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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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MadTeam                                                               11/09
(active: Tebe, Pajero. inactive: Profi, Rage, Psychol, Rocky, KAMM)
  Developer: demos: Happy Demo, MadTeam Intro, The Muppet Movie Show, IGOR,
FAJER, SINTRO, Running Cow, LAJF, Journey, Vasco, X, Splash, TIT, ANI,
SAMAR Graphics Collection, Kaszel #1, Syzygy #8, Dupland Slideshow,
Happy Easter 2007, Martial Arts vs Modern Arts, Ilusia.
games: Droga Do Duplandu, Mental Age, Dyna Blaster, Getris, Nibbly,
Mario Bros 2007
Utilities: Pro Tracker 1.5, Intertia Player 3.7, Intertia Player 4.5,
Audio Master 1.0, Mathaf****r Editor 3.1, Mathaf****r Reader 1.1,
Turbo 2000F, Visage 2.7, XL-Paint 2.5MaX, 2.6MaX, Rip2Max,
2xMPT 8Channel Stereo Project 1.0, Atari Commander 1.81, Via Copy 4.4, 
SAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours (SHIMC) Editor 1.0, LZW Pack 4.2,
Squash 1.4, Total Commander ATR Plugin v1.87, DisAsembler v2.0,
Deflater 7z v2.6, XRLoader v1.2, TIP Animator v2.3, Check XEX, Build 1.1,
Super Packer v3.1, Atari Interlace Studio 1.2.6
PC utilities: Graph2Font (convert graphics to Atari chars and design
multicolor graphics for the Atari), G2F Creator v1.4, v2.3,
G2F Extractor v1.4, MADS 1.8.9 (Mad-Assembler: 4-pass crossassembler designed
for 6502 and 65816 processors)

Magazin-Archiv  (Matthias Jaap)                                        2/05
  Publisher: authorized digitized editions of ATARImagazin (1987-1989),
Computer-Kontakt (1985-1987), Happy Computer (1984-1989)

MatoSimi  (Martin Simecek)                                            11/09
Slovakia  or
  Developer: utilities: CMC MSX Extractor, T2K decoder v.021 (convert programs
from cassette tape to disk), Atari FontMaker v1.2 (create ATARI font on PC).
demos: CMC Musix 1, Plasma4, Music From Zeus Intro, Summertime Demo.
games: Laser Blaster, Monex v1.1, Light Up!, Belljumper 1k, Fireball 1k,
h3x0r 1k

MCM, an InOne company                                                  5/06
650 Congress Park Dr
Centerville OH 45459-4000
Phone: 1-800-543-4330
Fax: 1-800-765-6960
  Developer: 9 Pin Jack For Atari, AC Adaptor Atari 3.5mm 9V DC 500mA

The MESS Team                                                          1/07
  Developer: Multi Emulator Super System (M.E.S.S. / MESS)-- an emulator of
a large number of systems, including the 8-bit Atari computers  -- downloads
available for Windows, *nix, Mac OS, and DOS - Microprocessor USB Project                              1/06
Atari project: Marc Brings, Thomas Grasel, Harry Reminder, Guus Assmann,
               Carsten Strotmann
  Developer: Project USB Cartridge (USB Cartridge for Atari XL/XE with two
USB Slots).  software: AtariUSBCart (Hardware Cypress SL811, Hardware
USBN9602), AtariXLJoypad (Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB Version 2.0),
AtariXLJoystick (Competition Pro USB 1.0), AtariXLKeyboard 0.1 BETA,
AtariXLMouse (Logitech USB Mouse), AtariXLWheel (Thrustmaster Nascar Pro
Digital 2, Logitech Formula GP 1.0, Logitech Vibration Feedback Wheel),
USB Device Driver Development Kit 1.2.0, USB Enduser Driver Disk USBTEST
Version 0.6, USB HID Base Driver Version 2.0, USBDOS 0.1

Mirage Interactive                                                     6/05
  See also: Rewindgames  (Fred Meijer)
Poligonowa 3 lok. 310-311
04-051 Warszawa
phone: +48 22 870 1550, 870 6555
  Developer: over 100 published titles, including: Alchemia, Around the
Planet, Atomia, Axilox, Bang! Bank!, Bertyx, Battleships, Caveman, Crypts of
Egypt, Cywilizacja, Dark Abyss, Duch, Dziedzictwo Gigantow, Eureka, Historia
Polski, Jaffar, Janosik, Kapitan Kloss, Kolony, Magia, Midnight,
Mozgprocesor, Operation Blood, Pong, Problem Jasia, Pyramid, Raszyn 1809,
Robal, Rockman, Roderic, Rycerz, Sexversi, Special Forces - Operation Blood
II, Starball, Tanks, Tawernia, Technus, Thinker, Top Secret, Wladca, Wyprawy
Kupca, ZBIR

MMSoft  (Marek Mikolajewski)                                          11/07
  Developer: SIO2IDE 1.7, 3.3, 3.3a, 4.4, 4.4a (An interface that allows you
to attach any IDE Disk Drive to your 8-bit Atari computer. Ver. 4 includes a
USB port.), AVRprg

More Than Games / Rick's Computer Activity Tools / Rix C.A.T. /        2/08
  Detlefsen Enterprises (Rick L. Detlefsen)
8207 Briarwood Ln
Austin TX 78757-7642
"encoded" email: mtgYYYY(insert year)"A T"
  Vendor: Many Atari and third party hardware and software items-old/new/used,
Super Sketch Graphics tablet, AGDA Gamelink based gaming network adapters.
  Developer: Audio Video break out box and cables (comp, chroma, luminance,
audio), 130XE 4 bit memory upgrade, SPIDER sio port expander, 
SPEEDIER:19.2K serial port, EASI/O cables to expand SIO, PEEKER:Sio port data
monitor, 850 adapters, ATR8000 adapters, SIO Cable Tester.  Many more in the
  Publisher: Atari Game Systems V&D List

Motelsoft                                                             11/07
  Developer: Caveman II - Caves of Osum (also developed: Der Hexenmeister,
Labyrinth, Panzer, Smack-Jack 

MS-Software (Mirko Sobe)                                               7/05
  Developer: BOSS-XL V4.5, BOSS-XE V8.1, HTML-Viewer 3.1, BOSS-X v10.33

Stefan C. Mueller                                                     11/09
  Developer: Electro Maniac!

MyAtari                                                                2/07
  See: Matthew Bacon

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