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[FAQ] rec.arts.anime.misc: Anime Primer

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Archive-name: anime/primer

This FAQ, as well as the other anime/manga newsgroup FAQs and info
articles written by Steve Pearl, are available from the Official
Anime/Manga FAQ page at
The FAQs on that page are always the most recent version (The monthly
posts are posted directly from that directory!)

                        The Anime Primer
                  WHAT ANIME SHOULD I WATCH NOW?
                      rec.arts.anime edition
              Edited by Bruce Carlson & Steve Pearl
           This document is currently undergoing revision.
       New entries are needed and should be sent to Steve Pearl

This is a monthly posting intended for those who are new to anime, and
looking for some suggestions of what to watch next.  This article can be
freely distributed for non-commercial use, as long as all credits and notices
remain intact. If this is used in any publication, including APAs & CD-Rom
Collections, a copy must be sent to:

Steve Pearl
PO Box 11044
New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044

Please send all additions/corrections/comments to:

Steve Pearl
PO Box 11044
New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044

This is intended for those who are new to anime, and looking for some
suggestions of what to watch next.

Anime programs come in three flavors: TV shows, Movies, and Original
Animation Video (OAV or OVA).  The latter were made expressly for the home
video market. In general, movies have the best animation quality, while TV
shows use less motion, and OAVs vary widely between those. Entertainment
value is where you find it.

The vast majority of Japanese animation is only available in Japanese, of
course (and as with everything else, much of it is crap).   But, there is a
lot of profession and fan-subtitled anime out there. Professional material
can often be found at large video stores and comic book shops.  Fan-subtitled
items are mostly available as dubs from clubs and individuals.  Scripts and
excellent synopses for shows are often available thru clubs and various BBSs
and internet FTP sites.  Getting a subtitled film or a script is a necessity
if you don't speak Japanese and want to actually understand a film. :)

Most cities of even moderate size have an anime club somewhere.  You might
visit, write, or call.  They probably meet periodically and view the latest
stuff, and probably have a decent library.  A good way to find your local
club is refer to Steve Pearl's "Anime Club Directory". (See the Resources
FAQ) Also, most Science Fiction conventions have an Anime program in a room
someplace these days.  Drop in and sample some stuff. An anime convention is
probably the best way to sample LARGE amounts of anime at once, (if you can
tear yourself away from the Guests, panels, and other activities to actually
watch the stuff.) A complete listing of upcoming conventions appears monthly
in Animerica magazine and is also posted monthly to the

Recommendations on Anime?  Well, there's an awful lot of it, I haven't seen
even a significant fraction, and tastes vary.  I'll try to suggest a few of
my personal favorites, and mention some shows that others seem to really like
even if their merits escape me.  So, with those caveats, some thoughts on
what to see.

   AH! MY GODDESS.  Belldandy's been sent from heaven to grant him one wish.
He wishes for her.  And so the nerdy hero has a lovely girlfriend, who
happens to be a Goddess with a sack full of handy powers as the plot demands.
Of course, she'll appreciate his finer qualities. But she's not the only
Goddess who'll be visiting, though.  Well animated fantasy comedy from the
popular manga.  Available (with a slight title change to Oh! My Goddess) from

    AKIRA, now available in English thru Streamline Pictures or from local
comic shops.  Bikers and the Army battle over the mysterious mutant entity
known as Akira in future Tokyo.  Sharp animation but a muddled plot..

    ANGEL'S EGG - Ethereal film with religious overtones, but neat
animation.  An American SF film uses a lot of footage from this.

    APPLESEED: A police officer and her cyborg friend confront a conspiracy
in paradise.  An OAV based on the manga (comic book.) The video has nowhere
near the depth of the comic, of course.. Available subbed from US Renditions
and dubbed from Manga Entertainment.

    ARION is a gripping tale of Olympian intrigue which sports terrific
animation, nice characterization, and a score of mythological figures, though
not exactly as the Greeks saw them.  Many love it, some find it muddled.
Nice score by Jo Hisaishi.  Rousing ending with all manner of plot twists.

