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comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 4 of 5)
Section - 4.20: Andrew Toolkit

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The Andrew Toolkit Consortium of Carnegie Mellon University's School of
Computer Science has released new versions of the Andrew User
Environment, Andrew Toolkit, and Andrew Message System.

The Andrew User Environment (AUE) is an integrated set of applications
beginning with a 'generic object' editor, ez, a help system, a system
monitoring tool (console), an editor-based shell interface (typescript),
and support for printing multi-media documents. 

The Andrew Toolkit (ATK) is a portable user-interface toolkit that runs
under X11. It provides a dynamically-loadable object-oriented
environment wherein objects can be embedded in one another. Thus, one
could edit text that, in addition to containing multiple fonts, contains
embedded raster images, spreadsheets, drawing editors, equations, simple
animations, etc. These embedded objects can also be nested.

The Andrew Message System (AMS) provides a multi-media interface to mail
and bulletin-boards. AMS supports several mail management strategies
and implements many advanced features including authentication, return
receipts, automatic sorting of mail, vote collection and tabulation,
enclosures, audit trails of related messages, and subscription
management. It has interfaces that support ttys, personal computers, 
and workstations.

Release 5.1 of Andrew contains many bug fixes and updates. There is now
support for the new Internet MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
standards for multipart, and multimedia mail. For more information on
MIME, please see the CHANGES files in the ftp directory on

This release can be obtained as follows. The sources are available via
anonymous ftp from ( in the
./contrib/andrew tree. For details, see ./contrib/andrew/README.

PATCH for AIX3.2: A patch to the AUIS 5.1 sources can be ftp'ed from ( in ./aixpatch. For those without
internet access, a 3.5" diskette can be ordered for a nominal fee of $10
by sending, or faxing, a purchase order to the Consortium address below.

Andrew, as well as a variety of other CMU software, can also be ftp'ed
>from ( Those with AFS access look
at /afs/

Remote Andrew Demo Service 

This network service allows you to run Andrew Toolkit applications
without obtaining or compiling the Andrew software. You need a host
machine running X11 on the Internet. A simple "finger" command will let
you experience ATK applications firsthand. You'll be able to compose
multimedia documents, navigate through the interactive Andrew Tour, and
use the Andrew Message System to browse through CMU's three thousand
bulletin boards and newsgroups.

To use the Remote Andrew Demo service, run the following command:


The service will give you further instructions.

Information Sources

Your bug reports are welcome; kindly send them to and we will periodically post a status
report to the mailing list To be added to
the mailing list or make other requests, send mail to

We also distribute the following related materials:

ATK and AMS sources and binaries on CDROM. Binaries are available
for the following system types: 

        	IBM RiscSystem/6000 
		Sun SparcStation 
		HP 700 Series 

ATK and AMS sources on QIC and Iotamat tapes Hardcopies of the
documentation for ATK and AMS. Introductory video tape: Welcome to
Andrew: An Overview of the Andrew System. Technical video tape: The
Andrew Project: A Session at the Winter 1988 Usenix Conference.

More information about these materials is available from:

    Information Requests
    Andrew Toolkit Consortium
    Carnegie Mellon University
    4910 Forbes Avenue, UCC 214
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
    phone: +1-412-268-6710
    fax: +1-412-621-8081

There is also a netnews distribution list, comp.soft-sys.andrew, which
is identical to the info-andrew list except that it does not support the
multi-media capabilities of info-andrew.

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