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LIST: Sherlock Holmes Illustrated
Section - Comics and Graphic Novels

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[Academic Industries/Pendulum Press]

1974	The great adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Adventure of the speckled band
Boscombe Valley mystery
Now Age Illustrated 64-1379, art by Nestor Redondo
ISBN 0-88301-137-9 (7th ptg, Nov 76), trade pb, b&w

1974?	Hound of the Baskervilles
Now Age Illustrated 64-2642, b&w

1984	The great adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Pocket Classics C13, reprint of Now Age Illustrated edition
ISBN 0-88301-712-1, mass-market pb, b&w
Also published with a read-along cassette (rare)

1984	Hound of the Baskervilles
Pocket Classics C28
ISBN 0-88301-727-X, mass-market pb, b&w

[ACG Comics]

All Detective
01	2000	Gloria Scott
Reprint of 1930 strip

The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes
01	2000
02	2000
03	2000
04	2000
05	2000
06	?
07	2000
More reprints of Edith Meiser and Frank Giacoia strip

[Adventure Comics]

Sherlock Holmes: Return of the Devil
01	?
02	Oct 92	Return of the devil
Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen
Features Holmes and Moriarty, b&w

Dracula: The Suicide Club
01	Aug 92
02	Sep 92	appearance by Holmes
03	Oct 92	appearance by Holmes
04	Nov 92
By Steven Philip Jones, art by John Ross

[Andrion Books]

1981	The Sherlock Holmes Cartoon Book
Marc Bilgrey
ISBN 0-9606826-0-0 (reprinted 1985)


Feb 93	Sherlock Holmes in TCOT Vanishing Villain
Features Holmes and Mr. Hyde

[Avalon Communications]

Cases of Sherlock Holmes
1997	The Adventure of the Speckled Band
Text by A.C. Doyle, art by Daniel Day

[Beaverbrook (UK)]

TV Comic
1960?	Sheerluck Holmes

[Caliber Press]

Caliber Presents
04		Baker Street
09	Feb 90	Baker Street: Elementary my dear
Christmas Special	Baker Street

Baker Street
02	May 89	Honour among punks: Pride and prejudice
05	Feb 90	Honour among punks: Finale
06		Children of the night: Part 1
07	1990	Children of the night: Part 2
A recasting and modernizing of Holmes as a punk woman, b&w

Oct 93	Baker Street: Honour among punks, Guy Davis
graphic novel reprinting 1-5

Oct 93	Baker Street: Children of the night, Guy Davis
graphic novel reprinting 6-10

Baker Street: Graffiti
01		Elementary, my dear

Jun 94	Baker Street Sketchbook

Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Opera Ghost
01	Oct 94
02	Oct 94
Holmes and the Phantom of the Opera, by Steven P. Jones, art
by Aldin Baroza, and cover art by Guy Davis. b&w

The Searchers
01	May 96	Fiction Factory
02	Jun 96	Dream Harvesters
03	Aug 96
04	Sep 96	Conclusion of four-part story arc
05	?
06	?
Written by Colin Clayton and Chris Dows with art by Art Wetherell.
Descendents of the characters created by H.G. Wells, Jules Verne,
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H. Rider Haggard, and Edgar Rice
Burroughs band together in a quest for reality itself.

Jul 96	The Sussex Vampire
Written by Warren Ellis with art by Craig Gilmore. b&w

The Searchers: Apostle of Mercy
01	May 97
02	Jul 97
Colin Clayton, Chris Dows, art by Art Wetherell

1997	Sherlock Holmes: Return of the Devil
Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen
Reprint of two-issue Adventure Comics series featuring Holmes and
Moriarty, b&w

[CB Publications]

1987	Sherlock Holmes, a graphic novel
The hound of the Baskervilles
A study in scarlet
Portrait in red
ISBN 0-944099-00-9, collects strips drawn by Bill Barry, 1976-77
[Charlton Comics]

All new baffling adventures of Sherlock Holmes
01	Oct 55
02	Mar 56
Unauthorized comics

[Chartwell Books]

1981	Sherlock Holmes
Contains "The Hound of the Baskervilles"

[Chatham River]

19??	Spies & Detective Cut and Color Book
Contains "The Blue Carbuncle"

[Classic Comics/Classics Illustrated]

21	Jul 44	Three Famous Mysteries
Includes "The sign of the four", art by Loius Zansky.
First edition by Classic Comics, then Classics Illustrated
First comic book appearance of Sherlock Holmes, several editions
with both line-drawn and painted covers

33	Jan 47	Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
A Study in Scarlet
The Hound of the Baskervilles
First edition by Classic Comics, then Classics Illustrated,
after the first printing A Study in Scarlet was dropped
Art by Louis Zansky and H.C. Kiefer, several editions with both
line-drawn and painted covers

