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Anne Rice FAQ Part 2/2

( Part1 - Part2 )
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Posting-frequency: monthly

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INTRODUCTION (Part 2 of 2)

        Welcome to part 2 of the Anne Rice FAQ!  In this you'll find,
        well, everything that wasn't in part 1 quite frankly.  Bear
        in mind that, though I'm not repeating them, the disclaimers
        listed in part 1 still apply.

OUTLINE (aka "Where the heck IS everything?")

        The Anne Rice FAQ has currently been split into two parts
        (more parts will be added as needed to keep each part under
        64K).  I'll include a full outline in all parts of the FAQ
        to make finding information easier should someone only come
        across a single part and want to know what they'll need to

        *** = The part you are currently reading.

        Part One:

              So Who's This Anne Chick?
                  (background, books written, etc.)
                  (books, movies, msc info.)
              Captivating Companions
                  (VampChron companion book, opinions, Prism
                   of the Night, AR Trivia book)

     ***Part Two:

              Wonderful Witches
                   (TWH questions, movie, companion book)
              Vamps, Witches, Now What?
                   (The Mummy, future projects, other Rice books)
              The Naughty Bits
                   (Beauty books, Belinda, EtoE)
              From One Fan to Another
                   (Opinions on books, fan club info, book signing 
                    tips, audio tapes, graphic novels and msc. 
                    merchandise info.)
              "The Bleeding Edge of Technology"
                   (AR listserv, newsgroup, web sites)
              No Applause, Just Throw Money
                   (FAQ credits and copyright information)                   


	**Do I have to read VampChron in order to understand TWH?

        No.  TWH series, for the most part, stands on its own.
	*However* the two series are connected in a very weird way.
	Namely, they aren't connected enough that Lestat will be
	popping over to the Mayfair house any day now, but they
	*are* connected enough that you can get a nasty spoiler
	now and then if you're not prepared.  Specifically, Lasher
	contains a spoiler about what happens to David at the end of
	TotBT and MtD has a spoiler about what happens to Aaron
	Lightener.  So if you don't want to know these facts out of
	hand, consider yourself warned.

        **In TWH, how could Michael Curry see Lasher?

        See "How on earth is Michael Curry related to the Mayfairs
        (besides being married to Rowan I mean)?"

        **Ok. How on earth is Michael Curry related to the Mayfairs
          (besides being married to Rowan I mean)?

        For this, I'll quote Lasher himself as he inadvertently
        explained it to Rowan:

         "And then Julien brought Evelyn to his house and there
         conceived Laura Lee, who gave birth to Alicia and Gifford.
         And from Julien also the illegitimate child, Michael
         O'Brien, born to the girl in St. Margaret's orphanage, who
         gave it up and went into the convent to beome Sister Bridget
         Marie, and then from that girl, three boys and one girl, and
         that girl married Alaister Curry who gave birth to Tim
         Curry, who..." [Lasher is interrupted by Rowan].

        **How can Julien be a proper Mayfair witch if Lasher said
          there were only 13?

        Lasher was referring to the 13 female Mayfair witches.  He
        does admit that Julien was just as much of a witch as they

        **Why is it that when a Taltos is pregnant the baby is born 
          immediately but when a human is pregnant with a Taltos it takes

        According to what Ash says, a Taltos baby grows more quickly in 
        the womb when its mother recognizes it for what it is.  So, when
        a Taltos is pregnant, they obviously know it right away and thus
        the baby is born but when a human is pregnant with a Taltos baby,
        they don't necessarily know what it is until some time later
        (Morrigan, for example, only grew rapidly after Mona knew for sure
        that she was pregnant).

	**Is there going to be a TWH movie?

	The latest official word that I have on this is from CS#3:
         FOR DAVID GEFFEN. That means, I did get hired, I did 
         get paid, they (GEFFEN AND WARNERS) bought the rights 
         to LASHER (I wasn't going to venture forth without Mona
         Mayfair and also without Lasher himself in the flesh). 
         I have turned in my one and only draft. The draft. The 
         author's vision. The movie according to Rice. The canonical 
         What they will do with it is anybody's guess...."

        **Is there any companion book for TWH like there is for

        Katherine Ramsland has apparently put together a companion
        book for TWH.  However not much is known about this book as
        of right now so I couldn't tell you more about it.

