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[alt.astrology] Papers FAQ - academic papers related to astrology

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Archive-name: astrology/papers
Posting-Frequency: monthly to alt.astrology,sci.skeptic,alt.answers,sci.answers,news.answers
Last-modified: 1997/12/07
Version: 1.4
Copyright: (c) 1997 Sherilyn <>
Maintainer: Sherilyn <>

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0. Introduction
1. Request for submissions.
2. Other sources of information
3. How to gain access to abstracts
4. What to do next
5. List of papers found
        5.1 Scientific Research papers
        5.2 Medicine, Psychology and Astrology
        5.3 Historical papers
        5.4 Other papers
6. Books

0. Introduction.

This FAQ posting is a resource of academic papers and books
relating to astrology.

1. Request for submissions.

This FAQ is intended as a resource for all people interested in
finding more about academic studies of astrology.  The only
criterion for inclusion is as follows:

        An item should have been published in a paper medium and
        have a bearing on astrology.

If there is a demand, separate FAQs may be created which have a
bearing on specific systems of astrology.  Meanwhile, the FAQ
maintainer welcomes all submissions which match the criterion

A comprehensive bibliography of astrology is beyond the scope of
this FAQ, but some books have been included.  The interested reader
is advised to visit a well stocked bookstore.

2.  Other sources of information.

Jim Lippard has compiled a large chronology of the Gauquelin affair,
with numerous bibliographical references, at:

The document is in Rich Text format, suitable for Microsoft Word
and many other word processors.

3.  How to gain access to abstracts.

There are a number of good Medline pages on the WWW.  The one I
like to use is at NIH.

4.  What to do next.

If you find papers that interest you, the next thing to do is to
visit the library of your local college of further education, most
of which stock many journals.

5. List of papers found

   Reverse order of publication date.

5.1 Scientific Research papers

   Clarke D, 1996
        Astrological signs as determinants of extroversion and
        emotionality: an empirical study.
    The Journal of Psychology 130(2) 131 (1996)

   Dahlstrom WG, 1996
        MMPI findings on astrological and other folklore concepts
        of personality. (Special Issue)
    Psychological Reports 78(3), 1059 (1996)
   Nguyen MT, 1996            
        Variations in Vietnamese marriages, births and infant deaths
        by months of the Julian calendar and years of the Vietnamese
        and Chinese astrological calendars.
    J Biosoc Sci 28(3), 367-377 (1996) 

   Lester D, 1994            
        Astrological cuspal days and births and deaths of suicides.
    Percept Mot Skills 78(3), 898 (1994)
    (no abstract available)

   Murthy K, 1993            
        Molecular astrology: the case of the Myb DNA binding domain.
    Protein Eng 6(2), 129-131 (1993)
    (no abstract available)

   Stack S, 1988            
        Born under a bad sign? Astrological sign and suicide ideation. 
    Percept Mot Skills 66(2), 461-462 (1988) 

   Tiggle RB, 1979            
        Development of an Astrological Hostility Scale and its
        correlation with the Buss-Durkee Inventory. 
    Percept Mot Skills 49(3), 858 (1979)
    (no abstract available)

   Wright PW, 1979            
        A study in the legitimisation of knowledge: the 'success' of
        medicine and the 'failure' of astrolog(y. 
    Sociol Rev [Monogr] 27, 85-101 (1979)
    (no abstract available)

   Hume N, 1977            
        Is there an association between astrological data and
    J Clin Psychol 33(3), 711-713 (1977) 

   Snyder CR, 1976            
        Acceptance of general personality interpretations prior to
        and after receipt of diagnostic feedback supposedly based on
        psychological, graphological, and astrological assessment
    J Clin Psychol 32(2), 258-265 (1976) 

   Standen A, 1975            
        Is there an astrological effect on personality? 
    J Psychol 89(2D Half), 259-260 (1975) 

   Rosen GM, 1975            
        Effects of source prestige on subjects' acceptance of the
        Barnum effect: psychologist versus astrologer. 
    J Consult Clin Psychol 43(1), 94 (1975)
    (no abstract available)

   Delaney JG, 1974            
        Effects of reading an astrological description on responding
        to a personality inventory. 
    Psychol Rep 34(3), 1214 (1974)
    (no abstract available)

