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Welcome to austin.announce [periodic posting of newsgroup guidelines]

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Archive-name: austx-ann
News-answers-archive-name: austin-texas/announce/welcome
Posting-frequency: monthly
Version: $Id: austx-ann,v 1.29 2006/07/02 18:51:34 dougmc Exp $

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Welcome to "austin.announce".  This newsgroup is for announcements of
general interest to the Usenet community in Austin, Texas.

    - Introduction
    - Newsgroup Charter
    - Submitting Your Announcement
    - The austin.announce Guidelines
    - FAQ:  Why should I use austin.announce?  Nobody reads it!
    - FAQ:  Why are you so strict about no cross-posting?

Subject: Introduction Welcome to "austin.announce". This newsgroup is for announcements of general interest to the Usenet community in Austin, Texas. This document contains the austin.announce charter and submission guidelines. Please review them before submitting your announcement. This message also answers a few questions (FAQs) we've been asked from time to time. These guidelines are revised from time to time. Please examine the date near the top of this message; older versions may be obsolete. The most up-to-date version of these guidelines is available on the World-Wide Web at <>.
Subject: Newsgroup Charter austin.announce publishes announcements of widespread interest to Usenet readers in Austin. Appropriate submissions include advance notice of events, meetings, lectures, symposia, etc. If you have an important bulletin that should receive rapid and wide distribution throughout Austin, we encourage you to submit it. On the other hand, we want to publish fun stuff too. Let us publish the monthly meeting notice for your club or organization. This newsgroup is moderated to ensure postings are appropriate, timely, and meet the guidelines discussed here. This is a low-volume (and nearly no-noise) newsgroup. All Usenet users in Austin should consider subscribing to this group. This is austin.announce, so items posted here must be happening in or related to Austin. This newsgroup is moderated by Doug McLaren. This periodic informational message is maintained by the moderator. You comments and suggestions, both about the newsgroup and this message, are welcome. Our email address is <austin-announce-request -at->. This address gets a lot of spam -- I strongly suggest giving the email a good subject, putting Austin in there somewhere -- Subject: AUSTIN: why was my post rejected? so it's noticed it in all the spam.
Subject: Submitting Your Announcement The guidelines are simple and mostly commonsense -- but strictly enforced. Full details are in the next section. You either may email your submission to <austin-announce -at-> or just post it to the group (your news software will route the submission to the moderator for review). If your submission meets the guidelines, it will be posted by the moderator -- usually within the day. Messages that do not meet the guidelines will be returned, unposted. The return notice will indicate why the submission was not accepted. Often a returned message would have been accepted except for a minor problem. In this case, we strongly encourage you to revise and resubmit your announcement. Blatant spam will be neither returned nor posted. The same goes for emails in HTML format. The moderator reserves the right to silently toss submissions that are mere blatant commercial ads from outside of Austin and have nothing whatsoever to do with Austin. Do be aware that the moderator finds himself exercising this roughly 300 times per day (as of 07/2004), so if your message even looks like spam it probably will be overlooked. Having a good Subject: header goes a long ways towards keeping this from happening. Let me say that again ... spammers try to post to austin.announce approximately 300 times a day, so I'm looking at a lot of spam, and if your post looks like spam, I will almost certainly overlook it, and therefore it won't get posted and I won't email you and tell you that. Putting AUSTIN: in the Subject header like this -- Subject: AUSTIN: Eeyore's birthday party! will help ensure that I see it (I'll edit out the AUSTIN when I post it) and don't overlook it. If you skip this part, the odds are very good that I will not see your posting. You have been warned. The two most common reason for (non blatant spam) rejections are: 1) the message is not an announcement of widespread interest, or 2) violation of the no cross-/re-posting rule.
