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Alt.Seduction.Fast Official FAQ

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Archive-name: alt-sex/seduction/fast/official-faq
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Maintainer: Odious <>

The Official  Alt.Seduction.Fast FAQ


 1. Introduction
 2. Purpose of ASF
 3. Rules
 4. Commonly Used Terms
 5. Speed Seduction FAQ
 6. Criticisms & Responses
 7. Contact Information


I abhor long tedious FAQ's. So I will keep this concise and to the point.
I  will cover the purpose of,  the rules for
participating in the group, some of the questions you may have about
speed seduction, and  some of the commonly used terms in the group. 
There is contact information at the end of this FAQ. So if you have any
questions not covered in the FAQ, e-mail them to with
"FAQ QUESTION" in the subject line.


This group was created by Ross Jeffries for the discussion of Speed
Seduction (TM). There are 4 main purposes the group serves.

ASF: provides a place for customers and fans of the products to
congregate, express ideas, and share opinions. Though communication we
achieve growth and ideas evolve. 

ASF: is also for prospective customers to ask questions about Speed
Seduction (TM) and seek the advice of existing customers. 

ASF: allows new customers to field test ideas for patterns and tactics,
and get advice from experienced Seductionists.

ASF: provides a place where Speed Seduction (TM) fans and customers can
just hang out and chat.


Participating in ASF constitutes an agreement to abide by the rules set
forth in this official group FAQ. The rules are simple. IF you do not
wish to follow them, you will be asked to leave the group. If you
continue, your activities will be reported to your ISP and/or host. 

The rules are as follows:


ASF is not a group for anybody who thinks they have a seduction product
to try and sell their stuff. This group is for discussion of topics
relevant to Speed Seduction (TM) products, tools, and methods ONLY! If
you are looking for a place to hock your products, look elsewhere. 

This is not to say you are not allowed to discus non-speed seduction
products or methods. In the course of ASF discussions, many non-speed
Seduction products and methods are discussed. However such posts must
meet the following criteria:
  1. Any post of this nature must be beneficial to the group as a whole. 
  2. Any post of this nature, MUST be in some way related to 
     Speed Seduction(TM) tools, methods, or products.

  3. No promotion of a product or service may be posted 
     excessively or in a way that is otherwise disruptive 
     to the group.  
Posts not meeting these criteria are do not belong in


In ASF sometimes debates can get rather heated, and rather off topic. 
If a thread gets to far off topic and also is causing a disruption 
for the rest of the group...then you will be asked to take the
thread to e-mail. If you persist in keeping the thread alive and
disrupting the group, your actions may be reported at the discretion of
group authorities.

Also included under this rule are trolls...material posted for no other
reason than to cause a disruption. These are also against group rules.


While flaming is not forbidden outright, if it is determined
to sever no positive purpose in the group, it will be considered a
disruption. As such, if done excessively, it will fall under rule 2.


Crossposting is fine, as long as the posts are on-topic in all groups 
and the people in those groups do not object to the crossposts. Lurk 
before you leap. Also check your ISP's policy on crossposting before 
doing it...they might have their own restrictions. 


It is not only a violation of the FAQ, but of Federal Copyright law, to
post information from any Speed Seduction (TM) product that is not 
already available on the Speed Seduction web site, without prior 
permission from Ross Jeffries. These products are trademarked and the
material is copyrighted. 


Ambiguity:      Terms that sound alike, yet differ in meaning, like blow

Bitch Shield:   An abrasive defensive behavior women use when they get
tired of too many men hitting on them
Neg or Neg Hit: A comment that instead of being complimentary is instead
slightly insulting or indifferent. It is used primarily to get past a
bitch shield by saying something the woman is not expecting to hear. This
sets yourself apart from other men who shower them in compliments.

Next:           A verb, to look for additional oppertyunities to seduce
women To
move on and not place too much value on any one situation.  

Pattern:        A way of using your language to induce a trance state and
subliminal commands into a person's sub conscious mind.  

AFC:            Average Frustrated Chump

ASF:            Alt.Seduction.Fast

HB:             Hot babe

NLP:            Neuro-Linguistic Programming

POTW:           Pattern Of The Week

PTS:            Point to self.

