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From: (Will Spencer)
Reply-To: (FAQ Comments address)
Subject: FAQ Revision 2004/06/23 - Part 1/1
Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU
Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and
their answers) about Internet Search Engines. It should be read
by anyone who wishes to post to the

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Archive-Name: alt-internet-search-engines/faq
Version: 2004/06/23
Posting-Frequency: Monthly
Last-Modified: 2004/06/23

Welcome to the FAQ: 
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Search Engines.

The FAQ is on the World Wide Web at

The contents of the FAQ include:

Build Your Web Site
How can I validate my HTML?
How do I add a site search feature?
What is a site map?
How do I make JavaScript links?
How long can URL's be?
How can I spell check my web page?

Promote Your Web Site
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
What are search engines policies towards SEO?
What are SERPs?
What is PR (Page Rank)?
What are IBL and OBL?
What search engines should I submit to?
What directories should I submit to?
How long must I wait for Googlebot to fully crawl my site?
How long must I wait until my page shows up in the Google index?
How long do I have to wait to be listed at DMOZ?
How do I get links to my web site?
Do links in newsgroups help PR?
What are meta tags and do they matter?
Which is better, _ or -?
How do I choose the best keywords?
What happens to the PR of deleted pages?

Measure Your Progress       
How do I see the PR for my site?
How do I see the inbound links for my page?
How can I track my rankings in the search engines?
What are the current Google datacenters?
What is a Google dance?
How do I see if Google is dancing?
How do I point the Google Toolbar to a specific server?

Manage Your Web Site       
What are good web site statistics reporting tools?
How can I find broken links?
How do I create a 301 redirect?
What is robots.txt?
How do I prevent downloading of my entire website?

Make Money with Your Web Site
What are affiliate programs?
Can I buy and sell links?
What are alternatives to Google AdSense?

How do I search better with Google?
What is an oblivion drop?
What is a Google bomb?
How do I report spam SEO?
Which search engine returns the best results?
How do I ask a question on the newsgroup?
What other forums are there to discuss SEO?
What are some books on SEO?
Who are Sam and Dave?
Can I hire you to optimize my site?
Can you recommend a good SEO specialist?

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