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Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
Section - 2 Index

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Top Document: Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
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  1  Introduction

  2  Index

  3  Administrivia
     3.1  Abbreviations
     3.2  World Wide Web access
     3.3  Archives
     3.4  Posting Guidelines
     3.5  Electronic Mailing lists
     3.6  Posting Guidelines for rec.bicycles.marketplace

  4  Rides
     4.1  Maps
     4.2  Touring supplies
     4.3  Taking a bike on Amtrak
     4.4  Travel with bicycles - Air/Rail/Other
     4.5  Warm Showers List
     4.6  Touring Europe Guide
     4.7  More information on Amtrak and Bicycles
     4.8  Getting Weather Information

  5  Racing
     5.1  Tour de France Jerseys
     5.2  Major Tour Winners 1947-1996
     5.3  Rating the Tour de France Climbs
     5.4  How to follow the Tour de France
     5.5  Tour de France Time Limits
     5.6  Tour de France Points Jersey Competition
     5.7  Bicycle Racing Movies
     5.8  Guide to Spectating at the Tour de France

  6  Social
     6.1  Bicycling in America
     6.2  League of American Bicyclists
     6.3  Rules for trail riding
     6.4  Commuting - Is it possible for me to commute by bike?
     6.5  Commuting - How do I choose a route?
     6.6  Commuting - Do I really need to look that goofy?
     6.7  Commuting - Do cyclists breathe more pollution than motorists?

  7  Marketplace
     7.1  Marketplace hints/guidelines
     7.2  Bike Trailers
     7.3  One Less Car T-Shirts
     7.4  Panniers and Racks
     7.5  Clothing materials
     7.6  Seats
     7.7  Women's Saddles
     7.8  Women's Bikes
     7.9  Bike Rentals
     7.10  Bike Lockers
     7.11  Bike computer features
     7.12  Recumbent Bike Info
     7.13  Buying a Bike
     7.14  Kids Bike Clothes
     7.15  Repair stands
     7.16  Updated Bike Locker listing
     7.17  Electric Bikes
     7.18  Cycling loaded: bags, panniers, and trailers

  8a Tech General
     8a.1  Technical Support Numbers
     8a.2  Using a Quick Release
     8a.3  Workstands
     8a.4  Workstands 2
     8a.5  Working on a Bicycle Upside-down
     8a.6  Where to buy tools
     8a.7  Common Torque Values
     8a.8  WD-40
     8a.9  Sheldon Brown's web pages

  8b Tech Tires
!    8b.1  Patching Tubes
     8b.2  Mounting Tires
     8b.3  Snakebite flats
!    8b.4  Blowouts and Sudden Flats
     8b.5  Blown Tubes
     8b.6  Tube Failure in Clinchers
     8b.7  More Flats on Rear Tires
     8b.8  Tube and Tire Casing Repair
     8b.9  Presta Valve Nuts
     8b.10  Rim Tape Summary
     8b.11  Talcum Powder for Tubes and Tires
     8b.12  ETRTO numbers for tire sizes
     8b.13  Tires with smooth tread
!    8b.14  Rolling resistance of Tires
     8b.15  Wiping Tires
     8b.17  Clinchers vs. Tubulars
     8b.18  Tubular Fables
     8b.19  Tubular Tire Repair 
     8b.20  Gluing Sew-up Tires
     8b.21  Another way to glue sewup tires
     8b.22  Folding a Tubular Tire
     8b.23  Coiling a Wire Bead Clincher
     8b.24  Measuring the circumference of a wheel
     8b.25  What holds the rim off the ground?
     8b.26  Making a tubular tire
     8b.27  Things to check after a flat
     8b.28  Mounting Tubular Tires
     8b.29  Presta vs Schrader valves
+    8b.30  Valve stem separation flats

  8c Tech Wheels
     8c.1  Stress Relieving Spokes
     8c.2  Anodized vs. Non-anodized Rims
     8c.3  Reusing Spokes
!    8c.4  Ideal Tire Sizes
     8c.5  Tied and Soldered Wheels
     8c.6  Machined Rims
     8c.7  Wheel Bearing adjustment
+    8c.8  Wheels for Heavy Riders

  8d Tech Chains
     8d.1  Lubricating Chains
     8d.2  Chain cleaning and lubrication; wear and skipping
     8d.3  Adjusting Chain Length
     8d.4  Hyperglide chains
     8d.5  SACHS Power-links
+    8d.6  Cleaning chains