110	Aug 53	A Study in Scarlet
Includes "The adventure of the speckled band"
Adapted by Kenneth Fitch with art by Seymour Moskowitz
Two editions ? with painted covers

[Collins Lions (UK)]

1991	The Hound of the Baskervilles
Adapted by Tim Quinn and George Sears
oversize trade pb, b&w

1991	The Speckled Band and The Blue Carbuncle
oversize trade pb, b&w

[Comics Magazine Company]

Detective Picture Stories
01	Dec 36
First comic book parody of Sherlock Holmes

[Dark Horse Comics]

Predator: Nemesis
01	Dec 97
02	Jan 98
Written by Gordon Rennie, art by Colon MacNeil and Tom Taggart
Mycroft Holmes and Inspector Lestrade are secondary characters
in this two-issue series featuring the bloodthirsty alien from
Twentieth Century Fox films.

[DC Comics]

62	date?	Sherlock Jokes (the Joker as Holmes)

Action Comics
283	Dec 61	The red kryptonite menace
Brief appearance of Holmes with Superman

Sherlock Holmes
01	Sep/Oct 75
The final problem
The adventure of the empty house
Written by Dennis O'Neil with art by E.R. Cruz

The Joker
V2 06	Mar/Apr 76	Clown Prince of Crime
Sherlock Holmes stalks the Joker

Detective Comics
572	Mar 87	The doomsday book
Sherlock Holmes in the adventure of the red leech
50th anniversary issue, features Batman and Holmes

07	Mar 93	Back with a vengeance
Irene Adler makes a brief appearance

08	Apr 93	Good-night Mr. Holmes
Holmes and Watson are on the case when Eclipso possesses
American opera singer Irene Adler.

The Flintstones and the Jetsons
20	Apr 99	Sherock Stones: Master detective of Bedrock
By Paul Kupperberg, art by Fernando Yache and Mike Decarlo

20	Jan 2000	Spring-heeled Jack
By Terrance Griep, art by Joe Staton and Dave Hunt

[Dell Publishing/Four Color]

New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
1169	Mar/May 61
The deadly inheritance
The tunnel scheme

1245	Nov/Jan 62	
The derelict ship
The safe robber
The cunning assassin

Art for these two comics by Bob Fujitama, Mike Sekowsky, and
Frank Giacoia

[Draculina Publishing]

01	Jun 94	Bimbos in Time
Brief Sherlock Holmes appearance, b&w

[EC Publications]

Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad
04 ?	Oct 54
Shermlock Shomes

07	Oct/Nov 54
Shermlock Shomes and the Hound of the Basketballs

11	?
One panel appearance of Shermlock Shomes in "Dragged Net"

1955?	Inside Mad
Ballantine 265, mass-market pb
Reprints Shermlock Shomes, b&w

1955?	The Brothers Mad
Ballantine 267K, mass-market pb
Reprints Shermlock Shomes and the Hound of the Basketballs, pp 52-75, b&w

Mad Super Special
18	1975	The Nostalgic Mad #4, 32-page color comic
Reprints Shermlock Shomes, 8-page parody from 1953
Holmes cover reproducing Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad #7

28	Fall 79	The Nostalgic Mad #7, 32-page color comic
Reprints Shermlock Shomes and the Hound of the Basketballs,
8-page parody from 1954
Cover reproduction from Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad #4

263	Jun 86
Young Sureschlock Homely, movie parody

[Eros Comix]

The Young Witches: London Babylon
06	Apr 96
Adult comic with appearances by Holmes and Sigmund Freud, by
R.A. Barreiro, art by F. Solano Lopez, b&w

[Eternity Comics]

Scarlet in Gaslight
01	Nov 87	Scarlet in gaslight
02	Jan 88	Invasion
03	Mar 88	Plague
04	Jun 88	The final triumph
Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen, features Sherlock Holmes
and Dracula, b&w

1988	Sherlock Holmes: Scarlet in Gaslight, an adventure in terror
ISBN 0-944735-09-6 (2nd printing, 1990), trade pb, reprints
issues 1-4

A Case of Blind Fear
01	Jan 89	The madness
02	Apr 89	The woman
03	Sep 89	The revelation
04	Nov 89	The enemy unseen
Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen, sequel to Scarlet in
Gaslight featuring Holmes and the Invisible Man, b&w

1990	A Case of Blind Fear
ISBN 0-944735-50-9, trade pb, reprints issues 1-4

Sherlock Holmes
01	Jun 88
23	May 90
Reprints 1954-56 New York Herald Tribune daily and Sunday comic
strip written by Edith Meiser and drawn by Mike Sekowsky and
Frank Giacoia, b&w