PU:             Pick Up

PUA:            Pick Up Artist

SP:             Self-point

SS:             Speed Seduction

UG:             Ugly Girl

Frequently Asked Questions From
Customers About Speed Seduction(TM): 
(reposted from

*Does this really work?*

I get this question a lot. What the person is really asking is, "Can you
guarantee that this will work for ME?" And my answer is: absolutely not!
Not unless YOU can guarantee ME that YOU will do the work of learning it,
practicing and mastering it! But IF you can guarantee you will do the
course work, I absolutely guarantee you will get the results you desire,
no ifs, ands or buts. 

*Will this work on older women? Younger women? Beautiful women?*

It will work with any woman of any age, plain or gorgeous, as long as she
has a mind and an imagination. 

*Can I use this to get one special girl I've always wanted?*

Yes. MANY customers order for just that purpose, or to find ONE special
girl they have yet to meet. This is a perfectly legitimate and easy way
to cut through YEARS of searching, loneliness, miscues, mistakes and
dead-ends. If you fit this category, by all means order your course right
now and don't waste another minute on the "crap-shoot" called dating! 

*Is this disrespectful of women?*

No..absolutely not! I love, love, LOVE women. Women, when properly
communicated with, can be the delights of the universe. It is not
disrespectful to give a woman an opportunity to discover that she doesn't
need the outdated courting rituals of the modern world in order to feel
that wonderful sense of attraction and connection with a man. AND it is
even more wonderful to realize that you can get a woman past what she is
"typically" attracted to. As I said on TV, "the problem with a woman
going for her "type" is that what is typical never lets her discover the
extraordinary, which by definition isn't what she is expecting". 

*Does ordering this course make me a "loser?" What are your typical
students like? *

My students range from 18 to gentlemen in their 70's! Many are highly
successful and busy professionals, including surgeons, chiropractors,
lawyers, engineers, etc. Some are what the press would typically expect,
needing some serious guidance when it comes to attracting women, but by
far the majority are men who have done quite well in life, are very busy,
and don't have time for the hit and miss dating nonsense that just
doesn't work very well for ANY man. 

In my way of viewing things, the only "losers" in life are those who keep
doing the same old thing they've been doing, over and over, hoping to get
a different result! Winners recognize there is a better way and take
action...right NOW! Today! 

*I'm not very good at talking. How can I make sure this works for me? *

I wasn't very good at talking either, at least not to women. This course
will help you become good at it. After all, when we first started to
walk, NONE of us were good at it! The most important skills of our lives
are learned, NOT something we are born with. How cruel and unfair to
expect men to be born knowing how to talk to women!  Free yourself of
that wicked, unfair belief and claim the success that is waiting for your
bold and determined move. 

*Does this course require I be mean/cruel/a jerk to women? I sure don't
want to do that! *

Absolutely, 100% NO! It's true, most men when they "date" have to choose
between being a "bully"...a "jerk" who never gives in or a
"supplicant"...a beggar who does ANYTHING a woman wants. My course gives
you the option to be a truly gentle-MAN; someone who NEVER bullies or
BEGS, but instead structures wonderful opportunities, offers her
challenges, and captivates and stimulates her deepest levels of
imagination. that's not being cruel; that's being awesome. And you
deserve to be know how good it feels for you and her to do this. 

*What is your background to train this? *

I've been studying hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic programming for years,
but my best answer is: I know how to solve the problem for others,
because I had to solve it for myself! There is NO better motivation to
get it right than that! I now have students in 14 countries in 8
languages, so I think I'm doing something right. But remember; the best
qualifications are real world results! After you've had my course, and
you look back and see  the months of great results with some truly
wonderful you feel that feeling of satisfaction deep inside,
and really recognize that ordering the course was a great decision,
you'll KNOW for yourself what my best qualifications are: what I teach
really works! 

* Isn't this course really expensive? *

Compared to the actual cost of the paper and tapes, sure. Compared to the
costs in time, energy, focus and money spent "dating" and the results you
will see and enjoy, the opportunity to now purchase this course is the
most astounding bargain of your lifetime! And compared to the success and
lifelong pleasure you'll enjoy with the opposite sex, we ought to be
selling it for ten times more than what you are investing to buy it


*Speed Seduction is dishonest.*

Nothing could be farther from the truth,  There is nothing inherently
dishonest about Speed Seduction.   SS is a set of skills and tools. 
Weather or not they are used honestly is up to the individual using them,
not the tools.  Any tool or skill can be misused.  But doing so reflects
badly on the individual, not the tool or those who use the tools and
skills to a positive end.

