will let you know how to
   post them.
Q: Can I post ANY binary to ?
A: No, you can't. Only photographs of Ariana Richards and Bethany Richards are
Q: I want nude photos of Ariana Richards
A: There aren't any nude photos of Ariana Richards. If you ever find one, it's
   a fake.

8. Contributors
Many thanks to :
- Gregory Jackson
- Andreas Shuetz
- James Watkins
- Toon
- The honor guard, for protecting Ariana in newsgroups
- Scifi, for some of the links
- All fan page maintainers
- Mrs Darielle Richards, for the newsletters and for answering our latest letter
- Anyone I might have forgotten

Keep up the good work, folks ! And keep us informed, so we can keep you
informed !

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