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bit.** Newsgroup List

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Archive-name: bit/bitlist
Last-modified: 13 Mar 1997

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"bit" is a collection of newsgroups which are being distributed by a
collection of sites that choose to carry them. The "bit" newsgroups are
redistributions of the more popular BitNet LISTSERV mailing lists. Here
is a list of the "bit" newsgroups:

bit.admin	bit Newgroups Discussions.
bit.general	Discussions Relating to BitNet/Usenet.
bit.lang.neder-l	Dutch Language and Literature List. (Moderated)
bit.listproc.stockphoto	Stock Photography Industry. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.2000ad-l	Talk 2000 Forum. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.9370-l	IBM 9370 and VM/IS specific topics List.
bit.listserv.ada-law	ADA Law Discussions.
bit.listserv.advanc-l	Geac Advanced Integrated Library System Users.
bit.listserv.advise-l	User Services List.
bit.listserv.aect-l	AECT Issues Discussion List.
bit.listserv.aera	American Educational Research Association. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.aix-l	IBM AIX Discussion List.
bit.listserv.albanian	Albanian Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.allmusic	Discussions on all forms of Music.
bit.listserv.apple2-l	Apple II List.
bit.listserv.arie-l	RLG Ariel Document Transmission Group.
bit.listserv.arlis-l	Art and Architecture Librarianship. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.ashe-l	Higher Ed Policy and Research. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.asis-l	American Society for Information Science.
bit.listserv.asm370	IBM 370 Assembly Programming Discussions.
bit.listserv.atlas-l	Library Automation System.
bit.listserv.authorware	Authorware Profession Authoring Program.
bit.listserv.autism	Autism List.
bit.listserv.autocat	Library Cataloging and Authorities List.
bit.listserv.axslib-l	Library Access for People with Disabilities.
bit.listserv.banyan-l	Banyan Vines Network Software Discussions.
bit.listserv.basque-l	Basque Culture List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.berita	News about Malaysia and Singapore. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.berita.d	Discussions about bit.listserv.berita. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.bgrass-l	Bluegrass Music List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.big-lan	Campus-Size LAN Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.billing	Chargeback of computer resources.
bit.listserv.biomch-l	Biomechanics List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.blindnws	Blindness Issues and Discussions. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.blues-l	Blues Music List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.bosnet	Bosnia News. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.buslib-l	Business Libraries List.
bit.listserv.calc-ti	Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator List.
bit.listserv.candle-l	Candle Products Discussion List.
bit.listserv.catala	Catalan Discussion List.	Free Catholics Mailing List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.cdromlan	CD-ROM on Local Area Networks.
bit.listserv.celiac	Celiac Disease. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.cfs.newsletter	Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Newsletter. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.christia	Practical Christian Life. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.cics-l	CICS Discussion List.
bit.listserv.cinema-l	Discussions on all forms of Cinema.
bit.listserv.circplus	Circulation Reserve and Related Library Issues.
bit.listserv.clayart	Ceramics Discussions. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.cloaks-daggers	Study of Intelligence. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.cmspip-l	VM/SP CMS Pipelines Discussion List.
bit.listserv.coco	Tandy Color Computer List.
bit.listserv.confocal	Confocal Microscopy List.
bit.listserv.conyers	Conyers Apparition List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.croatia	Croatian News. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.cumrec-l	CUMREC-L Administrative computer use. (Moderated)	Campus-Wide E-mail Discussion List.
bit.listserv.cwis-l	Campus-Wide Information Systems.
bit.listserv.cyber-l	CDC Computer Discussion.
bit.listserv.c370-l	C/370 Discussion List.
bit.listserv.dasig	Database Administration.
bit.listserv.db2-l	DB2 Data Base Discussion List.
bit.listserv.deaf-l	Deaf List.
bit.listserv.dectei-l	DECUS Education Software Library Discussions.
bit.listserv.devel-l	Technology Transfer in International Development.
bit.listserv.devmedia	Media for Development and Democracy. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.disarm-l	Disarmament Discussion List.