    ARSLAN (or Arislan if you prefer) is slow-paced sword and sorcery telling a
long tale, populated by interesting vivid characters and lovely artwork.
Available from USMC.

    ASTRO BOY, known in Japan as Tetsuwan Atom, is the TV creation of anime's
grandfather, Osamu Tezuka.  Available dubbed from The Right Stuf & Manga

    AURA BATTLER DUNBINE (TV series, OAV series).  Biological mecha (look
like bugs) and parallel dimensions reign.  Good plot, character development.
Good mecha combat, but the designs are "unique", to say the least.

    BAOH - a lab creates super-beings by implanting weird parasitic organisms
in their brains.  When injured, these "baohs" cause their host bodies to
manifest a series of increasingly potent powers.  Energetic and bloody.
Should appeal to fans of BLACK MAGIC M-66, & HOKUTO NO KEN. Available from

    BASTARD!  A Sword and Sorcery action / comedy.  The hero's a bastard all
right, but he's also a great sorcerer, and has cute women all around him

    BLACK MAGIC M66 - M66 the Robot Assassin gets loose from the military and
heads after it's test program target: the inventor's daughter.  Energetic
news reporter bulls her way into story.  Sort of like The TERMINATOR.  Quick
action/suspense a la The Terminator. Available with subtitles from US
Renditions and dubbed from Manga Entertainment.

    BUBBLEGUM CRISIS is a series of OAVs set in Megatokyo 2032-?.  A mix of
rock & roll, cyberpunk, and girls with guns & body armor, it is currently a
very popular series in the US. The plot does not seem to be the point.  Best
place to start would be episode 1, of course. After Episode 8 the title (and
much staff) changes to BUBBLEGUM CRASH.  BG Crisis & Crash are available
dubbed & subbed from AnimEigo.

    CAMPUS GUARDRESS is one of those action-comedy shows about a high school
guarding a gate to an evil world.

    CAPTAIN HARLOCK.  High romance in space as pirate Harlock wages a secret
battle to free the earth from alien control.  English "Vengeance of the Space
Pirate" is almost MY YOUTH IN ARCADIA. MY YOUTH IN ARCADIA is available from
AnimEigo in subbed format.

    CATS EYE is an old TV series in which 3 young women run a cafe by day and
steal back their father's art collection by night.
    CITY HUNTER is an action-adventure private eye with a powerful lust, and
a flock of women to keep him frustrated.  A long TV series and a movie (or
two.).  A live action movie starring Jackie Chan was produced in Hong Kong.
    CONAN, BOY OF THE FUTURE.  In a post-apocalypse world, a young boy (of
exceptional strength and luck) adventures in what's left of the world. A
light action adventure TV series, an early work of Hayao Miyazaki.
    CREAM LEMON.  Series of adult porn-comedy.  Most popular is probably "Pop

    DAGGER OF KAMUI, a sprawling ninja tale set in the 19th century, even
manages to get to Alaska and California before the story ends. Surprisingly
hypnotic, operatic, and textured.  An English version, "Revenge of the Ninja
Warrior", is almost the same film. Daggar of Kamui is available subbed from

    DANGIAOH:  OAV series by Toshihiro Hirano (Iczer 1) Three cute girls and
a guy pilot giant convertible robots to save the world. Available subbed from
US Renditions.

    DIRTY PAIR: a book trilogy, a TV series, an OAV series, and a movie
revolve around this SF comedy of two cute female agents of the far-flung
future.  Code-named "Lovely Angels," the duo are better known as the "Dirty
Pair" because whatever the problem, their cure is sure to be worse.  Best bet
would be the movie, a/k/a PROJECT E.D.E.N. Available dubbed from Streamline
Pictures. Recent revival "FLASH" series didn't go over well with US fans, who
objected to new, unfamiliar character designs.

    DNA2. She's a cute time agent from the future sent to stop a future
catastrophe. He's a loser.  Naturally, it's going to be love. From the
producers of Video Girl Ai.

    DOMINION - Action-comedy SF OAV, rather silly at times, about the Tank
Police in a very punk future.  Based upon characters and situations created
by Masamune Shirow.  Available from US Manga Corps & Manga Entertainment.

