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rec.pets.cats: Table of Contents FAQ

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Archive-name: cats-faq/table-of-contents
Last-modified: 16 Jul 1999

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                         Index into Current Directory
     * Problem Behaviors in Cats 
          + Cats Inside
          + Plants
          + A New Baby
          + Spraying
          + Scratching
          + Furniture
          + Housetraining
               o Treatment 
          + Escaping
          + Drape/Curtain Climbing
          + Cord (and Other) Chewing
          + Biting
          + Garbage
          + Counters
          + Early AM Wakeups
          + Toilet Paper
          + Splashing Water
          + Ripping Carpet
          + Closet Antics
          + Cats Outside
          + Noise
          + Your Garden
          + Local "Attack" Cats
          + Your Birdfeeder
          + Keeping your cat in your yard
     * Complete List of Cat-Related Email Lists 
          + Introduction 
          + Table of Contents 
          + About these Mailing Lists
          + General Lists
               o FELINE-L
               o FUR-L
               o VETERINARY LISTS
     * rec.pets.cats FAQ List 
          + Introduction to rec.pets.cats.announce 
          + General information 
          + Humans places, cats + other pets 
          + Table of Contents 
          + Getting A Cat 
          + General Cat Care 
          + Basic Health Care 
          + Medical Information 
          + Outside World 
          + Behavior Problems in Cats 
          + Feline Leukemia Virus 
          + Feline Infectious Peritonitis 
          + Miscellaneous Information 
          + Tricolor Cats 
          + Resources 
          + Breed Descriptions 
          + Cat Colors 
          + Breed FAQs 
               o American Curl 
               o Balinese and Javanese 
               o Birmans 
               o Bombay 
               o Chantilly/Tiffany 
               o Chartreux 
               o Maine Coon Cats 
               o Exotic Shorthairs 
               o Foreign Burmese 
               o Japanese Bobtail 
               o Korats 
               o Manx 
               o Norwegian Forest Cat 
               o Ocicats 
               o Oriental Shorthair/Longhair 
               o Ragdolls 
               o Russian Blues 
               o Scottish Fold 
               o Selkirk Rex 
               o Somalis 
               o Tonkinese 
               o Traditional Siamese 
     * General Cat Care 
          + Vaccination and Worming Schedule
          + What Your Vet Should Check
          + Cat Food and Diets
               o Premium cat food
               o Cat food composition
               o Wet foods
               o Dry foods
               o Moist foods
               o Snack foods
               o Milk
               o Homemade Food
               o People Food
               o Cat Grass
               o Dog food
               o Ash
               o Feeding Schedules
               o Special Diets (incl. vegetarian diets)
          + Litter
               o Kinds of Litter
               o Disposal
               o Litter boxes
               o Toilets
               o Placement of litter box
          + Trimming Claws
          + Grooming
               o Thick, long fur
               o Silky long fur
               o Short hair
          + Bathing
          + Playing
               o Other Toys
               o Scratching Posts
          + Cat Safety in the House
     * Getting a Cat
          + Should You Get a Cat?
          + What Kind of Cat
               o Kitten or adult
               o Male or female
               o One cat or two
               o Kinds of cats
          + Where to get a Cat
               o Animal shelters
               o Private parties
               o Responsible Breeders
               o Pet Stores
          + The First Vet Visit
               o Recommended Vaccinations
               o Recommended Tests
          + Caring for a new kitten
          + Introducing your new cat to 
     * Basic Health Care 
          + In General
          + Veterinary Care
               o On the net
               o Home vet books
               o Pet Insurance
               o Choosing a vet
               o 24 hour emergency care
               o Fecal samples
               o Cat reactions
               o Further steps
               o Vet bills
          + Human-Cat Disease Transmission (Zoonoses)
          + Neutering
               o Castration
               o Spaying
               o Post-op recovery
               o Cost
               o Early Neutering
          + Skin Problems
               o Matted fur
               o Bald patches
               o Scratching
               o Feline Acne
                    # Tips on caring for feline acne 
          + Dental Care
               o Tartar buildup
               o Rootwork
               o Smelly breath
          + Declawing
          + Pills, Dosing and Medication
               o Giving pills
               o Administring Liquids