1989	Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1: The classic comic strips
ISBN 0-944735-15-0, trade pb, reprints issues 1-6

1991	Sherlock Holmes: The red headed league and other stories
ISBN 0-944735-68-1, trade pb, reprints issues ?

Sherlock Holmes Casebook
01	Mar 89	
02	Mar 89
Reprints New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Dell), b&w

Sherlock Holmes in the Case of the Missing Martian
01	Jul 90	Part 1
02	Jul 90	Part 2
03	Sep 90	Part 3
04	Oct 90	Part 4
Doug Murray and Topper Helmers, features Holmes, Jack the
Ripper, and H. G. Wells' Martians, b&w

Sherlock Holmes of the 30s
01	Jan 90	The Gloria Scott, Silver Blaze
02	Feb 90	Silver Blaze, The Musgrave ritual
03	Mar 90	The Musgrave ritual, The Greek interpreter
04	Apr 90	The Greek interpreter, The Reigate puzzle
05	May 90	The Reigate puzzle, The Naval treaty
06	Jun 90	The Naval treaty, The stockbroker's clerk
07	Jul 90	The stockbroker's clerk, The crooked man
Reprints 1930-32 Bell Newspaper Syndicate comic strip by Leo
O'Mealia, b&w, first appearance of Holmes in the comic strips

Sherlock Junior
01	Aug 90
02	Sep 90
03	Oct 90
Reprints of half page gag strip, b&w

Ghosts of Dracula
02	Oct 91	The magician and the monster
Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen, features Dracula, Houdini
and contains a brief appearance by Holmes, b&w

[Gallery Books Classic Comics]

1991	Hound of the Baskervilles
Adapted by Marion Kimberly

[Grandreams (UK)]

1979	Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson Annual
ISBN 0-86227-016-2, oversize hardcover, contains British comics,
stories, and TV photos


02	Ozone Holmes: Deducer of the inexplicable, tracer of lost mysteries

[Harvey Publications]

Speed Comics: The adventures of Padlock Holmes
32	1940-41?

[Hawk Books (UK)]

1990	Hound of the Baskervilles
Classic Comics, UK hardback of a Spanish adaptation ?
Adapted by Dr. Marion Kimberly
ISBN 0-948248-08-4

[Hyperion Press]

1977	Sherlocko the Monk, A Complete Compilation: 1910-1912
Gus Mager
ISBN 0-88355-654-5, oversize paperback, comic strip reprints
featuring the Great Sherlocko and Dr. Watso, b&w

[Image Comics]

01	Mar 2000	Case 257 - Niko
By Dietrich Smith, based on the novel "Walker & Son" by Gaines Poe

[Innovation Press]

01	Jul 89	A Study in Scarlet
The singular case of the anemic heir
Premiere Graphic Novel, b&w

[Manuscript Press]

Comics Revue
21	1987	Milt Caniff, "The Baker Street Adventure"
Reprints Steve Canyon strip with Canyon as Holmes, b&w

[Marvel Comics]

Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu
03	Mar 75	Fires of rebirth
Featuring Clive Reston, great-nephew of Holmes

Marvel Preview Presents Sherlock Holmes
05	Apr 76		Part 1: The hound of the Baskervilles
06	Spring 76	Part 2: The demon-hound from hell
Adapted by Doug Moench with art by Val Mayerik, magazine, b&w

The Man Called Nova
20	Jul 78	At last -- the inner circle
21	Sep 78	The shocking secret of Nova
Features a Sherlock Holmes robot as a secondary character

The Ren & Stimpy Show
29	Apr 95	The Casebook of Sherlock Hoek


02	1994	Collector's Dracula
Contains "The Vampire Hunter"


Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
01	Nov 97
"The scorned mistresses", by Joe Gentile, art by Rich Gulick
"Memory of an angel", by Joe Gentile, art by Mike Bianco

2001	Sherlock Holmes and the Clown Price of London
By Joe Gentile, art by Rich Gulick, cover art by Drew Tucker

[National Lampoon]

V1 16	Jul 71	The strange case of the Queen's pupils
Charles O'Hegarty and Michael Choquette

[New Media Publishing]

Fantasy Illustrated
01	Spring 82	Part 1: The hounds of hell theory
The magazine folded and Part 2 was never published, b&w

[Northstar Press]

1989	Cases of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1
ISBN 1-877977-00-5, reprints issues 1, 2, 4, and 5

Cases of Sherlock Holmes
16	1989	The adventure of the solitary cyclist
17	1989	The abbey grange
18	1989	The blue carbuncle
19	1990	The man with the twisted lip
20	1990	The red headed league
Continues Renegade Press series, b&w