Subject: The austin.announce Guidelines This section lists the full guidelines for austin.announce submissions. Please review them carefully before submitting your announcement. What all of this boils down to is two basic things: wide-spread interest and no crossposting. - Your submission should be an announcement of general interest to a large number of Usenet readers throughout Austin. - The posting must somehow pertain to Austin. This includes announcements of events held in Austin, something being done by an Austin-based organization, and such. - Your message must be in text format -- not HTML, and must not include any binary files. - Commercial announcements (seminars, sales meetings, dog and pony shows, etc.) will be considered only if they might appeal to a large number of readers. Special consideration given to events with free food. :-) - DO NOT CROSS-POST YOUR MESSAGE. This is the number one reason cause for rejection. This newsgroup is carried throughout Austin, and is one of the most visible groups for Austin-area readers. Cross-posting to other groups just adds clutter and is unnecessary. We almost never accept cross-posted announcements. (See below for more info on this rule -- including when we bend it.) - DO NOT RE-POST YOUR MESSAGE. Posting a single message multiple times to separate newsgroups is even worse than cross-posting. Forget these guidelines, that's an outright abuse of the net! - We generally do not edit or modify submissions -- although we we reserve the right to do so. The moderator simply tries to review submissions with respect to the guidelines, and get them approved and posted as quickly as possible. If the submission is formatted strangely or is incurably ugly, we probably will bounce it back. - If you haven't already done so, please read the periodic postings in news.announce.newusers entitled "A Primer on How Work With the Usenet Community", "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet", and "Hints on Writing Style for Usenet". New users should spend a few weeks reading "austin.announce" prior to their first posting to get a feeling for what is appropriate for this group. - Please allow several days for your submission to be reviewed. The turnaround normally is just a day or so. If, however, the moderator gets called out of town or tied up in a project, it might be a couple of days.
Subject: FAQ: Why should I use austin.announce? Nobody reads it! The level of traffic on austin.announce is very light. Some people look at that and think since the group is so small, nobody reads it. They think it might be better to use a big group, such as austin.general, for their announcements. In fact, the opposite is true. austin.announce is easy to read -- so people read it! Your announcement doesn't have to fight for attention among 120 other messages complaining about drivers on Mo-Pac or the lunkheads in City Hall. When you use austin.announce, you do not have to run a gauntlet of killfiles to get your announcement seen. OK, you want me to prove it? Here is an unsolicited testimonial (gawd...I feel like a TV infomercial) from one person who published a conference announcement in austin.announce. The announcement was posted on a Saturday morning. The moderator received a message first thing Monday that said: > [This] group is really effective!!! I was inundated with > registrants all weekend. So there you have it.
Subject: FAQ: Why are you so strict about no cross-posting? The guidelines say ``no cross-posting'', and we mean it. We often are asked why. The most frequently selected cross-posting target is austin.general. That's one where the rule holds hard and fast. Cross-posting to austin.general doesn't bring you any benefits (c.f. the "Why should I use" question). It just adds clutter to an already congested newsgroup. The whole purpose of this group is to move announcements out of austin.general. If you go cross-posting back there, you've defeated the entire purpose of this group. There are additional reasons why we do not accept cross-postings. For instance, there are technical difficulties with handling cross-posted messages to moderated groups. Many moderators (including yours truly) discourage them, because they create added hassle and work for moderators. We will, on occasion, bend this rule when the cross-posting is to a highly appropriate group. We will not accept cross-postings that appear to be a scattershot attempt to reach every news system on the face of the planet. Please note that re-posting is something different than cross-posting. Cross-posting is when you specify a comma-delimited list of groups in your Newsgroups: line. When you do that, only a single message is transmitted, and that one message gets placed into all the cross-posted groups. Re-posting is sending your message multiple times to multiple groups. Re-posting is an outright violation of Usenet netiquette. The best you can expect from a re-posting to austin.announce is a stern lecture from the moderator. :-) ------------------------------ End of austx-ann Guidelines *************************** ___________________________________________________________________________ austin.announce is the MODERATED newsgroup for announcements of interest to Austin-area Usenet readers. See <> for information on submitting announcements to this group. n submitting announcements to this group.

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