    DRAGON'S HEAVEN.  A French-Japanese co-production highly reminiscent of
French comics, such as those of Jean "Moebius" Giraud, but also of manga.
Unique drawing style embellishes tale of two battle robots and their
centuries-old vendetta.  The good robot has a sexy female pilot.

by Rumiko Takahashi (Lum, Ranma, Maison Ikkoku) collectively refered to as
"The Rumik World" series..  In FIRE TRIPPER a young girl gets moved back in
time to feudal Japan.  LAUGHING TARGET is spooky horror with supernatural
turns.  Mermaid's Forest is about the strange experiments of some folks in a
creepy old house on a hill seeking immortality. USMC has released these in
subbed format and Viz is releasing the later Mermaid videos in dubbed (and
possibly subbed) formats.

    FIST OF THE NORTH STAR a/k/a HOKUTO NO KEN (TV series and movie). Very
bloody post-apocalyptic martial arts sword & sorcery fantasy.  CONAN meets
THE ROAD WARRIOR starring Sylvester Stallone possessed by the spirit of Bruce
Lee. ;)  A heavy metal or professional wrestling fan's dream-come-true.  The
TV series is addictive.  The movie has to be seen to be (dis-)believed.
Available dubbed from Streamline Pictures.

    FIVE STAR STORIES (OAV based on first book of the manga by the same
name).  Although not authorized by Nagano, this video is animated
beautifully, and features all the nifty characters, plot, and mecha from the
manga.  In a distant galaxy, some folks are bred & raised to run robots for
the Empire. 

    Science Ninja Team GATCHAMAN.  You may remember it as Battle of the
Planets or G-Force.  Forget 7-Zark-7.

    GALL FORCE is a series of (7?) SF OAVs about cute girls with guns and
space ships.  All the men of the race died in the everlasting war with the
Evil Paranoids, and there's nothing left but sexy young women who reproduce
by cloning.  But, they have a plan...  Available subbed from USMC. A parody
of the series called Ten Little Gall Force is available from AnimEigo.

    GHOST SWEEPER MIKAMI is a spiritualist who'll put restless ghosts to
rest... for the right price.  Her lecherous assistant works for peanuts, and
her ghostly partner gets nothing at all.  Comedy TV series.

    GIANT ROBO is a series of OVAs that embrace all the cliches of the giant
robot genre, and wallows joyously in them.  A fast-paced action romp with
spiffy animation, sort of the Indiana Jones of giant robot shows. English
release by Manga Entertainment with Pioneer releasing the LDs.
    GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES.  A very sad tale of two kids trying to survive
amid the wreckage of end-of-WWII Japan.  Fantastic animation, not often
shown at groups because of the tear-jerk factor.  It is only slightly less
grim than watching The Sorrow and the Pity. Available subbed from CPM (USMC's
parent company)

    HERE IS GREENWOOD.  A light contemporary comedy about the antics of some
high-school boys in a dorm named "Greenwood."

    GUNDAM.  In several series:  TV series GUNDAM, ZETA GUNDAM, ZZ GUNDAM
GUNDAM OVAs 0080, 0083, 3 Compilation Movies, movies Char's Counterattack and
F91, and more recent TV series V-Gundam and G-Gundam, etc. etc. The giant
robot (mecha) series, a futuristic SF series concerning disputes among
inhabitants of lunar colonies, lagrange-point colonies, and earthers. Has a
long, intricate timeline.  Try ZETA-GUNDAM (TV series) or CHAR'S
COUNTERATTACK (movie) for mainstream action, OVA 0083 for fantastic action
sequences, or War in the Pocket (0080) as an nice self-contained side-story
of 6 half-hour parts.

   GUNBUSTER:  Cute girls in convertible giant robots save the universe from
evil invaders.  Sort of wobbles between comedy and drama. The ultimate Zero-G
jiggle anime. In 3 volumes (6 episodes, 2 per.)  Available subbed from US

   I CAN HEAR THE SEA is a TV movie from Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki, Takahata.)
A slow all-too serious tale of high-school love, nicely drawn.

