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Archive-name: aus-ads
Posting-Frequency: weekly
Last-modified: 1997/2/8
Version: Revision: 1.21

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0) What's new in this FAQ
1) Where to get this FAQ
2) How to use the newsgroups
3) Readers of the newsgroups (Americans, please read!)
4) The newsgroups
5) Subject lines
6) Complaints and spam
7) Followups
8) Obsolete Australian advertising newsgroups
9) Working in Australia
10) Miscellaneous
10) Blacklist
11) Credits

0) What's new in this FAQ

- More entries for the "Blacklist" section
- Changed dstc URLS to URLS

1) Where to get this FAQ

The latest version of this file is always available at

It is regularly posted to the hierarchy of newsgroups and news.answers

It can therefore also be retrieved from any mirror of the rtfm usenet
archives. A good Australian archive of rtfm is at in which this FAQ can be obtained at

1) How to use the newsgroups

This document describes how the newsgroups are intended to be
used.  These are not rules - on Usenet, there are no rules - but if you
do not follow them, people can give you a hard time.  So, please take
the time to read this guide, and bear it in mind when you post to the groups.

Simple general `rules' to remember:

a) Choose the right newsgroup!
b) Don't crosspost!
c) Don't post the same article in multiple groups!
d) Read news.announce.newusers first!

This eliminates the possibility of being publicly castigated for being a
twit, and it will also ensure that your advertisement is read by people
who want to see it.  Not doing so will result in people getting annoyed
with you, putting you in their killfiles or posting derogatory follow-up
messages, thus reducing the effectiveness of your advertisement and any
future advertisements you might place.

2) Readers of the newsgroups

The `aus' in is an abbreviation of `Australia'.  The
newsgroups are intended for residents in Australia, New Zealand and the
surrounding islands.  This means:

a) Readers assume prices quoted are in their local currency (usually
   Australian or New Zealand dollars).

b) It is in bad taste to advertise goods or services unavailable to, or
   illegal for, residents.

c) The `aus' in does not mean `Austin, Texas'.

Use the* newsgroups if you have an advertisement
intended for a world-wide audience.

3) The newsgroups

Below is a description of all the newsgroups in this hierarchy:        - Commercial advertisements, both wanted and for
------------------          sale.  Jobs go in           - Miscellaneous items for sale (except computers) by
---------------             individuals.  Commercial advertisements go in
                   - Computer hardware and software sold by
-------------------------   individuals.  Commercial advertisements go
                            in              - Jobs wanted or available.
------------                Also see separate FAQ by mailing
                   with the subject
                            line "GET aajFAQ" and the body empty.    - Jobs wanted or available (moderated).
----------------------      Also see separate FAQ by mailing
                   with the subject
                            line "GET FAQ" and the body empty.            - All items wanted by individuals, including
--------------              computer hardware and software.  Commercial
                            advertisements go in

4) Subject lines

The subject line you use should be as informative as possible.  It
should look like this:

 Subject: [Location] Item

For example:

 Subject: [WOLLONGONG] 1978 Datsun 200B, with excellent rust
 Subject: [DARWIN] AS/400 Programmer/Analyst

There is no need to add `wanted', `WTB', `job available', `for sale' or
`FS', as that is usually implied by an appropriate choice of newsgroup
(see Section 3).

The LOCATION is necessary because your advertisement will go out to
the entire continent and half the planet.  It will help readers use
killfiles to highlight or ignore advertisements.

5) Complaints and spam

If you object to an advertisement, please complain to the poster or
the poster's site administrator via e-mail.  The site administrator is

If you think an article is a spam, check
first before announcing your discovery to the rest of the newsgroup.

Check the `Path:' field before sending your letter; forged `From:' and
`Reply-To:' addresses have been used to mail-bomb unsuspecting people.

Please do not follow-up to the newsgroups, since these are
intended for advertisements, not discussion.

