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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Dan Vernon                                                             4/07
  Developer: Atari810 1.4d -- software for emulating an Atari 8-bit floppy
drive or hard disk on your PC (Windows NT/2000/XP)

Video 61 & Atari Sales  (Lance Ringquist)                             11/09
22735 Congo St NE
Stacy MN 55079-9356
tel: (651) 462-2500 24 Hours
"We service, sell and publish hardware and software"
  Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware
  Developer: CARTRIDGES:  Animated Puzzle (Atari proto),
Berzerk (Atari proto), Commando (Atari proto), Crystal Castles (Atari 16K 
proto), Deflektor (Atari proto), Jr. Pac-Man (Atari proto), Letter Tutor
(Atari proto), MIDI Maze (Atari proto), Montezuma's Revenge (proto cart vers),
Mr. Do's Castle (proto cart version), Stargate (Atari proto), Superman III
(Atari proto), Tower Toppler (Atari proto), Xenophobe (Atari proto).
LATEST: Jinx, Nibbler, Clowns And Balloons, Bubble Trouble, Pacific Coast
Highway, DropZone, S.A.G.A. Mission Secret, S.A.G.A. Strange Odyssey, S.A.G.A.
Pirates Adventure, Sling Shot, Star Flite, TRON, H.A.C. (Heavy Armor Combat),
Tempest Xtreem.  MORE CARTRIDGES:
Amazing Maze, Arkanoid, AtarTris II, Bumpers, Checkers, Clash of the Kings,
Concentration, Cosmos Pinball, Crystal Raider, Dan Strikes Back, Dandy, 
Desmond's Dungeons, Dinky Do, Dungeon Lords, Dynakillers, 
Elevator Repairman, Firebug, Getaway, Hearts Card Game, Jailbreak, 
Jigsaw Puzzles, Lights Out, Lord of the Orb, Mah Jong, Maze War, Midas Maze,
Monopoly, Montana Solitaire Card Game, Mr. Robot, MyDOS 4.5, Paddle Pack Pong,
Paddle Wars, Plaqueman, Preppie, Preppie II, Puzzled (Jigsaw Puzzles),
Quest for Quintana Roo, Rally Speedway, Ricochet, Rocks, Sharp Shooters,
Smush, Solitaire Card Game, Spaceball, Spaceshot Pinball, SpartaDOS 3.3C,
Speed-O RPM Drive Tester, Tetris II, Turbo BASIC, Ultra-Translator (800 OS) 
Twilight World, Twin Pack (Battleship/Jump the Pegs), Video Poker Card Game,
Video Slots, Whomper Stomper, Zybex.
CD-ROM: Atari 8-Bit Public Domain-Shareware Software CD-ROM.
hardware: V-61's Cassette Data Storage & Maintenance/Service Pack (for Atari
410, 1010, XC11, XC12 and compatible), CX-40 Evolved (joystick controller),
CX-30 Evolved (paddle controllers pair)

Video Game Source                                                      8/05
Salzbruecker Str. 36
D-21335 Lueneburg
Tel.: +49 (4131)406278    Mo-Fr: 12pm - 8pm CET
  Vendor: new hardware (Atari G1 Light Gun, Atari XL/XE-Datarecorder XC12),
commercial software (game cartridges)

Video Game Trader                                                      3/05
242 Essex Dr.
Brick NJ 08723-6502
  Vendor: new and used commercial software

Steve Vigneau (c0nsumer)                                               7/09
  Developer: SDrive NUXX PCB & End Panel Set, Complete SDrive NUXX
Vintage Computer Cables                                                8/07
Fort Lauderdale FL
  Developer: Atari Gold Video Cable, Atari Gold Video Cable (stereo with Y),
Atari Gold S-Video Cable (stereo with Y)                                                 10/05
United Kingdom
  Vendor: used hardware, commercial software

VintageFunWorld.Com  (Chris)                                           3/04
  Vendor: used hardware and software

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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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