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[misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
Section - 32. I am a Canadian PR. Do I need a visa to go to the US?

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Top Document: [misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (02/98)
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Being a Canadian PR does not, in itself, provide you with special status
with respect to the US authorities.  There are two groups of people who
can enter the US without a visa: Landed Immigrants who ALSO are the citizens
of a Country in the Commonwealth (or Ireland), and citizens of countries=20
participating in the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (VWPP).

To enter the US under the exemption for Commonwealth (or Irish) citizens,=20
a person must present his passport and proof of his Landed Immigrant status,=
at the port of entry.

To enter the US under the VWPP, a person must present his passport, a=20
return transportation ticket good for travel within 90 days (if entering by
If entering by car, no return ticket is required), and a completed I-94W=20
(visa waiver arrival/departure)form .
For more information about the VWPP and currently participating countries,
please see the US State Department site:


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