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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Steve Hales                                                            5/09
Palo Alto, CA 94301
  Developer: Slime, Fort Apocalypse, Dimension X

Jonathan Halliday  (flashjazzcat, RIF Software)                       11/09
145 Wenlock Road
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 9AL
  Developer: The Last Word 3.1 (word processor), RIF SpartaDOS Utilities
MOVE.COM, QC.COM, XKEY.COM, XKED.COM), MA65 Macro Assember 1.6 for SpartaDOS,
XEDIT Text Editor

Lee Hanken                                                             1/07
United Kingdom
  Developer: ATASCIIView Version 1.3 (ATASCII file viewer for MS-Windows).
web-based Atari 8-bit ATASCII file viewer:

H.A.P.S.                                                               6/04
c/o Bodo Juerss
Amandastr. 50
D-20357 Hamburg
  Vendor: PD/freeware/shareware (>1000 disks available)

Harmonic Research                                                      9/05
40 Wiley Ln
Woodstock NY 12498-1228
tel/FAX: 845-679-5856
  Developer: VC101A NTSC to RGBS Decoder, VC102A PAL to RGBS Decoder,
VC111A NTSC to Component Decoder, VC112A PAL to Component Decoder,
VC303 NTSC/PAL Decoder/Doubler, CV121A RGBS to NTSC Encoder,
CV122A RGBS to PAL Encoder, CV131A Component to NTSC Encoder,
CV132A Component to PAL Encoder, CV223 RGBS to NTSC Pro w/BNC's,
CV233 Component to NTSC w/BNCs, RGB2X2/HD 2in/2out RGB Switch, various
related cables and adapters

Hasbro, Inc.                                                           8/05
1027 Newport Ave
Pawtucket RI 02861-2539
tel: 401-431-TOYS (8697)
  Developer: instructions for Parker Brothers games (PDF scans): AstroChase,
Chess, Frogger, Frogger II: Threeedeep!, Gyruss, James Bond 007, Popeye,
Q*Bert, Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle, Super Cobra

Frank Heuser                                                           2/07
Kappelstrasse 10
67269 Gruenstadt
  Vendor: new hardware expansion items, including: SIO2PC (internal/
external), 1050PC, Midi, Voicebox (Atari Magazin), Function keys,
16-OS-switch, AKI, RAM Expansion, Audio/Video cable and adapter, Videobox.
Special lower prices for ABBUC members.

HiassofT                                                               5/09
c/o Matthias Reichl
Wolfgangerstr. 26
A-4820 Bad Ischl
  Developer: AtariSIO V0.30-pre1 beta for Linux (package contains: a Linux
kernel driver; atariserver - an Atari disk drive emulator similar to SIO2PC
or APE; atarixfer - a small tool to read/write ATR images to an Atari disk 
drive connected by a 1050-2-PC or ProSystem cable), AtariDsk V1.2 (read,
write and format DD 180K Atari disks on the PC), WriteAtr V0.92b (write
double density ATR-images to Atari floppy disks on your PC; also create
ATR-images of double density floppy disks), MyPicoDos V4.04 (small
"gamedos" that can read COM, EXE, BIN and BAS files; supports MYDOS
subdirectories and large disks), MyIDE Tool V0.30 (direct access to
harddrives in MyIDE format on your Linux/Windows PC), Highspeed SIO patch
for XL/XE OS and MyIDE OS V1.20 (extends the SIO routine of the OS to
support: Ultra speed (Happy 1050, Speedy, SIO2PC, ...), 1050 Turbo, XF551,
and Warp speed (Happy 810) ) 

High Street Micro   (Tony Cank)                                        8/05
First floor 20 - 22 High Street
Crewe, Cheshire CW2 7BN
United Kingdom
Tel: 01270 250871 
Fax: 01270 580964
Shop Times: 8 am To 4 pm, Saturday: 9 am To 1 pm, Sunday: Closed
  Vendor: used hardware, commercial software

Gordon F. Hooper / GFH Marketing                                       1/04
253 Regina Ave.
Victoria, B.C.
Canada.  V8Z 1J6
  Publisher: 8-Bits Forever! (book, (c)1994)

Tom Hunt (Closer To Home Enterprises)                                  2/07
  Developer: The Armorizer (file corruption detector), ATOS (graphical
desktop environment), BrainFork (programming language), Check CRC32, Disk
Fragmentation Utility, The Long Integer Library (CC65 and Action! versions),
M.T.O.S. (Multi-Tasking Operating System), Micro BASIC, Mouse (programming
language), RC4 Encryptor, Rcopy - Recursive Copy Utility, Rdelete - Recursive
Delete Utility, Shell (for SpartaDOS), Snapshot, The Sound Utility, Term80,
UnZip, Z-Code, CC65 Cross Compiler, The PC-Gateway (allows you to use your
old computer or dumb terminal to access the internet), CTH Emulator (based
on Atari800 0.9.8, will allow you to run an 8-bit bbs on the internet),

Stephen James Hurd  (deuce)                                            8/08  and
  Developer: SyncTERM 0.9.2. A cross-platform ANSI-BBS terminal designed to
connect to remote BBSs via telnet, rlogin, or SSH.
Full Atari 8-bit ATASCII support.

Chris Hutt (Sheddy)                                                    8/07
  Developer: Space Harrier Conversion Project

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