        **Help!  I just finished Taltos and I'm dying to read the
          next TWH book!  Will there be one?

	Anne does want to put out a new TWH book but right now she's
	not sure what exactly it will be about.  The latest word from
	her was that she wanted to do a book that focused on Mona
	(not Morrigan as earlier reports had claimed).  There is
	no word yet if the events that happened in MtD will have any
	effect on the characters and plots of future TWH books.


        **Help!  I just finished The Mummy and I'm dying to read the
          sequel!  Please tell me there will be one!

        The latest word from Anne is that there won't be.  But, as 
        always, the lastest word form Anne is likely to change at any
        moment.  So in truth, not even Anne knows the answer to this

        **What's this I hear about a movie of The Mummy?

        Well, that depends on what you've heard.  Originally
        The Mummy was written as a TV movie, but then some problems
        came up (nothing more than your usual Hollywood difficulties)
        and Anne decided to release it as a book instead.  However
        there are new rumors about a movie version being in the
        works, but as yet they're just rumors.

        **What future project is Anne working on?

        Rumors (and some of Anne's words themselves) say that her
        next book will be called Violin and it will be a story
        about a ghost.

        **I heard this great rumor that Anne's putting together a
          book that will bring The Mummy, TWH and VampChron characters
          all together. Is this true?

        Sadly, no.  While it would be an amazing story, Anne has
        said that the characters in each series are too strong for
        her to be able to bring together in a single book.  We fans
        will have to make do with the cameo appearances that we've
        had thus far.

        **Which cameos do you mean?

        When I say cameos I mean any time that a character or plot point 
        from one of Anne's books makes an appearance or is referred to 
        in another book.  Specifically:

        David Talbot and Aaron Lightner are referred to in both TWH and 
        VampChron books.

        Ramses is mentioned in TVL.

        In TotBT, when Lestat meets David in Amsterdam, David is getting
        the Rembrandt portrait of Deborah for Aaron that was mentioned in

        There *might* be a VampChron cameo in Taltos when Ash refers to
        other supernatural creatures that have taken a liking to
        the Talamasca (he could be referring to Lestat or Khayman) but
        this is uncertain.

        **A lot of people focus on TWH and VampChron, doesn't anyone
          like Cry to Heaven or The Feast of All Saints?

        Yes they do.  In fact, some fans *only* like Cry to Heaven
        and Feast of All Saints.  If you aren't thrilled with TWH
        and VampChron you are not alone.  The reason why they tend
        to get put to the side in conversations is that they were
        written so long ago and there are so many new books of
        Anne's to talk about.  It's not that TWH and VampChron fans
        only like those series, it's that they tend to like *all* of
        the books and are just talking about the latest one.

        **I really don't like the supernatural stuff.  Will Anne be
          doing any more books like Cry to Heaven and Feast of All

        Anne says no.  She says that she likes the advantages that
        come with writing about the supernatural too much to be able
        to go back to the non-supernatural writings which now seem a
        bit drier in comparison.

	**I saw a fiction book by Alice Borchardt that had an
	  intro by Anne in it.  What's that all about?

	Alice is Anne's sister.  Devoted, which came out in 
	September of 1995, is Alice's first book.


        **What's a Roquelaure and why did Anne choose that name?

        A roquelaure is a type of cloak invented by Count
        Roquelaure in the 18th century.  Anne choose the name A.N.
        Roquelaure because of its meaning ("Anne under a cloak") and
        because it had the right sound for erotica.

        **Would you think me absolutely crazy if I told you that I
          thought Prince Laurent sounded a lot like Lestat?

        No I would not.  The Beauty books were written before TVL
        was.  During that time, Anne was continuously working on
        changing the way Lestat's character appeared in Interview.
        This came out in Anne's writing as both the character of
        Prince Laurent and also as Elliott in EtoE so you will see a
        lot of similarities in their personalities.

        **I think the Beauty books were the best thing that came out
          of Anne's mind.  Will she be writing more erotica like that?

        Again, Anne says no.  For now, she's done all she wants to
        do with her erotic series and does not think she'll be going
        back to it.  Any erotica that you'll read from Anne will be
        contained in her future supernatural books.

        **Someone told me that Belinda was a good book but I really
          don't like erotica.  Should I still read it?

        Although Belinda was written under the Rampling name, it is
        not one of her erotic books in the same way that EtoE was.
        It is about the romance between an older man and a teen aged
        girl.  There are some erotic scenes in it, but no more than
        can be found in, for example, TWH.  (See also "Is such and
        such a book by Anne any good?")

        **Is there going to be a Belinda movie?

        Rumors, as always, abound.  Nothing definate yet I'm afraid.

