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Toyota RAV4 FAQ
Section - Table of Contents

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Top Document: Toyota RAV4 FAQ
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0.0 - Disclaimer

1.0 - Finding Out About the RAV4

  1.1  What's So Great About the RAV4?
  1.2  Online Sources
    1.2.1  WWW
    1.2.2  RAV4 Mailing Lists
    1.2.3  Usenet Newsgroups
  1.3  Phone Numbers
  1.4  Toyota-Supplied Information
  1.5  What does "RAV" stand for?

2.0 - Buying a RAV4

  2.1  Pricing
  2.2  Dealer Information
    2.2.1  How do I find a dealer in my area?
    2.2.2  What about a buying service?
  2.3  Miscellaneous Questions
    2.3.1  Any good general sources of information for new owners?
    2.3.2  What does the VIN mean?
    2.3.3  Is the RAV4 safe?
    2.3.4  Can I order a RAV4 with only the options I want?
    2.3.5  Where do I get one of those cute little paper RAV4 models?
    2.3.6  What's new about the 2000/2001 models?
  2.4  How does the RAV4 compare to the competition?

3.0 - Keeping Your RAV4 Happy (:

  3.1  General
    3.1.1  How do I "break in" my new RAV4?
    3.1.2  When should I change the oil the first time?
    3.1.3  How does the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) system work?
    3.1.4  What should I expect when Anti-Lock Brakes engage?
    3.1.5  How can I keep from getting a shock when I exit my RAV4?
    3.1.6  What should the fuel economy (Miles per Gallon) be?
    3.1.7  What kind of fuel should I use?
    3.1.8  How much gas can I put in my RAV?
    3.1.9  Is my Fuel Gauge Inaccurate?
    3.1.10  Is brake noise normal?
    3.1.11  What size are the tires?
    3.1.12  At what pressure should I keep the tires?
    3.1.13  What should I buy to replace my worn tires?
    3.1.14  Why doesn't my factory jack lift the vehicle off the ground?
    3.1.15  What are the ECT and OD buttons on my automatic transmission for?
    3.1.16  Why does the A/C come on when I use the defroster?
  3.2  Maintenance and Modifications
    3.2.1  What kind of parts can I get to modify my RAV4?
    3.2.2  What is a K&N filter and what will it do for my RAV4?
    3.2.3  Should I use an oil additive, like Slick 50?
    3.2.4  Why is my gas pedal sticking?
    3.2.5  How do I change my front brake pads?
    3.2.6  How can I improve the stereo in my RAV4?
    3.2.7  What size speakers does the RAV4 take?
    3.2.8  Can I remove the rear seats to make more room?
    3.2.9  How can I carry bikes with my RAV4?
    3.2.10  Why won't my dual sunroof RAV4 2DR rear sunroof stay open?
    3.2.11  Can I disable the passenger's side airbag?
    3.2.12  Can I add a remote to my RS3000 security system?
    3.2.13  What should I use to wash & wax my RAV4?
    3.2.14  How can I touch up scratches/chips on my RAV4?
    3.2.15  How do I get Wax off the Cladding?

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Top Document: Toyota RAV4 FAQ
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