*I saw Ross' page and he talks about doing things without her knowing
about it! That contradicts what you say about the dishonesty!"*

When you tell a joke, do you explain that it is supposed to make someone
laugh because of the way you sturctured the punchline?  When you flirt do
you tell the other person you are flirting with them and how you are
hoping they'll react?  NO, the underlying structure of the communication
is a given.   Well Speed Seduction is no different.  A seducer may not
explain every neuance of the tonaily and linguistic structure, but that
is not dishonest.  It is no different than any other form of communiation
in that sense.

*Speed Seduction is manipulative.*

Speed Seduction is manipulative in that it can be used to affect a change
in the outcome of a given situation.  However Speed Seduction it is not
sneaky or deceitful.  We do things everyday that are manipulative in the
same way, like wearing cologne or perfume so we smell more appealing.

*Speed Seduction is a form of mind rape that takes advantage of women.*

Speed Seduction uses NLP and hypnosis techniques.   These methods can't
be used to make somebody do something against their will.   You can't use
Speed Seduction to force anybody to do anything.  This is not a date rape
drug that will turn women into mindless zombies.   It is an emotionally
evocative form of communication that create and enhance emotional states.
There is no force involved.

*Speed Seduction is not effective if the women know about it.*

This is a baseless claim put forth by spamers in the group.  All evidence
points to the contrary, that women who know about Speed Seduction are
more strongly effected by it. There is no need to hide the fact you use
SS when seducing a woman.  The skill set is very appealing and intriguing
to most women.   The idea of a man who can listen to her, understand her
emotional needs, and then fulfill them is something most women dream

*Women resent Speed Seduction.*

Again this is a criticism brought about by spamers and flamers in the
group who know little or nothing about Speed Seduction.  Example after
example has been posted in ASF detailing how women have enjoyed the SS
skills when they were used to a positive end.  Now it is true that some
men may abuse the skills and misuse the tools.  The women who are on the
receiving end in such a situation   may mistakenly associate the behavior
of those individuals with the method as a whole.  However such
generalization and stereotyping is both rare and unfounded.   The misuse
of SS is not representative of the system as a whole.  

*Speed Seducers are just using women.*

Speed Seduction makes no determination as to the specific goals of a
given relationship that an individual may choose to have.    It may be
sexual, it may not.  It may be long term or short term. It might be
mutually fulfilling or one sided.   These are decisions made by the
individual, and not determined by the material.  

*Speed Seduction leaves women feeling hurt.*

Speed Seducers have worked extensively to come up with methods that have
exactly the opposite effect.  Major Mark created a pattern that actually
allows a woman to continue to experience the positive aspect of the
relationship, even after you're no longer together.

*The feelings crated with Speed Seduction aren't genuine they are just

Speed Seduction does both.  It calls on emotions a woman has already felt
to recreate the emotional state and it uses a variety of methods to
create new emotional states.  You are not just limited to things she's
previously felt.  You're only limit is the depth of her imagination and
the degree of her desire.

* Speed Seduction is easy to spot and women will see through it.*

There is nothing to "see through." Speed Seduction is very open and
conversational.  It is not something you try to hide.   While one might
not discuss the nuances of every single phrase, that is true of all
communication.  You don't pause after every few words to explain why you
picked those words for the structure of the phrase..  

* The patterns do not reflect how I really feel and repeating them is

Speed Seduction Patterns are not meant to be repeated word for word.
Instead the goal is for you to use them to learn the underlying structure
and mechanics.  So you can start to construct your own patterns that
reflect your feelings and desires.



 Ross Jeffries: Creator of Speed Seduction and ASF 

 Odious: FAQ Admin 


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Apr 23, 2023 @ 11:11 am
Big fun . Mystery fun .so i think if i join you i can do better in pua path as apassion . So let me browse this new world within your knowleadge and exeriences.
Feb 18, 2024 @ 10:10 am
Ya he entablado una conversación con ella hace como 2 semanas y ella se pone nerviosa, recibo IDI departe de ella pero hasta hai nomas quedo

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