        **What was Anne's original reaction to the movie of EtoE?

        Last year, Anne said that she felt that the script stayed
        very close to the heart of her book and that the movie would
        be an accurate telling of the ideas behind it.

        **Did that give you a good laugh?

        Yes it did.

        **What does Anne say now?

        Anne now admits that she should have asked more questions
        when Garry Marshall approached her about the idea.  She does
        hope, though, that Garry's "mainstreaming" of the story will
        help to bring the idea of S&M as an acceptable lifestyle to
        the public eye.

        **So the movie is not like the book?

        To paraphrase a line from MST3K, EtoE the movie is based on
        EtoE the book in that they were both written in English.

        **Well, I'd still be interested to know who does what in the
          movie, could you tell me that?


         Exit To Eden
         Savoy Pictures
         Dana Delany: Lisa Emerson
         Paul Mercurio: Elliott Slater
         Hector Elizondo: Martin Halifax
         Rosie O'Donnell: Sheila (cop)
         Dan Ackroyd: Fred (cop)
         Screenplay by: Deborah Amelon and Bob Brunner
         Directed by: Garry Marshall
         Produced by: Garry Marshall and Alexandra Rose

        **Wait a minute, I don't remember any cops in EtoE!

        I know.  See "So the movie is not like the book?"

        **Are there any other interesting tidbits about the EtoE movie?

        Yes, it made Roger Ebert's list of the Top Ten Worst Movies
        of 1994.

        **It wasn't <gulp> #1 was it?

        No, thank Rob Reiner for creating North and sparing us that fate.


        **Is such and such a book by Anne any good?

        A common question asked of old Anne Rice fans is if a book
        that a new fan has not read yet is any good (meaning, should
        they read it).  This is not an easy question to ask.  There
        is no hard and fast rule for what type of fan will like what
        type of book.  Just because you liked The Mummy doesn't mean
        that you'll like TWH and liking Belinda doesn't mean that
        you'll like EtoE.  Heck, just because you liked Interview
        doesn't mean that you're going to like Lestat!

        If you really want to read a book but you're not sure if you
        should spend the money, take it out of the library.  Most
        libraries will have all of Anne's books as part of their
        collection and, if people in your town respect library
        books, you'll even get to see what the original hard cover
        versions of the book looked like (but don't expect to see
        the original hard cover of Interview, it often gets so much
        wear and tear from being taken out so much that most
        libraries have had to put new, plain covers on).  If you
        read it and like it, you can always buy the paperback later.

        **Is there a fan club for us Anne Rice fans?

        Yes there is.  The info about it is as follows:

         Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club (ARVLFC) 
         P.O. Box 58277
         New Orleans, LA 70158-8277
         The annual fee is $13.00 ($18.00 for outside U.S.) and
         your membership includes a membership card, newsletters and
         a bumper sticker and you also get an order form for t-shirts, 
         bumper stickers and pins.

	**I'm going to one of Anne's book signings and I'm kind of
	  nervous.  What can I expect?

	Book signings vary a little from bookstore to bookstore, but
	in general, they follow a pattern.

	Definately arrive early and go with a friend.  You're either 
        going to be given a number and asked to come back at a 
        specific time or you will be told to wait directly on line.  
        Either way a wait is involved (which is why you should bring 
        a friend to talk to and help pass the time).  The wait will be 
        about the same if you arrive early and wait for it to start or 
	arrive late and just wait to see Anne, but if you get there
	early Anne won't be as tired as she would be after 3 hours
	of signing books and she'll be more likely to spend a bit
	of time talking with you.

	Policies about whether or not you have to buy the book at
	the store or if you can just bring any book vary from 
	bookstore to bookstore so call ahead and ask.  Policies
	also vary as to how many books you can get signed.  One thing
	that does *not* vary is that you will be told that Anne
	will only sign hardcovers so bring at least one of those.
	Take heart, though, if you want something signed in addition
	to a hardcover.  There *is* a chance for you.  I'll get to it
	in a bit.

	While on line someone (usually someone who works at the
	place holding the booksigning) will come around with slips
	of paper for you to write down your name.  In general, the
	rule is that Anne will only personalize a hardcover version
	of her latest book (the one she's doing the tour for) and
	"personalize" means that she'll write your name (ex.
	"For Laura, Anne Rice") *not* any phrase you give her
	(ex. "For my light and inspiration, I couldn't have written
	any of this if it wasn't for you my darling, dearest fan.
	Anne Rice.")  The person who gives you the paper is also the
	first one who will tell you that anything other than a
	hardcover won't be signed.  They won't (to my knowledge)
	kick you out if you don't have a hardcover, but they have
	been known to put pressure on people.