   Silverman BI, 1974            
        Astrological indicators of personality. 
    J Psychol 87(1St Half), 89-95 (1974)
    (no abstract available)

   Pellegrini RJ, 1973            
        The astrological "theory" of personality: an unbiased test
        by a biased observer.
    J Psychol 85(1St Half), 21-28 (1973)
    (no abstract available)

   Vojta M, 1970            
        Reproduction and astrology 
    Cesk Gynekol 35(1), 38-40 (1970)
    (no abstract available)

5.2 Medicine, Psychology and Astrology

   Usadi MM, 1994            
        Anatomy and astrology in the medical tradition: the search
        for order.
    Pharos 57(3), 13-18 (1994)
    (no abstract available)

   Rogers FB, 1991            
        Rising stars: Carl G. Jung and astrology. 
    Trans Stud Coll Physicians Phila 13(2), 167-171 (1991)
    (no abstract available)

   Hughes S, 1990            
        Nephrology and astrology--is there a link? 
    Br J Clin Pract 44(7), 279 (1990) 

   Charette LR, 1989            
        Re: "Back talk" astrological communique 
    J Can Dent Assoc 55(2), 107 (1989)
    (no abstract available)

   Brouillette JN, 1988            
        Astrology and the PRO 
    J Fla Med Assoc 75(7), 419 (1988)
    (no abstract available)

   Pugh JF, 1983            
        Astrological counseling in contemporary India. 
    Cult Med Psychiatry 7(3), 279-299 (1983) 

   Lester D, 1982            
        Astrologers and psychics as therapists. 
    Am J Psychother 36(1), 56-66 (1982) 

   Perinbanayagam RS, 1981            
        Self, other, and astrology: esoteric therapy in Sri Lanka. 
    Psychiatry 44(1), 69-79 (1981) 

   Zimmermann F, 1981            
        Medical aspects of the Yavanajataka (Sanskrit astrology) 
    Sudhoffs Arch Z Wissenschaftsgesch 65(3), 299-305 (1981)
    (no abstract available)

   Bazala V, 1978            
        Astrologic diagnosis and prognosis 
    Neue Munch Beitr Gesch Med Naturwiss Medizinhist Reihe 7-8,
    177-184 (1978)
    (no abstract available)

   Hare EH, 1977            
        Medical astrology and its relation to modern psychiatry.
    Proc R Soc Med 70(2), 105-110 (1977)
    (no abstract available)

   Dost FH, 1975            
        Parapsychology and astrology 
    Med Welt 26(39), 1795-1796 (1975)
    (no abstract available)

5.3 Historical papers

   French R, 1996
        Foretelling the future. Arabic astrology and English
        medicine in the late twelfth century. 
   Isis 87(3), 453-480 (1996)
   (no abstract available)

  Rodriguez-Sala ML, 1994            
        Diego de Cisneros and novo-Hispanic astrological and
        geographical medicine 
    Gac Med Mex 130(5), 402-411 (1994) 

   Groos A, 1992            
        Treating the Grail King: astrology and medicine in book XVI
        of Wolfram's "Parzival". 
    Sudhoffs Arch Z Wissenschaftsgesch 76(1), 74-86 (1992)
    (no abstract available)

   Traister BH, 1989            
        Medicine and astrology in Elizabethan England: the case of
        Simon Forman. 
    Trans Stud Coll Physicians Phila 11(4), 279-297 (1989)
    (no abstract available)

   Bendiner E, 1989            
        Renaissance medicine: alchemy and astrology, art and
    Hosp Pract (Off Ed) 24(6), 247-249 (1989)
    (no abstract available)

   Carlson S, 1988            
    Experientia 44(4), 290-297 (1988) 

   Dobrowolski JA, 1986            
        Philosophical conditions of the relation between medicine
        and natural magic and astrology in the 15th and 16th
    Arch Hist Filoz Med 49(3), 307-318 (1986)
    (no abstract available)

   Muller-Jahncke WD, 1985            
        Astrology-magic theory and practice in medicine of the
        early modern age 
    Sudhoffs Arch Z Wissenschaftsgesch Beih 25, 1-328 (1985)
    (no abstract available)

   Mooney LR, 1984            
        A middle English verse compendium of astrological medicine. 
    Med Hist 28(4), 406-419 (1984)
    (no abstract available)

