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Welcome to austin.announce [periodic posting of newsgroup guidelines]
Section - The austin.announce Guidelines

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This section lists the full guidelines for austin.announce submissions.
Please review them carefully before submitting your announcement.
What all of this boils down to is two basic things:  wide-spread
interest and no crossposting.

    - Your submission should be an announcement of general interest
      to a large number of Usenet readers throughout Austin.

    - The posting must somehow pertain to Austin.  This includes
      announcements of events held in Austin, something being done by
      an Austin-based organization, and such.

    - Your message must be in text format -- not HTML, and must not
      include any binary files.

    - Commercial announcements (seminars, sales meetings, dog
      and pony shows, etc.) will be considered only if they might appeal
      to a large number of readers.  Special consideration given to
      events with free food. :-)

    - DO NOT CROSS-POST YOUR MESSAGE.  This is the number one reason
      cause for rejection.  This newsgroup is carried throughout Austin,
      and is one of the most visible groups for Austin-area readers.
      Cross-posting to other groups just adds clutter and is unnecessary.
      We almost never accept cross-posted announcements.  (See below
      for more info on this rule -- including when we bend it.)

    - DO NOT RE-POST YOUR MESSAGE.  Posting a single message multiple
      times to separate newsgroups is even worse than cross-posting.
      Forget these guidelines, that's an outright abuse of the net!

    - We generally do not edit or modify submissions -- although we
      we reserve the right to do so.  The moderator simply tries to
      review submissions with respect to the guidelines, and get them
      approved and posted as quickly as possible.  If the submission
      is formatted strangely or is incurably ugly, we probably will
      bounce it back.

    - If you haven't already done so, please read the periodic postings
      in news.announce.newusers entitled "A Primer on How Work With
      the Usenet Community", "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
      about Usenet", and "Hints on Writing Style for Usenet".  New
      users should spend a few weeks reading "austin.announce" prior
      to their first posting to get a feeling for what is appropriate
      for this group.

    - Please allow several days for your submission to be reviewed.
      The turnaround normally is just a day or so.  If, however, the
      moderator gets called out of town or tied up in a project, it
      might be a couple of days.

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