	When you get up to the front of the line, someone will take
	the book(s) from you and either give the book to someone
	else or open the book themselves and place the slip of paper
	so that Anne can see what you wanted her to write.  I have
	*no* idea why you can't give the book right to Anne or why
	they occasionally have two people doing this job.  It just
	*is*.  At any rate, this person/two people will be the ones
	who weed you out if you don't have a hardcover.  They simply
	just won't take anything else.

	Then the happy moment comes:  Anne!

	Contrary to what anyone may have told you, Anne is a *very*
	*extremely* nice person and she loves talking with her fans.
        While she's signing your book, you can ask her or tell her
	anything you want.  This is the perfect time to ask her about
	something you didn't understand in a book or to tell her
	how much you love her work or to tell her about a band you
	think she should listen to or whatever your heart desires.

	This is also the time to - and this is where you can take heart -
	ask Anne to sign something other than what the store and
	the people working the signing told you Anne would never touch/
	do in a million years.  If you ask nicely Anne will do anything
	from personalize an old hardcover to sign your stomach (This is
	true!  Someone actually asked her to sign their stomach and 
	she did it!  Don't believe me?  Just ask her!)

	Once Anne is done signing your book(s) and talking with you,
	she hands your books to someone else (again, I've *no* idea
	why she can't hand it to you directly) who gives the book
	to you.  Some places will also allow photography at this point
	so it doesn't hurt to take along a camera so you can have a 
	picture of yourself and Anne.

	And that's it.  All that's left is to tell all your friends
	and get ready for the next signing.

        **Where can I get T-shirts, autographed books or other Anne

        The Garden District Book Shop, is *the* center for Anne
        merchandise.  You can order things from them thusly:

        Garden District Book Shop
        2727 Prytania Street
        New Orleans, LA 70130
        Phone: (504) 895-2266
        Fax:   (504) 895-0111

        The offer autographed AR books and other merchandise.  In
        fact, they're starting to offer so much now that Anne's
        people now offer an online catalog of what's available.

        To find out about the latest offerings from Anne's 
        merchandise people, Kith and Kin, check out Anne's own
        web site at  They'll guide you
        to all the merchandise they've got in the works, from
        T-shirts with MRI scans of Anne's brain to plans to market
        Lestat's sperm in a bottle.  (Anne's gotten just a tad
        overeager about this marketing idea.  Just a little.  Really.)

        **What's the story on the TV documentary about Anne?

        It's called "Anne Rice: Birth of the Vampire."  It was shown in
        America on Lifetime Television and I'm told it was also shown
        on the BBC in the UK.  It's about an hour long and it gives
        a general overview of Anne's life, complete with interviews
        with her and close family members.

        I've been given the info. about two places that sell this video 
        so I decided to include them both.  The Video Catalog includes a 
	paperback copy of IWTV, but I don't know if QPBC does the same.

        1. Quality Paperback Book Club (QPBC)
        Camp Hill, PA 17012-0001
        Order # 429535.  $19.98 plus S&H

        2. The Video Catalog
        P.O. Box 64267
        St. Paul, MN 55164-0267
        Item # 40212.  $14.98 plus $3 S&H
        **Are there any graphic novels of Anne's books?

        Some, yes.  From what I understand, IWTV and TVL were made
        into 12 part graphic novels by Innovation which also had
        plans for QotD, The Mummy and TWH but went out of business
        before this could be done.  After Innovation went under, 
        a company called Millenium took up the books and produced
        these graphic novels.

        The 12 issues of TVL were completed, though, and put into
        a book called "Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat: A Graphic
        Novel Based on the novel by Anne Rice.  Adapted and designed
        by Faye Perozich.  Painted by Daerick Gross. ($25, Ballantine 
        Books, ISBN 0-345-37394-4) which you can buy at some book 
        stores, in addition to comic shops.

	I've read interviews with Anne in which she is asked about the 
        Innovation novels and she said that she wasn't too fond of them
        as they made her vampires look like effeminate British rock stars.
        But you can certainly judge for yourself.

        **Other than the Ramsland and Beahm books, are there any
          other Anne related books?

        Yes, two of them actually:

         "Anne Rice" 
         by Bette B. Roberts of Westfield State College 
         NY: Twayne Publishers, 1994, 173 pages.  ISBN 0-8057-3961-0.  

