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Welcome to austin.announce [periodic posting of newsgroup guidelines]
Section - FAQ: Why are you so strict about no cross-posting?

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Top Document: Welcome to austin.announce [periodic posting of newsgroup guidelines]
Previous Document: FAQ: Why should I use austin.announce? Nobody reads it!
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The guidelines say ``no cross-posting'', and we mean it.  We often
are asked why.

The most frequently selected cross-posting target is austin.general.
That's one where the rule holds hard and fast.  Cross-posting to
austin.general doesn't bring you any benefits (c.f. the "Why should
I use" question).  It just adds clutter to an already congested
newsgroup.  The whole purpose of this group is to move announcements
out of austin.general.  If you go cross-posting back there, you've
defeated the entire purpose of this group.

There are additional reasons why we do not accept cross-postings.
For instance, there are technical difficulties with handling cross-posted
messages to moderated groups.  Many moderators (including yours truly)
discourage them, because they create added hassle and work for

We will, on occasion, bend this rule when the cross-posting is to
a highly appropriate group.  We will not accept cross-postings that
appear to be a scattershot attempt to reach every news system on
the face of the planet.

Please note that re-posting is something different than cross-posting.
Cross-posting is when you specify a comma-delimited list of groups in
your Newsgroups: line.  When you do that, only a single message is
transmitted, and that one message gets placed into all the cross-posted
groups.  Re-posting is sending your message multiple times to multiple
groups.  Re-posting is an outright violation of Usenet netiquette.
The best you can expect from a re-posting to austin.announce is a
stern lecture from the moderator. :-)


End of austx-ann Guidelines

austin.announce is the MODERATED newsgroup for announcements of interest to
Austin-area Usenet readers.  See <>
for information on submitting announcements to this group.
n submitting announcements to this group.

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