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This is part 4 (of 7) of a monthly posting to the Usenet newsgroup See the part 1 of this posting for full information
what it is all about.

========== Questions ========== 

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Learning
Part 3: Generalization
Part 4: Books, data, etc.

   Books and articles about Neural Networks?
      The Best
         The best of the best
         The best popular introduction to NNs
         The best introductory book for business executives
         The best elementary textbooks
         The best books on using and programming NNs
         The best intermediate textbooks on NNs
         The best advanced textbook covering NNs
         The best book on neurofuzzy systems
         The best comparison of NNs with other classification methods
      Other notable books
         Bayesian learning
         Biological learning and neurophysiology
         Combining networks
         Feedforward networks
         Fuzzy logic and neurofuzzy systems
         General (including SVMs and Fuzzy Logic)
         Knowledge, rules, and expert systems
         Learning theory
         Object oriented programming
         On-line and incremental learning
         Pulsed/Spiking networks
         Reinforcement learning
         Speech recognition
         Time-series forecasting
         Unsupervised learning
      Books for the Beginner
      Not-quite-so-introductory Literature
      Books with Source Code (C, C++)
      The Worst
   Journals and magazines about Neural Networks?
   Conferences and Workshops on Neural Networks?
   Neural Network Associations?
   Mailing lists, BBS, CD-ROM?
   How to benchmark learning methods?
   Databases for experimentation with NNs?
      UCI machine learning database
      UCI KDD Archive
      The neural-bench Benchmark collection
      Delve: Data for Evaluating Learning in Valid Experiments
      Bilkent University Function Approximation Repository
      NIST special databases of the National Institute Of Standards And
      CEDAR CD-ROM 1: Database of Handwritten Cities, States, ZIP Codes,
      Digits, and Alphabetic Characters
      Time series
      Financial data
      USENIX Faces
      Linguistic Data Consortium
      Otago Speech Corpus
      Astronomical Time Series
      Miscellaneous Images

Part 5: Free software
Part 6: Commercial software
Part 7: Hardware and miscellaneous

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