        I haven't read it myself (nor has anyone I know) but I'm told it
        looks like it summarizes each of her works through TOTBT and links
        them to the Gothic tradition.  For whatever that may be worth.

         Conversations With Anne Rice 
         (an intimate, enlightening portrait of her life and work)
         Michael Riley
         Ballantine Books, 1996, 320 pages, ISBN: 345-39636-7.

        I haven't read this one either but reports on abar from those
        who browsed through it in the bookstore have thus far been
        favorable.  The price is $12.00 US / $16.95 Can.

        **Can I get Anne's books on audio tapes?

        Most certainly.  Random House Audiobooks does most of them, and
        they are all abridged versions, but I haven't heard any bad
        comments about them other than that.  The info is as follows:

        IWTV: read by F. Murray Abraham
        TVL: Michael York
        QOTD: Kate Nelligan (Lestat read by David Purdham)
        TOTBT: Richard E. Grant
	MtD: Roger Rees

	There is also an unabridged audio version of TVL:

	The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice
	Recorded Books, Inc. (1-800-638-1304)
	Narrated by Frank Muller
	16 casettes/23.5 hours
	Recorded by arrangement with Random House Audio Publishing, Inc.
	ISBN 0-7887-0098-7.  

        The unabridged version of TotBT was done with the
        same narrator.  ISBN 0-7887-0096-0

        TWH: Lindsay Crouse
        Lasher: Joe Morton
        Taltos: Tim Curry

        The Mummy: Michael York
        SotB: (abridged) Michael Cumpsty
        SotB: (unabridged) Michael Pritchard

        Exit to Eden: Gillian Anderson and Gil Bellows

	(You X-philes will recognize Gillian as Dana Scully)

        Belinda: Al Mohrmann

        Feast of All Saints: Courtney B. Vance

        Cry to Heaven: Tim Curry

        These are from Simon & Schuster:
        Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: Amy Brenneman
        Beauty's Punishment: Elizabeth Montgomery
        Beauty's Release: Elizabeth Montgomery
                          Christian Keiber as Laurent

        (Yes, *the* Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched.  
        I had a hard time believing it myself.)


        **How can I get on the listserv thingy?

        Send a message to:
        Don't put anything in the subject.  
        For the text, put only:  SUBSCRIBE ANNERICE firstname lastname
        You should get a confirmation request soon after, and can 
        follow the instructions there.

        **Is there a quick-n-dirty version of the abar faq 
          somewhere around here?

        Yes, yes there is.  And here it is:

	  **So what's alt.books.anne-rice?

	  Ah, a.b.a-r, where the women are women, the men are occasionally
	  women (don't ask) and the chickens are frightened.  a.b.a-r is
	  an internet newsgroup that was created for Anne Rice fans to 
	  have a place to get together with other fans and let the mayhem
	  loose.  On a.b.a-r you'll find threads about the books, the movies,
	  stories, characters and more non-sequiturs than you can shake 
	  a stick at.

	  **How do I get a.b.a-r?

	  If you have access to usenet, then you can probably subscribe to
	  a.b.a-r.  Ask the person who knows the most about your specific
	  computer system (which, btw, isn't me as I'm only barely familiar
	  with my own specific computer system) to set you up.  And if they
	  refuse, you are well within your legal rights to throw a temper

	  **Does a.b.a-r have any cool unofficial mottos or member names?

	  I'm glad you asked.  Those on a.b.a-r tackled this very question
	  themselves and the results were as follows:

	  Member names:

          Ricean Scholars	   The Great Family	Ricecakes
	  Anne's Children	   Anne-archists	The Outcasts
	  The a.b.a-r bunch	   The Weirdos		Rice-tafarians
	  Darling dears		   a.b.a-r barians		
	  The Vampire Chroniclers  Anne Rice Preternatural Patrol


	  "Bite me."	
	  "Normal? Us?"	
	  "What are we?  Trekkers??"
	  "They are NOT gay!"	
	  "Yes they ARE!"	
	  "Antonio, what's with the hair?"   
	  "There are no such things as vampires."
	  "The slightly confused gender group."
	  "We're always looking for new blood."
          "I don't know why we need spoilers if nobody is reading the

	  **Sounds amazingly cool!  I'm subscribing right now!  Is there
	    anything I should remember before I start to post?

	  Aside from normal common courtesy, just remember that not everyone
	  has read every book (and that includes Interview) so be sure
	  to include those SPOILER warnings where appropriate.

