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[FAQ] Aquaria: Read Me First -- Contents

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Archive-name: aquaria/general-faq/README
Rec-aquaria-archive-name: general-faq/README
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*  This is only a text dump of part of the Aquaria FAQs.                *
*  The web "original" may be more current, is navigatable hypertext,    *
*  and contains enhanced content not available in this posted version!  *
*  or      *

                         The *.Aquaria FAQs: Contents
   The Aquaria FAQs are continually-evolving documents, so we would
   appreciate hearing of any inaccuracies, suggestions for improvements,
   volunteer authors, or other general comments. Comments can be sent as
   e-mail to either the entire group or individual authors of a FAQ or
   section (see the AUTHOR LIST for the most current addresses). Please,
   though, don't send us mail asking for help on your algae problem, just
   comments on the FAQ. Thanks!

   The FAQs owe their existence to the contributors of the net, and as
   such it belongs to the readers of rec.aquaria and alt.aquaria.
   Articles with attributions are copyrighted by their original authors.
   Copies of the FAQs can be made freely, as long as it is distributed at
   no charge, and the disclaimers and the copyright notice are included.
Mirrors and Translations

   A list of offical alternate sites and language translations is
   available in this section.
Introductory and Newsgroup FAQs (intro)

     * Welcome to Rec.aquaria.*: (posted weekly to rec.aquaria.*)
       The FAQs, Other Web Pages, Etiquette for Posting, Acronyms and
       Terms, and Common newsgroup Q&A.
     * Tables of Conversion Factors and other Random Data (*)
     * How to FTP (ftp-guide, The Long Version)
Your First Freshwater Aquarium (beginner)

     * Contents and Foreword
     * Introduction
     * Before You Buy...
       Equipment -- What's Essential, and Finding Good Fish Stores.
     * Setting Up Your Tank...
       Preparing your Water, The Nitrogen Cycle, Basic Water Chemistry,
       and Useful Test Kits.
     * Adding Your Fish...
       About Fish Stress, Adding and Feeding the Fish, and Partial Water
     * Long Term Success...
       Combatting Algae and Snails, What to do About Vacation and Moving,
       How to Properly Euthanize a Fish, and Breeding Fish.
Beginning Saltwater Aquaria (sw-begin)

     * Introduction
     * Setup
     * The Fish
     * Long Term Success
Live Plants (plants)

     * Basic Questions and Answers
     * Quick Introductary Article
     * Listing of Common Plants
     * Lighting
     * CO2 Fertilization
     * Heating Cables
     * Resources for Aquatic Plants
Disease, Algae and Snails (disease)

     * Common Freshwater Diseases
     * Table of Saltwater Diseases Diseases
     * Algae
     * Snails
More Detail, Please...

     * Good (and Bad) Beginner Fish (firstfish)
     * Fish Breeding (posted with firstfish)
     * Filtration (filter)
     * Live Food (food)
Other Resources (resource)

     * Books
     * Magazines
     * Societies and Organizations
     * Mail-order Supply Houses
The FAQ Annex

   This is a collection of detailed articles that are either too detailed
   to be considered FAQs, or are older versions of material covered in
   the main FAQ. The Annex is available via WWW or FTP only, sorry.
   A more condensed version of this page with graphical things is also
    The FAQ Team
             Aquaria FAQ: Mirrors and Alternate Language Versions
Home Site and US Mirror

   The official home site of the FAQ is maintained
   by Erik Olson as part of the The Krib. The United States mirror site
   is, as part of Mark Rosenstein's
   FINS. The mirror is updated regularly, so feel free to use either
Non-English Versions

     * Finnish, at
       translated by Reijo Nenonen
     * French, at, translated by
       Romuald Jouffrey (romuald at, et. al.
     * Spanish, hosted along with the main FAQ as, translated by Alex Patak (alex.patak
       at Note that the translation is partial, and Alex is
       looking for volunteers to help complete the work.
     * Polish, at, translated by Lukasz
       Kozicki (lkozicki at as part of the official
       pl.rec.akwarium newsgroup site, operated by Robert Augustyn and
       others. Lukasz is looking for volunteers to help complete the
   We would like to see the FAQs available in any language possible!
   Currently, though, there are few completed translations. However,
   there are allegedly groups working on Italian, and Portugese
   translations. If you are interested in providing translation help, we
   will add a link here and/or provide a home for the pages on the home
   site. Drop us a line!
Mirroring Policy