    ICZER-1.  A three-part SF OAV involving hideous monsters from space, cute
but lethal girls, and two giant robots.  Meant to be taken only
semi-seriously, but has some great slime-monsters that'll make your skin
crawl.  (Not to be confused with ICZER-3, the recent 6-part sequel.) Iczer 1
is available dubbed from US Renditions and Iczer 3 is available subbed from

    IRIA - Zeiram, the Animation. Based on a live-action SF/horror flick,
cute bounty hunter Iria battles nasty genetic monstrosity. Licensed for
subtitled release by USMC.

    IRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLOR is the luckiest man in the universe.  Without
a clue, he bumbles his way to Space Fleet Admiral and war hero in this SF
comedy. Available in subbed and dubbed formats from The Right Stuf.

     JO JO BIZARRE ADVENTURE is a stylishly made contemporary paranormal OVA
series about a group of powerful ESPers fighting nasty DIO.

    JUBEI NINPOCHO is a ninja and sorcery movie set in feudal Japan. Nice
story and art, a bit bloody for some tastes.

    KIKI'S / WITCH'S DELIVERY SERVICE is another Miyazaki story for kids of
all ages, about a 13-year-old witch who sets out to make her way in the
world.  Lavishly animated.

    KIMBA THE WHITE LION, another old US import from the pen of Osamu Tezuka
originally titled Jungle Taitei (Emperor).  Note any similarity to Disney's
Lion King?  Nah.

    KISHIN HEIDAN is an interesting admixture of World War II, an Alien
invasion, and the giant robots captured alien technology makes possible.
Fast-paced adventure, available from Pioneer dubbed or subtitled.

    LAPUTA, Castle in the Sky, is a great fast-moving action adventure by
children's film-maker Miyazaki, and features designs Jules Verne would
approve (not to mention Swift.)  Two kids flee pirates, the army, and other
parties in a race to find the legendary Laputa.  Great soundtrack, too. A
Must See.  (Dubbed to English by Streamline, but not available.)

    LEGEND OF GALACTIC HEROES is a far-future SF epic in which two vast
space-faring governments, the Empire and the Federation, vie for supremacy
amid the sea of stars.  Against this backdrop two young heroes on the
opposing sides wage war with each other and politics with their peers.

    In LOCKE THE SUPERMAN, an intergalactically famous superbeing lured out
of voluntary seclusion helps save Earth from a group of elite ESPers bent on
galactic conquest.  The design sense is rather primitive but the story line
is lean, exciting and propulsive, revolving around the title character, a
powerful female ESPer, and an evil conclave.  Admittedly, these are simple
premises, but the action & storytelling are first-rate.

    LODOSS WAR.  OAV series based exactly on D&D.  A party of adventurers
(the usual fighter, cleric, mage, dwarf, elf, and thief) wander about
opposing evil orcs, wizards & dragons. Available from USMC.

    LUPIN III is a semi-modern series of (TV & OAV) stories about a stylish
thief with a heart of gold and his gang.  My personal favorite installment is
CASTLE CAGLIOSTRO (see Miyazaki, above), although PLOT OF THE FUMA CLAN is
one of the most action-packed and entertaining anime around..  Most LUPIN III
is not by Miyazaki, but by a fellow who calls himself "Monkey Punch" (I'm not
making this up, you know). Available from AnimEigo (under the moniker Rupan
III) & Streamline Pictures

    MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE is the feature-film version of the Sci-Fi
MACROSS TV Series (part of the ROBOTECH saga in the US), but much better
drawn than the TV show.  A reasonable SF entry.  Fan-subtitled versions
exist.  Minmei sings a lot.  (Note:  Although MACROSS is ROBOTECH, this is
NOT the "Robotech Movie.")  Other Macross projects include Macross II
(available from US Renditions & Manga Entertainment), Macross Plus (available
from Manga Entertainment) and the new TV series Macross 7.

    MADOX-01 is a parody of mecha films, in which a young lad gets trapped
inside a metal combat suit.  The army wants the suit back, and the hero just
wants to keep his date.  Available from Animeigo.