bit.listserv.dorothyl	Mystery Literature Lovers. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.down-syn	Downs Syndrome Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.dsshe-l	Disabled Student Services in Higer Education.
bit.listserv.e-europe	Eastern Europe Business Network. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.easi	Computer Access for Persons with Disabilities.
bit.listserv.edi-l	Electronic Data Interchange Issues.
bit.listserv.edpolyan	Educational Policy Analysis Forum. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.edtech	EDTECH - Educational Technology. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.edusig-l	EDUSIG Discussions.
bit.listserv.envbeh-l	Forum on Environment and Human Behavior.
bit.listserv.ethics-l	Discussion of Ethics in Computing.
bit.listserv.euearn-l	Eastern Europe List.	Fire Fighting Discussions. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.fnord-l	New Ways of Thinking List.	Fathers Rights and Equality Discussion List. (Moderated)	Computer Games List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.gaynet	GayNet Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.geodesic	List for the Discussion of Buckminster Fuller.
bit.listserv.geograph	Geography List.
bit.listserv.govdoc-l	Discussion of Government Document Issues.
bit.listserv.graph-ti	Discussion of the TI-8x Series Calculator. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.gutnberg	GUTNBERG Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.hdesk-l	Help Desk Operations.
bit.listserv.helix-l	The Helix Express Discussion List.
bit.listserv.hellas	The Hellenic Discussion List. (Moderated)	Help on BitNet and the Internet.
bit.listserv.hrvatska	Croatian News. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.humage-l	Humanistic Aspects of Aging. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.hungary	Hungarian Discussion List.
bit.listserv.hytel-l	HYTELNET List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.i-amiga	Info-Amiga List.	IBM Higher Education Consortium.	IBM Mainframe Discussion List.
bit.listserv.ibmtcp-l	IBM TCP/IP List.
bit.listserv.idms-l	CA-IDMS List.
bit.listserv.imagelib	Image Databases in Libraries List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.ioob-l	Industrial Psychology.
bit.listserv.ipct-l	Interpersonal Computing and Technology List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.ispf-l	ISPF Discussions.
bit.listserv.japan	Japanese Business and Economic Network. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.jes2-l	JES2 Discussion group.
bit.listserv.jnet-l	BITNIC JNET-L List.
bit.listserv.l-hcap	Handicap List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.l-vmctr	VMCENTER Components Discussion List.
bit.listserv.labmgr	Lab Management Issues. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.lawsch.internships	Law School Internships.
bit.listserv.lawsch-l	Law School Discussion List. (Moderated)	BITNIC LIAISON.
bit.listserv.libref-l	Library Reference Issues. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.libres	Library and Information Science Research. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.linkfail	Link failure announcements.
bit.listserv.lis-l	Library and Information Science Students.
bit.listserv.literary	Discussions about Literature.
bit.listserv.lsoft-announce	Listserv Announcements. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.mail-l	BITNIC MAIL-L List.
bit.listserv.mailbook	MAIL/MAILBOOK subscription List.
bit.listserv.makedon	Makedon mailing List. (Moderated)	MBA Student curriculum Discussion.
bit.listserv.mdphd-l	Dual Degree Programs Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.medforum	Medical Students Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.medlib-l	Medical Libraries Discussion List.
bit.listserv.mednews	Health Info-Com Network Newsletter. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.mideur-l	Middle Europe Discussion List.
bit.listserv.mla-l	Music Library Association Discussion List.	Movie Poster Discussion Group.	Museum Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.muslims	Islamic Information and News Network. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.netnws-l	NETNWS-L Netnews List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.nettrain	Network Trainers List. (Moderated)	NEW-LIST - New List Announcements. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.nodmgt-l	Node Management.
bit.listserv.notis-l	NOTIS/DOBIS Discussion group List.
bit.listserv.notabene	Nota Bene List.
bit.listserv.novell	Novell LAN Interest Group. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.nppa-l	National Press Photographer Association. (Moderated).
bit.listserv.opers-l	Mainframe Operations Discussion.
bit.listserv.os2-l	OS/2 Discussion.
