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1. What is the topic of this group?

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There is no real topic per se. This group was created for the discussion
of this life free of anything at all. This means being free of any systems
such as religion and philosophy, and explaining ones experience and
"knowledge" in ones own words. 
The idea of this group is to leave behind belief, thought and any
"secondhand" knowledge and to communicate the real and raw experience of
this life. This involves the transcending of terminology, systems,
tradition so as to see things as they are. Direct communion or
communication with "reality" has been called mysticism in the past, but
something more real and everyday is required. 

2. What is appropriate material to post to this group?

Any thing at all; thoughts, essays, problems, experiences, extracts of
writing, favourite web sites, movies, transcripts of IRC/email etc. There
is no boundaries constraining the exact content of your posts.   
3. What is not encouraged on this group?

Usenet is a reflection of those who use it. There is no all that much that
can be done to stop people playing the "predator" games in an unmoderated
group. The predator games can even be _used_ to further understand your
own life tactics and those of others.

4. Who created this group and why?

I (Julian Palmer) created the groups because I felt there was a need for a
group that wasn't specifically defined in its approach to life.
There is the group hierarchy alt.consciousness, but the word consciousness
has certain connotations and limitations.  

5. What kind of worldview is promoted in this group?

There is no real worldview that needs to be promoted, no proselytising
that needs to be done. 
This group was not created around my book "In Life Itself", yet this book
will give anyone an idea of my "philosophy" if you like, and it was from
this "philosophy" that I created this group.

6. What kinds of religions, philosophies or systems is the idea of this
group sympathetic to?

This group should be neither for or against any specific philosophy or
religion or approach to life. That is the point of the group idea. It is
fine for people to refer to any teachings of a philosophy or religion or
system or television program or movie or book or whatever, but these
probably shouldn't be focuses.    
My personal opinion is that the work of Krishnamurti, Robert Monroe,
Carlos Castaneda, Adi Da (Da Free John), Jane Roberts/Seth and my own
writing best outline free and active approaches to life. 

9. You keep on referring to this group or this group idea, what does this mean?

Well the group is a forum, but it is also a kind of structure, with an
identity of sorts. And basically this identity will become as the people
make it. 
So the group or group idea is my original plan or outline for what goes on
within the groups, but the people who read and post to the group will make
it whatever they are.

10. I identify myself as a snake handler, can I post to the group?

Yes, but no actually snake handling is allowed on the group!

11. What about make money fast spammers, x posting megalomaniacs, abusive
personalities, clueless newbies, faddish flamers, netiquette breachers,
superficial whingers etc?

What about them?

12. How do you deal with them?

They can deal with themselves.  

13. So what should I do?

Really look at your big toe.


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