               o Topical Application
          + Worms
          + Fleas
          + Poisons (incl. plants, food & household chemicals)
               o Treatment after ingestion
               o Greenhouse plants
               o Household plants
               o Outdoor plants
               o Non-Poisonous Plants
               o Chemical substances
               o Food
               o Household medications
     * Medical Information 
          + Aging
          + Cat Allergies
          + Epilepsy and Seizures
          + Feline Chronic Renal Failure
          + Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS)
               o Symptoms
               o Causes of FUS
                    # Known causes 
               o Management of FUS
          + Diabetes
          + Diarrhea
               o Possible causes for diarrhea
                    # Causes of acute (sudden onset) diarrhea 
                    # Causes of chronic diarrhea 
          + Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)
          + FIV
          + Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
          + Upper Respiratory Disease
               o Feline herpesvirus
               o Feline calicivirus
               o Chlamydia psittaci
          + Thyroid Problems
               o Treatment
          + Vomiting
               o Reasons 
               o Summary
               o Vomit stains
     * Miscellaneous Information
          + Removing Urine Odor
               o Enzymatic products
               o Launderable items
               o Concrete
               o Hardwood floors
          + Catnip and Valerian.
          + Cats and Water
          + Do All Cats Purr?
          + Other Cats in the Cat Family
          + Cat Genetics and Coloring
          + Cat Static
          + Preparing Food for your Cat
               o Basic recipe for cat maintenance diet
               o Cats at risk of FUS
               o Kidney disease patients
               o Heart failure
               o Low fat diet
               o Low fat, high fiber diet
               o Reducing diet
               o Hypoallergenic diet
               o Low purine diet
          + Cat Owner Allergies
          + Toxoplasmosis (when you are pregnant and own a cat)
     * Orphan Kitten Care FAQ 
          + Author 
          + Foreword 
          + Table of Contents 
          + 1. Determine the Kitten's Condition
          + 2. Make the Kitten Comfortable and Warm
               o Empty the Bladder 
               o Warm the kitten 
               o The Den 
          + 3. Prepare the Feeding
               o The Formula 
               o Mona's Homemade Goats Milk Formula 
               o The Nurser 
               o The Feeding 
               o Frequency of feedings 
          + 4. More on Emptying the Bowel and Bladder
               o Diarrhea 
          + 5. Maintenance
               o Toddlers 
                    # Den and Living Space 
                    # Solid Food 
                    # The Water Dish 
                    # Litterpan 
               o Preschoolers (eyes starting to turn color) 
     * The Outside World 
          + Indoor and Outdoor Cats
               o Pros and cons
               o Compromises
               o Pet doors
               o Invisible Fences
          + Dealing with Landlords
          + Pet Identification
          + Clever Hiding Places At Home
          + Finding A Lost Cat
          + Catching Feral Cats
          + Finding A Home for a Cat
          + Travel
               o Cars
               o Trains
               o Planes
          + International Travel
          + Moving
          + Vacations
               o Leave at home
               o Pet sitters
               o Kennels
               o Take Cat With You
               o Leave with Someone Else
     * Resources
          + Electronic Mailing Lists
          + Literary References
               o Jellicle Cats
               o The "mousies" Poem
          + Books
          + Magazines
          + Articles
          + Catalogues
     * Torties, Calicos and Tricolor Cats 
          + Author 
          + Table of Contents 
          + Are you going to throw a lot of jargon at me?
          + OK, So what do you mean by a true Tricolor?
          + Is it true that only females can be true Tricolors?
          + OK, so there's a reason. Why?
          + Oh, man. I knew this was going to get complicated!
               o Basic sex inheritance
          + So what does this have to do with Tricolored cats? 
               o The red or orange gene
               o Males and the O gene
               o Females and the O gene
          + So how come there are some male true Tricolors?
          + So male Tricolors are rare. Can I sell one for big bucks?
          + What is the difference between a Calico and a Tortoiseshell?
            And what in heck is a Torbie?
          + What are the possible color combinations?
          + Can you wrap this up?
          + So why didn't you just say so in the first place?
    Table of Contents FAQ
    Cindy Tittle Moore,

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