bit.listserv.pacs-l	Public-Access Computer System Forum. (Moderated)	IBM 3812/3820 Tips and Problems Discussion List.
bit.listserv.pagemakr	PageMaker for Desktop Publishers.
bit.listserv.pakistan	Pakistan News Service. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.pchealth	Computer and Health Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.pmail	Pegasus Mail Discussion List.
bit.listserv.pmdf-l	PMDF Distribution List.
bit.listserv.pns-l	Pakistan News Service Discussions. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.politics	Forum for the Discussion of Politics. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.postcard	Postcard Collectors Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.power-l	POWER-L IBM RS/6000 POWER Family. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.powerh-l	PowerHouse Discussion List.
bit.listserv.psycgrad	Psychology Grad Student Discussions. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.quaker-p	Quaker Peacemaking List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.quality	TQM in Manufacturing and Service Industries. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.qualrs-l	Qualitative Research of the Human Sciences.	Digital Audio Broadcast List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.railroad	Railroad List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.relusr-l	Relay Users Forum.
bit.listserv.rra-l	Romance Readers Anonymous. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.rscs-l	VM/RSCS Mailing List.
bit.listserv.rscsmods	The RSCS modifications List.
bit.listserv.screen-l	File and Television Discussion Group. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.script-l	IBM vs Waterloo SCRIPT Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.scuba-l	Scuba diving Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.seasia-l	Southeast Asia Discussion List.
bit.listserv.seds-l	Interchapter SEDS Communications.
bit.listserv.sfs-l	VM Shared File System Discussion List.
bit.listserv.sganet	Student Government Global Mail Network.
bit.listserv.simula	The SIMULA Language List.
bit.listserv.skywarn	Severe storm Community warning Discussions.
bit.listserv.slart-l	SLA Research and Teaching. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.slovak-l	Slovak Discussion List.
bit.listserv.snamgt-l	SNA Network Management Discussion.
bit.listserv.snurse-l	International Nursing Student Discussion.
bit.listserv.sos-data	Social Science Data List.
bit.listserv.spires-l	SPIRES Conference List.
bit.listserv.sportpsy	Exercise and Sports Psychology.
bit.listserv.sqlinfo	Forum for SQL/DS and Related Topics.
bit.listserv.superguy	Superguy Story List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.tbi-support	Traumatic Brain Injury Support List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.techwr-l	Technical Writing.
bit.listserv.tesl-l	Teachers of ESL List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.test	Test Newsgroup.
bit.listserv.tn3270-l	tn3270 protocol Discussion List.
bit.listserv.toolb-l	Asymetrix Toolbook List.
bit.listserv.transplant	Transplant Recipient Support List.	Tourism Discussions.
bit.listserv.tsorexx	REXX for TSO List.
bit.listserv.urep-l	UREP-L Mailing List.
bit.listserv.vfort-l	VS-Fortran Discussion List.
bit.listserv.vm-util	VM Utilities Discussion List.
bit.listserv.vmesa-l	VM/ESA Mailing List.
bit.listserv.vnews-l	VNEWS Discussion List.
bit.listserv.vocnet	Vocational Education Discussion List.
bit.listserv.vpiej-l	Electronic Publishing Discussion List.
bit.listserv.vse-l	IBM VSE/ESA Discussion List.
bit.listserv.wac-l	Writing Across the Curriculum.
bit.listserv.words-l	English Language Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.wpcorp-l	WordPerfect Corporation Products Discussions.
bit.listserv.wpwin-l	WordPerfect for Windows.
bit.listserv.www-vm	World-wide Web for the VM Platform.
bit.listserv.wx-chase	Tornado chasers Discussions.
bit.listserv.wx-talk	Weather Issues Discussions.
bit.listserv.xedit-l	VM System Editor List.
bit.listserv.xmailer	Crosswell Mailer.
bit.listserv.xtropy-l	Extopian List.
bit.listserv.x400-l	x.400 Protocol List.
bit.mailserv.word-pc	Word Processing on the IBM PC.	Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics.	Respiratory Care World.	International Volunteers List.
bit.sci.purposive-behavior	Control System Group Network.	Information Technology and Africa.

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