The following canned replies might be useful for e-mailing errant posters:

The* hierarchy is for Australian advertisements. Please consider
whether your post is appropriate. For further information on the* hierarchy please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions
list) which is posted regularly and can be found at


Please post your commercial advertisements in only as per
the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) which is posted regularly
and can be found at


Please post your computer hardware and software advertisements in only as per the FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions list) which is posted regularly and can be found at


Please post your wanted advertisements in only as per
the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) which is posted regularly
and can be found at


6) Followups

Please direct discussion to appropriate newsgroups by modifying the
``Followup-To:'' line (eg. Followup-To: aus.computers).  Some suggested
newsgroups for followups are:

aus.bicycles         - human-powered vehicles
aus.books            - books             - motor vehicles
aus.comms            - modems
aus.computers        - computers in general
aus.computers.amiga  - Amiga computers - IBM-PC computers
aus.computers.mac    - Macintosh computers
aus.computers.sun    - Sun computers         - News on Usenet
aus.general          - everything else

7) Obsolete Australian advertising newsgroups

The following newsgroups have been replaced by the hierarchy:

The newsgroup might have been created by

8) Working in Australia

This section comes from David le Comte (

Many Australians and many Nth Americans are under the impression
that foreign workers can be sponsored here, as they can be in
the US and Canada.  They often post in, and
soc.culture.australian, asking for sponsors.

Whilst it is true that companies can sponsor staff, the conditions
that apply are very onerous, and usually rigidly applied.

There are many categories for sponsorship.  For examples entertainers
can be brought in for shows, movies, plays etc, quite easily.  Similarly
academics can be sponsored quite easily by Universities etc.  Similarly
foreign embassies can sponsor their staff easily.

Out of the plethora of sponsorship categories, only three might apply
to corporations.  One category is reserved for executives.  This is
for foreign owned companies to bring in senior management for terms
of up to two years.  The positions must be management positions, and
some proof of that is required.

Another category is referred to as Exchange.  Whilst this usually applies
to government and/or academic institutions, there may be possibilities
for corporations to exchange staff with overseas branches.  The sponsor
has to provide all relevant details and an individual assessment is made.

The third category relevant to companies is to sponsor a "Specialist".  This
is exclusively to sponsor a staff member whose skills and specialties cannot
be found in Australia.  To prove this a company has to be able to show all
of the following, should they wish to sponsor someone for 4 to 12 months:

        1)      Proof that the job was advertised at the local CES and PES,
                within the last four months, with a letter from the local
                manager of such an office indicating that this had occured.

        2)      Proof that advertisements including salary and conditions,
                had been run in local, major metropolitan, and National
                newspapers, as well as at least one trade or professional
                journal within the last 6 months.

Such proof is not required for appointments less than 4 months.  Such
sponsorships cannot be extended beyond 12 months.

9) Miscellaneous

a) Nobody knows what your stuff is worth, but sometimes people ask for
ridiculous prices for computer equipment.  A sad, but true, fact is
that computer hardware depreciates at a huge rate.  Check classified
advertisements for gear like yours before setting a price.  You will
probably be shocked by how little your five-year-old PC is worth.  This
goes for anything, as much as computers.

b) If you include a phone number in your advertisements, remember to
include your area code and a contact name.
For example: `(0X) YYYY-ZZZZ, ask for Bruce'.

c) Use a `Distribution:' line if you know of an appropriate distribution
for your ad.  For example, `melb' means Melbourne, `aus' means Australia.

d) Further discussion on whether advertising is allowed is referred to, where people actually give a damn.

e) None of these newsgroups are moderated.  No one has volunteered.
This matter is being debated in

f) Suggestions for changes to this FAQ are welcome. For discussion, please

11) Blacklist

The following is a list of posters who refuse to conform to the guidelines
laid out in this FAQ. Posters are added to this list only after explicitly
stating their decision or after repeatedly ignoring requests to state their
position. This is not a judgement on their character, simply a record of fact.
The decision to take any action based on this list, such as the addition of
entries to killfiles or the refusal to sell to or buy from specific people,
is for each individual to make. Suggestions for additions are welcome and
will be investigated by the maintainer. (Danny) (Danny) (John Fonhof) (Bozzo Brown)
Oliver Fleming <>
Geoff Owen <>
Thomas <>
Edwin Knox <> (Ronald Wiplinger) (MUGEN CRX EF8) (Concorde Computers) (Adam Oswald) (Rodney Allan) (Nikol Su) (Nickolas Rorris) (Simon Kelleher) (Liam Kelleher) (JOE MCGRATH) (Aussie Bob) (Hot Price Computer Wholesale)
Kaitlyn Arts <> (Dean Malandris) (Matt Bowden)
Aust Computer Liquidations <>
Dan Martin <> (Adam Oswald)
"Aust. Computer Liquidations" <>
"The Magician" <>

Much more info on Usenet and Internet advertiser blacklists is available

11) Credits
This FAQ was originally written by Phil Herring and was modified and
maintained by Soh Kam Hung. It is now maintained by Adam Frey

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