Chronicles of Crime & Mystery: Sherlock Holmes
01	Feb 92	The adventure of the speckled band
Like the Renegade Press comics, this comic contains the
text of Doyle's story with illustrations, b&w

Sherlock Holmes: Tales of Mystery and Suspense (Volume 1)
01	Aug 92	The Satherwaite Horror
02	Sep 92	The triangle of blood
03	Mar 93	The sequestered spy
New adventures, b&w

Sep 95	Sherlock Holmes: Soul of the Dragon
Written by Joe Gentile
"The Much Maligned Musician", art by Dave Ulanski and Bill Hallier
"Man of Medicine: Doctor of Despair", art by Alison McDonald
"The Assassin's Lament", art by Pav Kovacic, Lynda Licina, Kate
McCoole, and Gentile
Front cover by Jon J. Muth, back cover by Ron Frenz and Ulanski
trade pb, b&w

[Pyramid Books]

1977	Son of Sherlock Holmes: The Woman in Red
Byron Preiss and Ralph Reese
ISBN 0-515-04260-9, oversize paperback
[Ravette Books]

1992	Sherlock Holmes: The red death
Adapted by A.-P. Duchateau, illustrated by G. Clair, translated
from the original story, La Sangsue Rouge, 1990.
ISBN 1-85304-463-6, oversize paperback

[Renegade Press]

Cases of Sherlock Holmes
01	May 86	The adventure of the Beryl Coronet
02	Jul 86	The adventure of the dancing men
03	Sep 86	The strange adventure of the Vourdalale
		(original story by Gordon Derry)
04	Nov 86	The adventure of the six napoleons
05	Jan 87	The adventure of the engineer's thumb
06	Mar 87	The adventure of the resident patient
07	May 87	The adventure of the Musgrave ritual
		(comic is dated Mar 1987)
08	Jul 87	A scandal in Bohemia
09	Sep 87	The adventure of the copper beeches
10	Nov 87	The adventure of the Greek interpreter
11	Jan 88	The adventure of Black Peter
12	Mar 88	The adventure of Silver Blaze
13	May 88	The adventure of the Naval treaty, Part 1
14	Jul 88	The adventure of the Naval Treaty, Part 2
15	Sep 88	The adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
With the exception of #3, these comics contain the text of
Doyle's stories with illustrations, series continued by
Northstar Publishing, b&w


1917	Hawkshaw, the Detective
Collection of strips by Gus Mager, Holmes parody

[Spectacular Stories Magazine]

04	Jul 50	Sherlock Holmes
Fox Features Syndicate, Hero Books

[Star Reach]

1991	Within Our Reach
Contains "The Season of Forgiveness"

[Thornby Comics]

1998	A Study in Scarlet
Adapted by James Stenstrom, illustrated by Noly Panaligan. Also
contains "The singular case of the anemic heir" by William Bryan Dubay,
Kevin Duane, and Anton Caravana. Cover by Mark Evans.
Reprint of Innovation Press publication, b&w
ISBN 0-9666443-1-X

[Tome Press]

01	Adventure of the Naval Treaty
Reprints Cases of SH 13 & 14

nn	A Scandal in Bohemia
Reprints Cases of SH 8

nn	The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual
Reprints Cases of SH 7

nn	The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
Reprints Cases of SH 9

Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes
By Steve Jones, art by Seppo Makinen, b&w

Sherlock Holmes Reader
01	1998	The Loch Ness Horror, part 1, Martin Powell
02	1999	The Loch Ness Horror, part 2
03	2000	The Loch Ness Horror, part 3
04	2000	The Loch Ness Horror, part 4
The Loch Ness Horror by Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen.
Originally titled "Mark of the Beast". This series also contains
articles on Holmes and other illustrated stories.

[Tundra Press]

The Maximortal
03	1992	Holmes cover, features the death of the master
07	?	Brief appearance of Holmes

[Warren Publishing]

The Rook
05	Oct 80	Part 1: Master of the world
06	Dec 80	Part 2: Master of the world
Budd Lewis
Features Holmes, A. C. Doyle, and Jules Verne, b&w

10	Aug 81	The singular case of the anemic heir
Will Richardson and Kevin Duane
Features Holmes and Dracula, b&w

13	Feb 82	Part 1: A study in scarlet
14	Apr 82	Part 2: A study in scarlet (continued in issue #?)
magazine, b&w

[Wildstorm Comics]

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Jun 2000	Embrace the wolf
Jack the Ripper takes control of Data's Sherlock Holmes holodeck
program. Written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski. Art by
Dave Hoover, Troy Hubbs, Jason Martin, and Christy Stack. Cover
by Travis Charest.

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