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Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 2/5
Section - 7.16 Updated Bike Locker listing

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Date:    Wed, 08 Apr 1998 00:28:59 -0400

Bicycle Lockers - a Survey on the Internet - by John Thompson

At the January, 1998 City of London, Ontario, Canada Bicycle Advisory   
Committee meeting, engineering department staff mentioned that City Hall   
would be implementing facilities to better store bicycles for employees   
who bicycle to work.  I understand that the planned facility is to be a   
fenced, locked compound with a method of providing keys to the shared   
facility for users.

At that meeting, I agreed to do a survey of bicycle locker facilities on   
the Internet, to add possible improved options for the City to consider.   
 I had also been interested in bicycle lockers at my place of employment   
for quite some time now.  I have had my bike vandalized at work more than   
once.  Also I find it takes too much time each day to remove the "gear"   
from my bike (such as lights, handlebar bag and pump,) so it doesn't get   
stolen or vandalized.  I'm interested in acquiring a bicycle locker at   

Here are the results of my survey, done in March, 1998.  The first source   
of information I came across was an excellent start, and I must give   
credit to the author, David H. Wolfskill, e-mail <>.   
 I found this material first at the rec.bicycles news group Frequently   
Asked Questions, and the article is located at:  I also ran across many other   
versions in my search.  This article seems to be the definitive material   
on bicycle lockers to this point.

I took the 12 companies David posted, adding 4 new Internet accessible   
vendors, for a total of 16 companies.  I also added the Internet address   
for the companies that I found on the "net", also adding e-mail   
addresses, and pricing where they existed.  I have not checked any of the   
11 companies for which I could not find a web site.

 I have looked at the 5 Internet sites, and the products there offer a   
reasonable range of capability.  I have summarized some of the   
interesting points:  (This was formatted for a Word 6.0/95 document, and   
didn't make it very well to the text version.)

                 Construction                 # bikes    Bike Position   
 In use since Shape        Size
Bike Guard       Steel or Stainless Steel       1        standing   
         1996?     Wedge        47.5" x 73" x 72" high
                                                         on rear wheel
Bike Lid         Polyethylene with steel base  1 or 2    Upright in   
       1996      Form fitting 43" x 96" x approx 50" high
                                                         a wheel stand
Dura-Locker      fiberglass, molded HDPE,     1 or 2     Upright   
            ?       Rectangle    40" x 75" x 51" high
                 powder-coated steel, and
                 stainless steel
Crankcase Class  Walls, top and door frames
  1 locker       of 14 gauge galvanized sheet
                 metal. Doors of 12 gauge
                 galvanized sheet metal         2        Upright   
            ?       Rectangle    42" x 75" x 45" high
Guardian Bicycle Molded Polyethelyene           1        Standing   
           ?       Wedge        (unknown, but looks a bit larger than a   
Bike Guard)
 Locker                                                  on rear wheel

One of the key issues will be shipping cost, so I am investigating the   
SPI Industries company because it is in Ontario, relatively close to our   
London Location.  I included this information in my submission to the BAC   
for its April, 1998 meeting as an FYI item.  I will also print some   
copies of the web information and bring it to the meeting to hand out to   
interested members.

 Here's the full updated Bike Locker company information:

Manufacturer: American Bicycle Security Co.
                Product: BIKE SAFE
                Address: PO Box 7359 Ventura, CA 93006
                Contact: Thomas E. Volk
                  Phone: 805-933-3688 & 800-BIKESAF
                    Fax: 805-933-1865

           Manufacturer: Bike Gard
                Address: 8149 South 600 East, Rexburg ID 83440
                  Phone: 208-356-0744

           Manufacturer: Bike Lid
                Address: 322 W. 57th St., Suite 495, NY, NY 10019
                Product: Bike Lid
                  Phone: 212-245-6623
                    Fax: 212-765-9803
                Pricing: $845US for one, plus shipping 15%

           Manufacturer: Bike Lockers Company
                Address: PO Box 445 W. Sacramento, CA 95691
                Product: BikeLokr
                  Phone: 916-372-6620
                    Fax: 916-372-3616
                Pricing: approx. $300US/locker, small quantities

           Manufacturer: Bike Security Racks Co.
                Address: PO Box 371, Cambridge, MA 02140
                Product:  ?
                  Phone: 617-547-5755

           Manufacturer: Bike Stable Co., Inc.
                Address: PO 1402, South Bend, Indiana 46624
                Product:  ?
                  Phone: 219-233-7060

           Manufacturer: Bike-Lokr Mfg. Co.
                Address: PO Box 123, Joplin, MO 64802
                Product:  ?
                Contact:  Jim Snyder
                  Phone: 417-673-1960/800-462-4049
                    Fax: 417-673-3642
                Pricing: approx $450US/locker, which holds 2 bikes

           Manufacturer: Cycle-Safe Inc.
                Address: 2772-5 Woodlake Rd. SW Wyoming, MI 49509
                  Phone: (616)538-0079

           Manufacturer: David O'Keefe Company
                Address: P.O. Box 4457, Alamo,CA 94507
                Product: Super Secure Bike Stor
                Contact: Thomas & David O'Keefe
                  Phone: 415-637-4440
                    Fax: 415-837-6234

           Manufacturer: General Machine company
                Address: PO Box 405 Vacaville, CA 95696
                Product: Bicycle Locker
                Contact: Vitto Accardi
                  Phone:  707-446-2761

           Manufacturer: J.G.Wilson Corp
                Address: PO Box 599, Norfolk, VA 23501-0599
                Product: Park'n'Lock Bike Garage
                Contact: J.L.Bevan
                  Phone:  804-545-8341
                    Fax: 804-543-3249

           Manufacturer: Madrax, A T.L. Graber Co.
                Address: 2210 Pinehurst Drive, Middleton, Wisconsin 53362
                Product: Dura-Locker
                  Phone: 800-448-7931 or 608-831-9040
                    Fax: 608-831-7623

           Manufacturer: Palmer Group
                Address: 1072 Folsom, Suite 328, San Francisco, CA 94103
                Product: CrankCase
                  Phone:  415-985-7128

           Manufacturer: SPI Industries Inc.
                Address: Box 10, R.R. #2, Shallow Lake, Ontario, N0H 2K0
                Product: Guardian Bicycle Locker Systems
                  Phone: 800-269-6533 or 519-935-2211
                    Fax: 519-935-2174
                Pricing: $841 CDN if you buy 1-10, $747 CDN for 11-70

           Manufacturer: Sunshine U-LOK Corp.
                Address: 31316 Via Colinas Suite 102, Westlake Village,   
CA 91362
                Product: Secura Bike Locker
                Contact: Doug Devine
                  Phone: 818-707-0110

           Manufacturer: Turtle Storage Ltd.
                Address: P. O. Box 7359, Ventura, CA 93006
                Product: ?

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