  8e Tech Frames
     8e.1  Bike pulls to one side
     8e.2  Frame Stiffness
     8e.3  Frame repair
     8e.4  Frame Fatigue
     8e.5  Frames "going soft"
     8e.6  Inspecting your bike for potential failures
     8e.7  Frame materials
     8e.8  Bottom Bracket Drop
     8e.9  Bent Frames
     8e.10 Aligning a Fork
     8e.11 Stuck Handlebar Stem

  8f Tech Moving Parts
     8f.1  SIS Adjustment Procedure
     8f.2  SIS Cable Info
     8f.3  STI/Ergo Summary
     8f.4  Cassette or Freewheel Hubs
     8f.5  Cassette or Freewheel Hubs take 2
     8f.6  "Sealed" Bearings
     8f.7  Ball Bearing Grades
     8f.8  Bottom Bracket Bearing Adjustment
     8f.9  Crank noises
!    8f.10  Cracking/Breaking Cranks
     8f.11  Installing Cranks
     8f.12  Biopace chainrings
!    8f.13  Indexed Steering 
     8f.14  Roller Head Bearings 
     8f.15  Brakes from Skid Pads to V-brakes
     8f.16  Brake Squeal
     8f.17  Electronic Shifting
     8f.18  Bearing Seals
     8f.19  Sturmey-Archer 3-Speed Hubs
+    8f.20  Loosening Splined Shimano Cranks

  8g Tech Accessories
     8g.1  Milk Jug Mud Flaps
     8g.2  Storing NiCad Batteries

  8h Tech Ergonomics
     8h.1  Seat adjustments
     8h.2  Cleat adjustments
     8h.3  Adjusting SPD Cleats
     8h.4  SPD cleat compatability
!    8h.5  Shimmy or Speed Wobble 
     8h.6  Soft Bicycle Saddles
     8h.7  Black vs White Helmet - Thermal Test
     8h.8  Ankling, a pedaling style

  8i Tech Misc
     8i.1  Weight = Speed?
     8i.2  Traffic detector loops
     8i.3  The Continuously Variable Transmission
     8i.4  Alenax Bicycle
!    8i.5  Stuck Pedal Removal
     8i.6  Removing Pedals
     8i.7  Bikecurrent FAQ
     8i.8  Fretting damage in Bicycle Mechanics
+    8i.9  Left hand threads

  9  Misc
     9.1  Books and Magazines
     9.2  Mail Order Addresses
     9.3  Road Gradient Units
     9.4  Helmet FAQ now on-line
     9.5  Terminology
     9.6  Avoiding Dogs
     9.7  Shaving Your Legs
     9.8  Contact Lenses and Cycling
     9.9  How to deal with your clothes
     9.10  Pete's Winter Cycling Tips
     9.11  Nancy's Cold/Wet Cycling Tips
     9.12  (Moved to 8b.16)
     9.13  Cycling Myths
     9.14  Descending I
     9.15  Descending II
     9.16  Trackstands
     9.17  Front Brake Usage
     9.18  Slope Wind, the Invisible Enemy
     9.19  Reflective Tape
     9.20  Nutrition
     9.21  Nuclear Free Energy Bar Recipe
     9.22  Powerbars Recipe
     9.23  Calories burned by cycling
     9.24  Road Rash Cures
     9.25  Knee problems
     9.26  Cycling Psychology
     9.27  Mirrors
     9.28  Another Powerbar recipe
     9.29  Lower back pain
     9.30  Saddle sores
     9.31  Group Riding Tips
     9.32  Riding in echelon
     9.33  Mirrors II
!    9.34  Thorns aka Puncture Vine
!    9.35  Gyroscopic Forces
     9.36  Going over the bars
     9.37  Yet another powerbar recipe
     9.38  Custom Jerseys
     9.39  Iliotibial Band Syndrome and Patelar Tendonitis
     9.40  Staying up in a crash
     9.41  Applying Merlin Decals
+    9.42  Flats from Beer and Cigarettes
+    9.43  Riding on Ice

  10  Off-Road
     10.1  Suspension Stems
     10.2  MTB FAQ no longer available
     10.3  Installing new rear derailleur spring
!    10.4  A Brief History of the Mountain Bike
     10.5  The Mike Vandeman FAQ
     10.6  Ode to a Usenet Kook

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