    MAISON IKKOKU - A delightful contemporary romantic comedy about odd
assortment of people sharing an apartment complex.  From Rumiko Takahashi.
Coming soon from VIZ Video.

has three segments, one of which - "Order to Cease Construction" - is by
Katsuhiro (AKIRA) Otomo.  Available dubbed from Streamline Pictures as

    MEGAZONE 23.  SF.  A bunch of bikers, a sentient world-controlling
computer disguised as a rock singing idol, giant robots, and a rock
soundtrack propel this popular story of folks entirely unaware they inhabit a
giant space ship. In 3 parts (except part 3 is in two sub- chapters).  Part 2
is in available in English as well as Japanese. (It's Megazone Two-Three by
the way, not "Twenty Three".) Available dubbed from Streamline Pictures.

    MOLDIVER.  Is it a super hero? A super heroine? No, it's a comedy!
Available subtitled or dubbed from Pioneer.

    MIDNIGHT EYE GOKU.  Futuristic detective fantasy.  Private investigator
Goku has a computerized eye that can interface with any electric device at
will, as well as an expandable baton that enables him to skewer adversaries
and vault across skyscrapers.  Stylish animation with soft-core sex and
bondage motifs.

    NADIA (SECRET OF BLUE WATER).  Recent TV series in 39 parts. Starts as a
Miyazaki-clone light action-adventure about a girl with a mysterious past and
a fantastic amulet, "Blue Water", and the young boy who takes off with her.
Gets silly for long stretches, ends with a bang. A 6-hour compilation of the
TV series is titled "Nadia: The Nautilus Adventure". A new Nadia Movie is
also out & not well reviewed. This series is being made available in dubbed
format from Streamline Pictures.

    NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND is probably Miyazaki's most popular
film - a sort of post-apocalypse mystic eco-fantasy, more notable for plot,
character, music and designs than the smoothness of animation.  Excellent Jo
Hisaishi soundtrack, too.  Based on the comic (manga) of the same title.  A

    OMOIDE POROPORO.  (English title "Only Yesterday")   Contemporary
sentimental drama about a yuppie Japanese woman looking back at her youth and
life-choices, brilliantly animated by Miyazaki pro Isao Takahata. Talky,
actionless, and stunningly beautiful.
    ORANGE ROAD.  A TV series, many OAVs, and a movie.  Contemporary high
school students work out their love triangles and try to grow up, even though
one has ESP "powers".  A kindly, comic look at the youth experience,
relatively easy to understand.  Recommended.  Fan-subtitled versions of it
all exist, courtesy of Arctic Animation.  AnimEigo released the OAVs and
Movie in subtitled format.

    OUTLANDERS.  Cute but vicious space invader Kahm picks up a human pet,
then tries to help him save Earth from even nastier daddy.  SF/Fantasy from
Manabe.  Available dubbed from US Renditions.

    PATLABOR - near-future police use mecha to combat criminals who use
"labors" (mecha).  Light action/comedy.  The movie is more serious, and IMHO
is a surprisingly neat action mystery if you can understand the dialog to
follow the plot twists. Manga Entertainment will be releasing the movie both
theatrically and on video. The TV series and OAV series are being released by

    PLEASE SAVE MY EARTH is an interesting but mostly quiet story of a group
of 7 people who gradually become aware that they are reincarnations of aliens
who had been observing the Earth from a base on the moon.  Gradually their
old relationships impact their current lives.

    PORCO ROSSO directed by the master Hayao Miyazaki's is a light-hearted
but mature and sentimental film set in the 1920 Italian Adriatic, as a valiant
pilot (who happens to be a pig) fights air pirates for his honor and for his
lady. Top notch animation.
    PROJECT A-KO (the 1st film).  Spoof of just about every anime series,
about three school-girls with super-powers and mecha and bad cooking.  Very,
very funny, or very very silly, depending on if you get the jokes.  Several
sequels.  All available from USMC in subbed & dubbed formats.

    RANMA 1/2.  Current comedy about a boy with a curse that turns him into a
girl whenever s/he gets wet.  (Could be worse - his dad gets turned into a
Panda, and I won't even mention the little piglet or the cat.).  More
slapstick from Rumiko Takahashi.  Available dubbed & subbed from Viz Video.