	  **What about more information about alt.books.anne-rice?

          An abar FAQ is posted on the group on a monthly basis and
          the most recent copy can always be found at both


        **What about WWW sites?

        Web sites, I've found, come in three types.  There are
        pages which have been put together by people who work with
        Anne, pages which have been created for alt.books.anne-rice,
        and pages for Anne Rice fans in general.  To make it easier
        to read, I've listed them in that order as well (just a little
        thing I do).

        Sites by Anne's people:
        This is *the* Official Anne Rice web site.  It's the
        best place to go for updates on where Anne will be, what
        she's doing, and how can you send more of your money her way.
        This is Random House's offical Servant of the Bones
        site.  It features a preview of the book, information
        about Anne and where to find her books and the audiotapes,
        as well as links and a discussion section.

        Sites created for alt.books.anne-rice:
        These pages were created by yours truly and are the *only*
        Offical AR and abar FAQ sites.  I know the AR FAQ can be found
        at other sites but I've no way of controlling how up to date 
        their copies are or what they do with the FAQs.  But these sites
        are all mine so you can trust them to always be recent and
        maintained well.  I've also included a few other bits of AR and
        abar related fun for those of you who are sick to death of the
        FAQs but wanted to see my sites anyway ;)
        Created by Heather Meloche (aka The Black Roce) of abar fame.
        This is *the* site for your favorite abar writings.  It also
        has copies of the Mayfair family trees and several Anne Rice
        interviews.  For more information about this site, check out
        the abar FAQ.
        This one was set up by Greg Palmer of a.b.a-r fame.  It not
        only includes the FAQ but various things about Anne and a few
        things specifically for those who are part of the a.b.a-r group.
        However, this page might not exist anymore.  If anyone has
        information on what happened to it, please let me know.  
        "Le Chevalier Jazz" or perhaps better known as the home of
        The Vampire Connection.  TVC is both a place to find a way
        to talk with some of your favorite abar writers and a way
        to participate in ongoing work of theirs by submitting
        questions to their favorite vampires.

        Finally, sites for Anne fans in general:
        This one is full of .jpgs and .wavs from the IWTV movie.
        This one had a lot of vampire things in general.  I didn't
        have time to do more than a quick peek so all I was able
        to find in relation to Anne was a picture of Lestat from
        the movie, but perhaps someone more familiar with this
        site could let me know if there's anything else there.
	Created by Edwin Lau, this site has, amongst other things,
	summaries of the nature of Anne's vampires, summaries
	of the history of Anne's vampires, and connections to other
	vampire and Anne related sites.
	Created by Mike Ely, this site is dedicated to Anne Rice
	and also contains updated copies of this FAQ. (Note that
	the address has changed since the Nov. issue of the AR FAQ)
	Created by Shay Mitchell, this page has CS and transcripts
	of interviews with Anne from Charlie Rose, the Today Show
	and Larry King.

	Note that these interviews can also be found at
	dir--> pub/people/lms5/annerice
	This site has a 1995 interview with Anne.  There's no
	discussion of MtD, but the interviewer does ask about TotBT.
	Created by Lisa Chamberlin, this is the Memnoch Ball Homepage
	and it has information about Anne, the Ball and an attendee list.
	Created by Mishian, this site has the AR FAQ on it.
	Created by Mark A. Weitz, this site has a small section
	on Anne and an Art poster with Anne's signature on it.

	This site has all sorts of general information about 
	vampires, including lists of books and films and various
	Created by Vanessa Delvalle, this site has links to many 
	other vamp related sites, lots of stuff from a.b.a-r and
	even some pictures of some a.b.a-r members (like me!  Yikes!)
        A copy of the AR FAQ can be found here.
	Created by abar's very own Suntide, this site has all sorts
	of neat pictures of New Orleans and the Memnoch Ball.
	Created by Ned Barker, this is the "Anne & Friends" page.
        Created by Paul Powell, this page contains 35-40 photos of
        the Ball, Anne's house on First Street and other New Orleans
        Created by Dave Butts, this page shows the covers of Anne's
        books (both US and forgein), related Anne literature and the
        graphic novels.
        Created by Juan Miguel Venturello, this site has book
        reviews, movie info, the FAQ, movie links and more.
        The Amaranth, created by Claudia Lake who says of it:
        "Your regular vamp page: Anne Rice, X-Files, Poetry, Literature,
        plus Romeo and Juliet, Les Miserables, the Toadies, many, many
        links and it's updated daily."