   In the interest of keeping the most up-to-date information available
   and in a consistent format, the maintainers ask that anyone wishing to
   copy the FAQs onto their web site, please instead use a link to the
   originating site or one of the official mirrors. If you want to become
   a mirror site in a country (or connectivity region) with no current
   mirror, please follow these guidelines:
    1. ask us first (so we can add you to the list above)
    2. refresh the mirror from the home site at least once a month
    3. do not modify the files in any way (such as adding backgrounds,
       ads, etc.).
                          FAQ: Major Revision History
   January 1999
   Added Spanish translation section (thanks to Alex Patak). Also minor
          resource changes.
   October 1998
          Moving the FAQ from Caltech. The disk is dying again, so the
          timing is right. Link pruning and updating, more equal emphasis
          on FINS mirror.
   August 1998
          Minor resource updates, changing URL of the Krib, AGA pages.
          Rebuild missing button.
   March 1998
          Minor changes to Newsgroup FAQ, resources, stronger message
          about web version, etc.
   January 1998
          Minor updates.
   October 1997
          FAQ Mailing list changes addresses, New Terse Front Page,
          superscripting and subscripting, new Mirrors and Translations
          Page, trim newsgroup page of superfluous info now in Mirrors
          page. - EO
   August 1997
          Much expanded live food FAQ, including addition of vinegar eel
          section. Corrected 6 months of links and club address changes.
   Spring 1997
          Plant Q&A cleanups, etc.
   February 1997
          Major plant resource cleanup
   July 1996
          Some minor nits, resource additions.
   April 1996
          New breeding article. Updated first fish. Updated turf FAQ and
          changed posting rules for the newsgroup split.
   March 1996
          Updates to the Setup and Longterm section of Saltwater FAQ.
   February 1996
          New section on GAC and Sterilization in Filtration FAQ.
   December 1995
          Updated aquarium society listing.
   August 1995
          Expansion of the live food FAQ by Don Wilson
   May 1995
          First release of the ``new'' FAQ.
   July 1994
          Work begins on the ``new'' FAQ.
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                                 FAQ: Authors
The FAQ Team

   Much of the material for this new FAQ comes from the FAQ Working
   Group. We spent nearly a year initially putting this collection of
   documents together, and hope you find them useful in your aquaria
   endevours. Since the FAQ is (we hope) an evolving document, we'd
   appreciate any and all suggestions for material we may have left out,
   factual changes, or just comments in general. We'd also appreciate
   volunteers to replace our burnt-out set of authors! Mail your comments
   or requests about the FAQs to faq at (please use this
   address for FAQ development-related topics only; pleas for help in
   diagnosing your sick fish will be cheerfully ignored or redirected to
   the newsgroups). Thank you.
   Erik Olson, editor
List of contributers (in alphabetical order)

   These are the tireless souls that have written articles, provided
   material, or proofread. Feel free to shower them with praise and/or
   gifts. :)
   Oh yeah, since we've been getting spam using the addresses pulled from
   these pages, the addresses have been re-written to reduce this. You
   will have to replace ``at'' with ``@'' and remove the spaces if you
   want to send that person e-mail.
   Shaji Bhaskar
          bhaskar at
   Gary Bishop
          gb at
   George Booth
          booth at
   Rick Clark
          rclark at
   Neil Frank
          nfrank at
   Bruce Hallman
          deadfish at, bruce at

   Dean Hougen
          hougen at

   Oleg Kiselev
          oleg at
   Dustin Laurence
          laurence at
   Matt McCabe
          mbmccabe at
   Davin Milun
          milun at cse.Buffalo.EDU

          Davin used to maintain the Cory search engine. it's dead now.
   Thomas Narten
          narten at VNET.IBM.COM
   Erik Olson
          erik at
          Erik maintains The Krib at, as well as
          some other pages.
   Jeff Pfohl
          pfohl at

   Howard Rebel
          howardr at
          Howard is writing a set of goldfish pages at

   Mark A. Rosenstein
          mar at
          Mark maintains F.I.N.S at
   Thomas Sasala
          sasala at

   Anne Hull Seales
          workingsw at
   Elaine Thompson
          eethomp at

   Betsy Wilson
          betsy at
   Don Wilson
          wilsond at
   Todd Zebert
          tmz at
          Todd keeps the Reef Trader's Outpost at

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