    RIDING BEAN, a contemporary crime story about a crook-with-a-heart-
of-tarnished-gold, well executed with an engaging, twisty plot and fast
action sequences. Available subbed & dubbed from Animeigo.

    ROBOT CARNIVAL.  8 separate short pieces by different artists, some
serious, some comedy, almost all very well done.  All involve a robot
somewhere - some more than others.  Some comedy, some pathos.  Artsy.
Streamline dub versions exist (only 2 segments had dialog, anyway.)
Available dubbed from Streamline Pictures.

     ROSE OF VERSAILLES: Historical fantasy set in France in the years before
the French Revolution. The central character is Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes, 
a fictional swordswomen who becomes the head of Marie Antoinette's 
bodyguards. Many real historical figures and events are included in a story
of romance and intrigue. A dramatic series, with beautiful artwork, based 
on the manga by Riyoko Ikeda. A 40 episode TV series.

    ROUJIN-Z.  Akira's creator tells a story of a new automated hospital bed
running amok looking out for its patient's welfare.

    SAILOR MOON.  A current example of the "Magical Girls" anime genre, with
a ditzy young teen granted magical powers to fight nasty demons, if she'll
quit crying.  Her growing horde of planetary sailor sidekicks provide a large
cast of cute young girls in short skirts.  TV comedy (mostly) for young girls
with an embarrassingly large male following. Now dubbed by DIC on American TV
with a video release by Buena Vista.
    SAZAN 3x3 EYES.  Bloody OAV horror series about a triclops (immortal
three-eyed sorceress) who comes to Japan to become human.  Her two-eyed
alter-ego is sweet and cute and doesn't have a clue.  Her boyfriend's not
going to live a normal life.  Available dubbed from Streamline.

     SILENT MOBIUS.  In the near future, demons threaten the Earth.  The
Attacked Mystification Police, an all-female force with psychic powers,
protects mankind from the menace.  The 2 movies tell the origins of AMP
heroine Katsumi. Available dubbed from Streamline Pictures.
    SOL BIANCA.  SF OAV series about five sophisticated (?) pirate women
and their alien spaceship.  Sort of like a cross between BUBBLEGUM CRISIS
(from the same studio, Artmic) and BLAKE'S 7.  Nice mecha design. Available
subtitled from AD Vision.

    SPACE CRUISER YAMATO, the SF TV series that turned into STAR BLAZERS in
North America.  Also has several movies (YAMATO, ARRIVIDERCI YAMATO,  THE NEW
VOYAGES,BE FOREVER YAMATO, FINAL YAMATO.). The series is available dubbed
from Voyager Entertainment as well The series is available dubbed from 
Voyager Entertainment as well as the movies (both dubbed and subbed).

    SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA.  A cigar on one side of his mouth, a wise-crack
on the other, a psycho-gun on one arm, a lovely woman in the other, notorious
space rogue Cobra travels about in his cruiser doing good deeds, but just can
not seem to keep his lady friends alive.

    SPEED RACER, known in Japan as Mach Go Go, is a classic TV series.
Available from NOW Video.

     SUPERNATURAL BEAST CITY.  Definitely for adults.  Demon terrorists
resist treaty to separate demons & mankind.  Stylishly drawn. Available
dubbed from Streamline as WICKED CITY.

    TENCHI MUYO.   He releases an ancient demon who turns out to be a lovely
ancient astronaut.  Her guardians are as dumb as she is (the cast's IQs can't
total a dozen.)  Many yuks in this SF action comedy.  Available subbed,
dubbed, and close captioned from Pioneer.

    TIME STRANGER is an involving variation on THE TERMINATOR, with slight
nods of the head towards TIME BANDITS.  The animation is very good and the
story, complex.  Feudal Japan is depicted nicely and in detail, as is the far
future.  Great plot complications throughout.

    TOTORO, MY NEIGHBOR.  Miyazaki's most gentle film is about two kids who
meet an odd-looking forest-spirit (Totoro) in their new rural neighborhood.
In part a celebration of Japan's countryside, with a touch of pure magic.
Available dubbed from FOX Video.
    TOUCH.  High-school baseball drama, plus a little romance.  Quiet, a
little sad.
    TWILIGHT OF THE COCKROACHES.  A mixture of live action and animation in
which a man becomes friends with the tiny inhabitants who share his apartment,
until The Woman arrives.  Funny.  Available from Streamline Pictures in
dubbed (videotape) or subtitled (laserdisc) versions.