        **How come you didn't list my Anne-related web page?

        Basically because I have no idea that your page exists.  In the
        past I would try to watch abar for posts about web pages but I
        found that most of the people posting were talking about pages
        that were already in the FAQ and I was making more work for myself
        by taking the information down then finding out I already had it.

        **So how can I get you to list my Anne/abar page?
        If you'd like me to list your web page here, e-mail me with the
        information.  If you manage to give me the information in the
        form of the little blurbs here (URL, the name of the creator,
        small summary of what's there that's Anne-relevant) then I'll
        love you all the more for it.  I reserve the right to edit your
        blurbs to keep them on a manageable level, but I won't leave out
        any relevant info.

        **Is there anything else I can do to help with this list of
          web sites?

        Yes.  If you could send me e-mail to let me know when an
        address has changed, a site has disappeared or a new one has
        been created, I'd love you forever.  I do my best to make sure
        that the list of sites is up to date, but I can't check out 
        each and every site and I really have to rely on others to lend
        me a hand.  Any information you can give me with this would be
        much appreciated.


        **Hey, Laura, how did you get all this Anne Rice info.

        Over the years that I've been an Anne Rice fan I've read all
        of her books to the point where I've pretty much memorized them, 
        numerous articles about Anne or from Anne (such as her newsletter), 
        seen Anne give a talk and spoken with Anne on several occasions. 
        All of the information in this FAQ comes from this.  When I say 
        "Anne says/said" I'm referring to the articles, talk, phone
        message and times I've spoken with her.
        (Note: I'm not claiming that Anne and I are best
        friends, when I say I've spoken to her I mean that on a few
        occasions I've been lucky enough to ask her some of the
        questions that appear in this FAQ.)

        I've paraphrased most of what Anne has said since I cannot 
        remember the exact quotes verbatim.  If any of the quotes or 
        paraphrasing are incorrect, I apologize and will correct them
        as soon as the error is brought to my attention.

	Please note that often when I quote from Anne's newsletter,
	I will cut out parts which do not directly relate to the
	immediate question.  This is indicated by a "...".  I
	point this out so it will be understood that I'm not
	trying to hide information, only to make the answers more

	Also bear in mind that in her newsletter Anne tends to
	switch into all caps for no apparent reason and to go
	back and forth between referring to herself as "I" and as
	"we."  I have no idea why she does either of these things
	so I just leave the quotes as she writes them since that's
	the way she likes it.

        **I have a question that wasn't included here, what should I

        Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions and I'll
        answer them to the best of my ability (or I'll admit that
        you stumped me and offer another avenue of information).  If
        I'm e-mailed a question often enough I'll include it in the

        **How can I get copies of this FAQ?

        This FAQ is posted once a month on alt.books.anne-rice,
        alt.answers and news.answers.  In addition to this, it is
        available via ftp to in the directory /pub/usenet
        and the archive name is books/anne-rice-faq/part1 and
        books/anne-rice-faq/part2.  For those of you who prefer web
        sites, the most recent copies of the FAQ can always be found
        via and  Copies may also be found at
        web sites listed earlier in the FAQ, but they might not 
        necessarily be the most recent. ones.  Check the web site
        lists for more detail.

        **Hey!  You got something wrong!  What are you gonna do
          about it?

        If anything I wrote in this FAQ is incorrect, even if it's
        just a spelling error, please bring it to my attention.
        I'll correct it immediately and even include your name in
        the credits.

        **Is there any other way that I can get my name in the credits
          of this FAQ?

        Certainly!  You can tell me information that I was unable to 
        include, you can offer new information that I didn't know about
        or you can offer me suggestions for quotes for me to put at the 
        end of the FAQ (I change the endquotes with every new version of
        the FAQ).  All of the above will get your name in the credits
        and all the fame that goes along with it.

	Keep in mind, however, that this is the *Anne Rice* FAQ so
	the information that goes in here has to somehow relate
	directly back to her, or to information about the FAQ.
	What that means is that sometimes information that people
	ask me to include might not be put in here because it was
	too far removed (rumors about who will star in upcoming
	VampChron movies would be a good example of this).  Please
	don't take that as a snub, it's just my way of making sure
	that when people see the name of this FAQ, they'll know what
	they're getting.

