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Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
Section - 3.3 Archives

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I've made available via anonymous ftp a copy of the current FAQ and a
few other items on (  This is the
workstation on my desk, so I'd appreciate it if people would restrict
their use to 7pm-7am Pacific time.  The files are in pub/rec.bicycles.

For those without Internet access, you can use an ftpmail server to get
copies of items in the archives.  I really don't have time to email copies
of files to people who can't get at them easily.  These servers come and go
all the time but a daily status report can be found:

     On the Web at
     By FTP at 
     Mail to and say
     "send file stats.txt" (no quotes)

                README for Rec.Bicycles Anonymous FTP area

arnie.light	Arnie Berger's ( "Ultimate bike light"

		Lawrence Hare's ( copy of a
		Hypercard stack to calculate gearing.  Lawrence says
		there is a newer version on major bbs systems.

bike.lockers	David H. Wolfskill's ( summary of
		bike locker vendors.

bike.painting   Sam Henry's ( collection of articles on
		how to paint a bike.

bike_power.*    Ken Roberts program to calculate power output and power
                consumption.  See bike_power.doc for more info. Updates
                now include wind speed, altitude, and size of rider. 
                updated by Mark Grennan ( is available

biking_log.*	Phil Etheridge's ( hypercard stack
		riding diary.  It keeps track of dates, distance, time,
		average speed, etc., and keeps running weekly, monthly,
		and yearly totals.  See biking_log.read_me for more

CA-veh-code	A directory containing the California vehicle code sections
		that pertain to bicycles and gopher bookmarks.  See the 
		README in that directory for more information.

camera.tour	Vivian Aldridge's ( collection of articles
		on cameras to take on a bike tour.

		Roger Marquis' ( article from the
		Feb 91 Velo News on nutrition and cycling.

		Sheldon Brown's ( universal bike 
		computer calibration chart and installation suggestions.

cyclesense	Larry Watanabe's ( copy of
		the "Cycle Sense for Motorists" ready to run thru LaTeX.

faq.*		The current Frequently Asked Questions posting

first.century	Pamela Blalock's ( tips on training
		for your first century ride.	Terry Zmrhal's ( writeup of
		a frame building class he took.

gear.c		Larry Watanabe's ( program to
		print gear inch tables.

glossary	Alan Bloom's ( glossary of bicycle terms.	Erin O'Brien's ( article on the 
		League of American Bicyclists.

lights		Tom Reingold's ( collection of 
		articles on bike lights.

lights2		More articles from rec.bicycles.* on lights.

mtb.faq		Vince Cheng's ( MTB FAQ.

pam.bmb*	Pamela Blalock's ( report on her 
		Boston-Montreal-Boston rides.

pam.pactour*	Pamela Blalock's ( writeup of her PAC tours
		across the country.	Pamela Blalock's ( information 
		on her Paris-Brest-Paris ride.

pictures	Bicycling gif pictures.

prof.sched	Roland Stahl's ( list of 
		scheduled professional races in many countries.

pwm.regulator   Willie Hunt's ( design notes
                on a pulse width modulated voltage regulator.  Originally
                designed for caving, this design is adaptable to bike
                lighting.  The author has parts available in kit form.

ride.index	Chris Hull's/Bill Bushnell's (
		explanation of a way to "index" rides and compare the 
		difficulty of different rides.

ridelg22.*	Found on AOL by Gary Thurman (, a
		ride diary program.  The .exe file a self-extracting archive 
		for PCs.	Bob Fishell's ( Spike Bike series.  
		They are numbered in the order that Bob posted them to
		rec.bicycles.  All the Spike Bike stories are 
		"Copyright 1989 by Robert Fishell, all rights reserved."

spokelen11.bas	Roger Marquis' ( spoke length 
		calculator, written in Microsoft Quickbasic.

spokelen.c	Andy Tucker's (tucker@Neon.Stanford.EDU) port of 
		Roger Marquis' spokelen11.bas to C.

spokelen.hqx	Eric Topp's's Hypercard stack that 
		computes spoke lengths.	(Name removed by request) compilation
		of messages on studded tires, including how to make your

tandem.boxes	Arnie Berger's ( notes on how
		he built a box to transport his tandem to Europe and
		back.  It's taken from a longer travelogue on his trip - if
		you want more information, contact him at the above
		address. Joshua Putnam's ( list of technical
		support numbers for various manufacturers.  This list
		used to be in the FAQ but now is too long to include there.

trailers	A summary posting of messages about bike trailers.  Good
		stuff if you're thinking of buying a trailer.

wheelbuild.txt	Sheldon Brown's ( instructions on 
		how to build a wheel.

wheels.*.hqx    R. Scott Truesdell's ( Hypercard
		stack to calculate spoke lengths.  See wheels.readme
		for more info.

wintertips	Pete Hickey's ( notes about
		how to cycle in the winter.

wintertips.pam  Pamela Blalock's ( winter cycling tips.

More files are available from and

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