    URUSEI YATSURA (translates as something like "Those Obnoxious Aliens"), a
slap-stick screwball comedy about Lum, the flying electro-demon girl from
space, Ataru, the earth boy she wants, and a host of other crazy characters.
Popular madness in TV, OAV, and movie formats by Rumiko Takahashi. This
entire series is being released from AnimEigo in dubbed and subbed formats.
(The second movie is available subbed from USMC. Don't ask...)

    VAMPIRE HUNTER 'D'.  Mutants roam the countryside, and a vampire has set
up shop in the castle.  A bite victim sends for 'D' to save her.  D's a
strange one indeed.  Horrors.  Available dubbed from Streamline Pictures.

    VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU.  A supernatural horror series about a contemporary
"vampire" who stalks wayward demons (Shinma) loose on Earth and sends them
back to Darkness, while pursued by a persistent exorcist not as enthused
about unlife as Miyu.  Quiet, moody brooding chiller, hopeless to follow
without understanding the dialog.  Available from AnimEigo. Recommended.

    VIDEO GIRL AI is a romantic fantasy comedy/drama.  He's been dumped by
the girl he loves for his best friend.  Ai pops out of the TV and comes to
life when he plays a tape to cheer him up.  But his VCR isn't working very
well, and the Video Girl is behaving a little oddly. Nicely animated with
some bright tunes.
    VOTOMS.  Old TV series of post-WW3 world.  The army controls the world
with their mecha, but not everyone goes along.  Mellowlink is a related
series in the same universe (set before Votoms, made after.) Votoms has been
licensed by USMC.
    WEATHERING CONTINENT.  A sword and sorcery tale in a land fallen to ruin.
Takes its time and tells a small story of three travelers with a dark, spooky
mood, well supported by a fine musical score.

    WINDARIA is a lovely fantasy story of two kingdoms at war, and how that
disturbs two pairs of lovers - one peasant, one royal.  A tragedy. Well worth
the watch, IMHO.  Nice music, too.  Available dubbed from Streamline

    WINGS OF HONNEAMISE.  SF.  Man's first trip into space, from the
fictional nation of Honneamise, explores issues of morality, bravery, and
dedication to a cause in first-rate animation.  Some find it slow, though.
Available dubbed from Manga Entertainment.

    YOTODEN, Legend of the Mysterious Sword, is an historical sword & sorcery
saga in 16th century Japan, with a trio of Ninja opposing the despot and his
demon minions;  (or is the despot the minion of the demons?)  3 parts.  Crisp

     YOMA is another historical demon vs ninja tale, but is not on as grand a
scale as Yotoden.  Suppose your brother was possessed and out to kill you?
Told in 2 parts.  Available subtitled from AD Vision.

As I said, tastes vary, and if you ask someone else you'd probably get a
different set of shows.  But, maybe that'll help a little bit.  And, I've
certainly not mentioned a lot of shows.  (In particular I left out any shows
that aren't widely available - like TV series not available on video.  (The
existence of fan- subtitling efforts not only means you might find a version
you can understand, it also implies that somebody somewhere liked it enough
to go to the trouble of translating and subtitling it.  I don't claim to be
aware of all fan-subtitling - or even a noticeable percentage.)

As mentioned earlier, there are now many commercially available, legally
licensed anime. See the _Rutgers Anime Guide to Domestically Available Anime_
info-article for more information.  If any of the anime listed above is
available domestically, it is so indicated.