	Also, since a lot of people have been mailing me about this
	lately, please do not insist that because Anne has said 
	in CS or on her phone that she is working on something 
	(such as a 6th VampChron) that it is the last word on the 
	subject.  CS and the phone message (the latter of which 
	is quoted in this FAQ) are the same places where she said 
	she *wasn't* going to work with Lestat anymore so the fact 
	that she's saying something different only indicates that any 
	information she gives out that way is liable to change.  
	Anne is a human being who's allowed to change her mind.  I'm 
	just trying to make it easier for everyone by only putting 
        things in this FAQ which are known to be true, not possibilities 
	for the future.
	Don't let that keep you from mailing me with information,
	I *do* appreciate and need the help, just don't expect
	everything to end up here and please understand why it
	didn't if that's the choice that was made.

        **What is the copyright info. for this FAQ?

        This FAQ was written and copyrighted on Jan. 3, 1997 and
        the information in it is, to the best of my knowledge,
        accurate as of this date.  I will provide updates to the FAQ
        as necessary.

        I give permission for this FAQ to be quoted and distributed
        only if the parts used are quoted in their entirety (ie.
        questions and answers) and it is made clear that I am the
        one who said these things originally.  I say this so that
        something of Anne's that I paraphrased will not be taken out
        of context and regarded as the Gospel truth of what Anne
        believes.  You may not distribute this FAQ for your own
        monetary gain without contacting me first.  You may also not
        quote from this FAQ in any article, news show or paper
        without contacting me first.  By 'contacting me' I mean in
        order to get my permission.

        If you are going to quote something from the FAQ (for
        example, in an Internet newsgroup in order to answer one of
        the questions) but not the entire FAQ, please include the
        information that you are quoting what Laura Troise said in
        the Anne Rice FAQ.

        If you are going to use a copy of this FAQ in a WWW site,
        please let me know so I can include the name of the site
        in the FAQ and so that I can have an idea of who is using my
        FAQ for their own sites (if you don't want me to list your
        site in the FAQ, that's fine, but please tell me that you 
        are planning on putting a copy of my FAQ on your site in
        the first place).

        Do not add your own information to this FAQ.  If you wish to
        add something, e-mail me with that suggestion and, if it's
        relevant, I'll add it in myself and put your name in the

        **What are the credits for this FAQ?

        Here they are:

        This FAQ was written in its entirety by Laura Troise

        Christopher Harrington ( and 
        Diane ( provided invaluable help
        with their suggestions, information and proofreading.

        These Talamasca Scholars get my thanks for the sections
        that they contributed to the FAQ: Cheryl Suzuki 
        (, Ian Wellock 
        ( and Kathryn McGinley
        (, Mishian (,
	Stephanie Buday (, Britton Trice
	(, Roger Ebert (, 
	Anne Rice (who contributed via her newsletter and phone 
        machine) Katherine Ramsland and Anne's publisher (who asked to 
        remain nameless).

        Thanks also to these Child Prodigies of Darkness for sending
        me their comments, information, corrections and, most 
        importantly, for not making fun of my bad spelling:  Ralf Muschall
        (, Susan Kretschmer (,
        Tandi Graff (, Kerry Brooke Holmes 
        (, Thomas Christian Martinez
        (, Keiko (, Cynthia Hoffman
	(, Liisa Elliott (,
        Frank Yao(, Laura Tahja (,
	Barbara Kermeen (, Matt Azzara
	(AZZARA@UTSW.SWMED.EDU), Sam Volchenboum (, 
        William Hsu (, Jennifer Williams 
        (, Thomas Gramstad(, 
        Angela B. (, Julie Anne Butler 
        (, R. Julia F. Rudden 
        (, Mike T. Ely (, 
        Margot Moulton (, MA Kribble 
	(kribble@ux7.csu.uivc), Michelle H. (,
	Alexa (, maria trzcinski (,
        RubyEuropa (, Laura Forgey 
        (, Candy (, Gail
        Pamphion (, Maya Joshi
        (, and Jellocat

        Credit for the label of "The Bleeding Edge of Technology"
        goes to Lisa Hall ( and friend ;)

        A special thanks goes to Neil (who knows who she is) for
        getting me hooked on Anne in the first place.

        Once again, unless otherwise stated, all opinions expressed belong 
        to me and my other personalities only.  Any problems that result 
        from them are solely our responsibility even though we'll
        be tempted to blame the others for them. 

          "And he is *so* cute!  He's like if Tom Cruise and 
           Brad Pitt had a baby!"

          "Wow, I didn't even know they were seeing each other." 

                              --Something So Right


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