   Lisiewicz J, 1982            
        Jan Walenty Latos (1539 to the beginning of the 17th century),
        physician and astrologer at the Cracow Academy 
    Wiad Lek 35(23-24), 1589-1591 (1982)
    (no abstract available)

   Weisser C, 1981            
        The Sickness Lunaria from medical historical viewpoint. a
        contribution to the iatromathematical-astrological literature
        of the Middle Ages 
    Sudhoffs Arch Z Wissenschaftsgesch 65(4), 390-400 (1981)
    (no abstract available)

   Trevisani F, 1979            
        A Descartes correspondent: notes on Lazare Meyssonnier
        (1611/12-1673), Lyons physician and astrologer, and on his
        Belle Magie (1669) 
    Pubbl Stn Zool Napoli [II] 1(2), 285-308 (1979)
    (no abstract available)

   Schweisheimer W, 1978            
        The prophet Nostradamus was a good and humanly physician. The
        famous astrologist fought the "black death" 
    Med Welt 29(15), 650-652 (1978)
    (no abstract available)

   Rosner F, 1976            
        Letter: Moses Maimonides' opposition to astrology. 
    JAMA 236(4), 346 (1976)
    (no abstract available)

   Simili A, 1976            
        Astrology, demonology and therapeutic prejudices in legal and
        forensic medicine during the Renaissance 
    Minerva Med 67(56), 3719-3737 (1976)
    (no abstract available)
   Brandenburg D, 1975            
        Astrology and medicine in the Thousand-and-one Night
    Med Monatsschr 29(11), 496-502 (1975)
    (no abstract available)

   Moszczynski P, 1971            
        Jan Walenty Latosz--astrologer and physician 
    Wiad Lek 24(10), 989-990 (1971)
    (no abstract available)

   Hammer J, 1971            
        The astrology of Johannes Kepler 
    Sudhoffs Arch Z Wissenschaftsgesch 55(2), 113-135 (1971)
    (no abstract available)

   Grmek MD, 1970            
        Life events and astrologic medical ideas of Federic Grisogono of
    Lijec Vjesn 92(6), 679-686 (1970)
    (no abstract available)

   Brandenburg D, 1967            
        Astrology, astronomy and medicine. On islamic astrology-medicine
        of the 13th century 
    Munch Med Wochenschr 109(21), 1192-1197 (1967)
    (no abstract available)

   Brandenburg D, 1967            
        Astrology, astronomy and medicine. On ancient islamic medicine
        and its astronomic remedies 
    Munch Med Wochenschr 109(20), 1137-1143 (1967)
    (no abstract available)

   Kibre P, 1967            
        Giovanni Garzoni of Bologna (1419-1505), Professor of Medicine
        and defender of astrology. 
    Isis 58(194), 504-514 (1967)
    (no abstract available)

5.4 Other papers

   Lockwood JF, 1997
        In the seventh house of Saturn. (methods for educating students
        about the difference between astrology and astronomy)
   Mercury 26(3), 11 (1997)

   Evans W, 1996
        Divining the social order: class, gender, and magazine astrology
   Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 73(2), 389 (1996)

   Kitson A, 1996
        Astrology and English literature.
    Contemporary Review 269(1569), 200 (1996)

   Duff K, 1995
        The powers of creation. (astrology) (Earth, Air, Fire, Water
   Parabola 20(1), 62 (1995)

6. Books

    Seymour P, 1992
        The Scientific Basis Of Astrology: Tuning to the Music of the
        Planets Percy Seymour
        1992, St. Martin's Press; 277p.

    Ertel S, Irving K, 1996
        The Tenacious Mars Effect
        Suitbert Ertel and Kenneth Irving
        1996, Urania; 163+p.

    Benski C et al, 1996
        The "Mars Effect": A French Test of Over 1000 Sports Champions
        Claude Benski; commentary by J.W. Nienhuys
        1996, Prometheus; 157p.

    Tester J, 1987
        A History Of Western Astrology
        Jim Tester
        1987, Ballantine; 263p.

    Culver RB, Ianna, PA, 1988
        Astrology: True or False? A Scientific Evaluation
        Roger B. Culver and Phillip A. Ianna
        1988, Prometheus Books; 228p.
        (original 1979, "The Gemini Syndrome")


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