If you want more on recommendation, you might pull the copies of electronic
anime "magazines" like "Anime Stuff" (from the UCSD FTP server (
anime/anime.stuff/AS_issues) or Electronic Animation Velocity (EAV) from the FTP server ( and see what they said about some
programs. Another handy reference is Alan Takahashi's Anime Pocket Guide which is
periodically posted to rec.arts.anime.misc &

Also, you can find several publications on anime at most comic book shops:
Animerica, Fanime, Mangazine, Protculture Addicts, V.Max  If your comic shop
doesn't carry these, demand they do!  (Seriously, it's worth asking about -
many shops don't carry extra copies of low-volume stuff, but can get it for
you if you want.) Many fan clubs also produce fanzines with news & reviews
too. Please refer to the "Anime Publications" article by Steve Pearl for more
information.  (See the Anime Resources FAQ)
You can find many comic books in the US translated from the Japanese Manga
that either spawned the anime or vice-versa.  Current titles includes:  Akira,
Dirty Pair (a US-drawn version),Ghost in the Shell, Gunsmith Cats, Ranma 1/2.
Older titles that might be in back issues include  Akira, Nausicaa, Lum &
Firetripper, Midnight Eye Goku, Space Adventure Cobra. You can refer to Steve
Pearl's "English Translated Manga" article for a complete list. (See the
Anime Resources FAQ)
What you want to see will depend on your tastes:
 Fantasy:               Nausicaa, Laputa, Windaria, Nadia,
                        Angel's Egg, Mugen Shinshi.
 Sword & Sorcery:       Yotoden, Yoma, Dagger of Kamui, Lodoss War,
                        RG Veda, Wizardry, Emblem of Gude, Arslan,
                        Weathering Continent, Jubei Ninpocho, Ys.
 SF:                 	Macross, Bubblegum Crisis, Gundam,
                        Crusher Joe, Dallos, Megazone 23, Harlock,
                        Yamato, Wing of Honneamise, Akira,
                        Galaxy Express 999, Queen Millenium,
                        Silent Mobius, Please Save My Earth,
                        Kishin Heidan.
 Contemporary Action:   Lupin III, Riding Bean, City Hunter, Goku
 Rock Music:            Bubblegum Crisis, Megazone 23
 Comedy:                Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku
                        Orange Road, Patlabor TV, Assemble Insert,
                        Space Family Karl Vinson, Greenwood, Tenchi Muyo,
                        Ah! My Goddess, Moldiver.
 Horror:                Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Princess Miyu, 
                        Yoma, Yotoden, Harmagedon, Iczer-1, Sazan Eyes,
                        Mermaid's Forest, Supernatural Beast City.
                        Silent Mobius.
 Girls with Guns:       Dirty Pair, Burn Up!, Gall Force, Bubblegum Crisis
                        Gunbuster, Dangaio, Iczer-1, Iczer-3, Sol Bianca
 Girls with Swords:     Fandora, Lemnear, Emblem of Gude, Leina STOL,
                        Luna Varuga, Demon Hunter Yohko, Magic Knight Ray
                        Earth, Fantastic Adventure of Yohko.
 Magical Girls          Minky Momo, Sailor Moon, Hime-chan no Ribbon,
                        AkaZukin Chacha, Yadamon.
 Tear Jerkers           Grave of Firefly, Windaria, Touch, Orange Road Movie
 Mecha (robots):        Bubblegum Crisis, Gundam, Macross, Southern
                        Cross, Gunbuster, Dangaio, Dancougar, Megazone 23,
                        Patlabor, Mellowlink, Votoms, Zeorymer, Giant Robo.
 Gods at War:           Arion, Saint Seiya, Shurato, RG Veda.
 Adult:                  Cream Lemon, La Blue Girl, Urutsokidoji
 Mystery:               Etranger, Urban Square, Patlabor movie, Lupin III
 Romance:               Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Slow Step.
 Sports:                Slow Step, Touch.
 Children:              Totoro, Kiki, Laputa, Nadia, Sherlock Holmes,
                        Granzort :)
 Blood 'n Guts:         Baoh, Devilman, Hukoto no Ken, Sazan Eyes.
 Supernatural:          Yoma, Yotoden, Sazan Eyes, Supernatural Beast
                        City, Vampire Princess Miyu, Karura Mau, Silent
                        Mobius, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
The OEM of raai
Stephen Pearl (Starbuck)
"If we get the transient FAQs, then we'll feel the info-high" 
  --Sharon Apple, _Information High_
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