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[sci.astro,sci.astro.seti] Resources (Frequently Asked
Section - A.06 What are good Net sites for astronomy info and images?

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Top Document: [sci.astro,sci.astro.seti] Resources (Frequently Asked
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 This list is an attempt to compile the locations of the biggest sites and
those with extensive cross-references.  Please let me know other sites
*that fall into these categories* or *categories not included*.  The FAQ
can't list everybody's favorite site, but it should list sites that
cross-reference most people's favorites.

  *  AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet [multiple mirror sites]

   -   _NRAO, US East_, <URL:>,

   -   _STScI, US East_, <URL:>,

   -   _CDS, France_, <URL:>,

   -   _ESO_, <URL:>,

   -   _ESA, Spain_, <URL:>,

   -   _ANU, Australia_, <URL:>,

  *  _Students for the Exploration and Development of Space_,
 <URL:>, (SEDS) (Images, Info, and Software Archive)

   -   _anonymous ftp_, <URL:>,

   -   _astroftp (text)_,
  <URL:>, list

   -   _astroftp (HTML)_,
  <URL:>, list

  *  _Galaxy_, <URL:>,

  *  _Google Groups_, <URL:>,

 Data Archives and Catalogs
  *  _JPL Solar System Dynamics_, <URL:>,
 ("information [about] all known bodies in orbit around the Sun.")

  *  _Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg_,
 <URL:>, (in English and includes SIMBAD)

  *  _NSSDC Astrophysics Data_, <URL:>,
 (space missions and catalog data)

  *  _Astronomical Data System_, <URL:>,
 (professional journals, conference proceedings, data)

  *  APS _Catalog of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey_,

  Images & Simulations
  *  _Astronomy Picture of the Day_,

  *  _SkyView_, <URL:>, (digitized images of any
 sky coordinates, multi-wavelength)

  *  _Jet Propulsion Laboratory_, <URL:>, (JPL)

  *  The Nine Planet _Planetary Picture List_,

  *  _NASA JSC Digital Image Collection_, <URL:>,
 (mostly Earth and spacecraft)

  *  _U.S.  Geological Survey_,

  *  _The Web Nebulae_, <URL:>,

  *  _Messier Database_, <URL:>,

  *  _Solar System Live_, <URL:>,

  Societies, Institutions, Publishers
  *  _American Astronomical Society_, <URL:>,

  *  _Royal Astronomical Society_, <URL:>,

  *  _American Association of Variable Star Observers_,

  *  _NASA_, <URL:>,

  *  _Space Telescope Electronic Information Service_,

  *  _Sky and Telescope_, <URL:>,

  *  USGS _Astrogeology Research Program_,

  Related Usenet newsgroups (see also  A.01)
  *  _*sci.physics*_, <URL:news:sci.physics>,: Physical laws, properties, etc.

  *  _*sci.physics.particle*_, <URL:news:sci.physics.particle>,: Particle
 physics discussions

  *  ***: Discussions of space policy, travel, technology, etc.

  *  **: Discussions of creationism vs.  evolution, the Big Bang,
 and other science topics

  Related FAQs
 Many related newsgroups have FAQ's.  Most can be obtained by anonymous ftp
from, <URL:>.

  FAQ for *sci.physics*
    available via _anonymous ftp_,
<URL:>, and on the
Web from various mirrors including _US West Coast mirror_,
<URL:>, _European mirror_,
<URL:>, and _Australia mirror_,

  FAQ for **
    available via _anonymous ftp_,

  Astro/Space Frequently Seen Acronyms
    available via _anonymous ftp_,

  FAQ for *sci.astro.planetarium*
    available via the _Web_,

  FAQ for *sci.skeptic*
    available via _anonymous ftp_,

  FAQ for **
    available from the _talkorigins_,
<URL:>, Web site

  FAQ for relativity
    _Usenet Relativity FAQ_,

  FAQ for black holes
    _Black Holes FAQ_,

  FAQ for calendars
    _Calendar FAQ_, <URL:>,

  FAQ for supernovae and supernova remnants
    _Supernovae and Supernova Remnants FAQ_,

  Lecture notes, essays, compilations, etc.
  *  _The Nine Planets_, <URL:>,

  *  Nick Strobel's _Astronomy Notes_, <URL:>,

  *  _The Constellations and Their Stars_,

  *  John Baez's _General Relativity Tutorial_,

  *  _The Astronomy Cafe_, <URL:>,

  *  _Virtual Trips_, <URL:>,
 to black holes and neutron stars

  *  _Bad Astronomy_, <URL:>,

  *  _Powers of 10_,
 Size of the Universe (interactive Java tutorial)

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