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FAQ: part 5/6 (A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions)
Section - Q20.2: Commercial software packages?

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     ActiveGA is an activeX (OLE) control that uses a GENETIC ALGORITHM to
     find a solution for a given problem. For example, you can  insert  an
     ActiveGA  control  into  Microsoft Excel 97 and have it optimize your

     Features include:

     o  OPTIMIZATION Mode: Minimize, Maximize or Closest To

	o SELECTION Mode: Tournament, Roulette Wheel

	o User defined POPULATION size, MUTATION rate and other parameters

	o Event driven, cancelable iteration

	o Invisible at run time

	o Excel 97, Visual Basic, Visual C++ samples

     Various  samples  are  available  for  free  download.  For these and
     further                       information,                        see       or      contact
     Brightwater Software <>.  For  a  limited  time
     the  ActiveGA  costs  $99  per  developer.  ActiveGA  has no run time

     Logica Cambridge Ltd.  developed  EnGENEer  as  an  in-house  GENETIC
     ALGORITHM environment to assist the development of GA applications on
     a wide range of domains. The software was written in C and runs under
     Unix  as  part of a consultancy and systems package. It supports both
     interactive (X-Windows) and batch (command-line) modes of  operation.

     EnGENEer  provides  a  number  of flexible mechanisms which allow the
     developer to rapidly bring the power of GAs to bear  on  new  problem
     domains.   Starting   with  the  Genetic  Description  Language,  the
     developer can describe, at high level, the structure of the ``genetic
     material''  used.  The  language  supports  discrete  GENEs with user
     defined  cardinality  and  includes   features   such   as   multiple
     CHROMOSOMEs models, multiple SPECIES models and non-evolvable parsing
     symbols which can be used for decoding complex genetic material.

     The user also has available a descriptive high  level  language,  the
     Evolutionary Model Language. It allows the description of the GA type
     used in terms of configurable  options  including:  POPULATION  size,
     population  structure  and  source,  SELECTION  method, CROSSOVER and
     MUTATION type  and  probability,  INVERSION,  dispersal  method,  and
     number of OFFSPRING per GENERATION.

     Both  the  Genetic  Description  Language  and the Evolutionary Model
     Language  are  fully  supported  within  the  interactive   interface
     (including online help system) and can be defined either "on the fly"
     or loaded from audit files which are automatically created  during  a
     GA run.

     Monitoring  of  GA  progress is provided via both graphical tools and
     automatic storage of results (at user defined intervals). This allows
     the user to restart EnGENEer from any point in a run, by loading both
     the population at that time and the evolutionary model that was being

     Connecting  EnGENEer  to  different  problem  domains  is achieved by
     specifying the name of the  program  used  to  evaluate  the  problem
     specific  FITNESS  function and constructing a simple parsing routine
     to  interpret  the  genetic   material.   A   library   of   standard
     interpretation   routines   are   also  provided  for  commonly  used
     representation schemes such as gray-coding,  permutations,  etc.  The
     fitness  evaluation  can then be run as either a slave process to the
     GA or via a standard handshaking routines. Better still,  it  can  be
     run  on  either the machine hosting the EnGENEer or on any sequential
     or parallel hardware capable of connecting to a Unix machine.

     For more information, contact: George Robbins,  Systems  Intelligence
     Division,  Logica  Cambridge  Ltd.,  Betjeman  House, 104 Hills Road,
     Cambridge CB2 1LQ, UK.  Tel: +44 1716 379111, Fax:  +44  1223  322315
     (Unverified 8/94).

     EvoFrame  is  to  EVOLUTION  STRATEGIEs  what  MicroGA  is to GENETIC
     ALGORITHMs, a toolkit for application development  incorporating  ESs
     as the OPTIMIZATION engine.

     EvoFrame  is  an  object  oriented  implemented  programming tool for
     evolution  strategies   (Rechenberg/Schwefel,   Germany)   for   easy
     implementation and solution of numerical and combinatorical problems.
     EvoFrame  gives  you  freedom  of  implementing  every  byte  of  the
     optimization  principle  and its user interface. You can focus on the
     optimization problem and forget about all the rest.

     EvoFrame is available as Version 2.0 in Borland-Pascal 7.0 and Turbo-
     Vision  for  PC's and as Version 1.0 in C++ for Apple Macintosh using
     MPW   and   MacApp.    Both   implementations   allow   full    typed
     implementation,  i.e.   no  more  translation  from  problem specific
     format to an optimization  specific  one.   A  prototyping  tool  (cf
     REALizer) exists for both platforms too.

     EvoFrame  allows pseudoparallel optimization of many problems at once
     and you can switch optimization parameters and internal methods (i.e.
     quality  function etc.) during runtime and during optimization cycle.
     Both tools can  be  modified  or  extended  by  overloading  existing
     methods  for  experimental  use.  They  are  developed continously in
     correlation to new research results.

     The  PC  version  is  prepared  for  experimental  use   due   to   a
     comprehensive  protocolling  mechanism of optimzation cycles and user
     data. It also allows compilation of executable files  with  different
     complexity  by  setting conditional compilation flags. It can be used
     with 3 levels of stacked POPULATIONs.

     The Mac version is the more complex  (recursive)  implementation.  It
     allows stacking of any number of populations for modelling of complex
     systems. Theory stops at multipopulation level at the time.  EvoFrame
     for  Mac  is  ready for the future, allowing any number of population

     Ask for porting the Mac version (C++) to any other platform,  i.e.  X

     REALizer  is  a  tool for rapid prototyping of EvoFrame applications.
     It's an override of the corresponding framework which is prepared  to
     optimize  using  a  vector  of real numbers. All methods for standard
     EVOLUTION  and  file  handling,  etc.  are  ready  implemented.   The
     remaining  work  for the user is to define a constant for the problem
     size, fill  in  the  quality  function  and  start  the  optimization

     For  further information, current prices and orders, contact: Wolfram
     Stebel,  Optimum  Software,  Braunfelser  Str.  26,  35578   Wetzlar,
     Germany.  Net: <>

     Evolver is a GENETIC ALGORITHM package for Windows. Beginners can use
     the Excel add-in to model  and  solve  problems  from  within  Excel.
     Advanced  users  can  use  the  included  Evolver API to build custom
     applications that access any of the six different genetic algorithms.
     Evolver can be customized and users can monitor progress in real-time
     graphs, or change  parameters  through  the  included  EvolverWatcher
     program.   The  package  costs  $349  (or  UKP350), comes on two 3.5"
     disks, and includes support for Visual Basic. For further information
     or    to    order,    contact:    Palisade   Corp,   (607)   277-8000   or   Palisade    Europe    <sales@palisade->, Tel +44 1752 204310

     FlexTool(GA) is a modular software tool which provides an ENVIRONMENT
     for applying GA to diverse domains with minimum user interaction  and
     design iteration.

     Version  M2.2  is  the MATLAB version which provides a total GA based
     design and development environment in MATLAB. MATLAB provides us with
     an  interactive  computation  intensive  environment. The high level,
     user friendly programming language combined with  built-in  functions
     to   handle  matrix  algebra,  Fourier  series,  and  complex  valued
     functions provides the power for large scale number crunching.

     The GA objects are provided as .m files. FlexTool(GA) Version M2.2 is
     designed with emphasis on modularity, flexibility, user friendliness,
     environment transparency, upgradability, and reliability. The  design
     is  engineered  to  evolve  complex,  robust models by drawing on the
     power of MATLAB.

     FlexTool(GA) Version M2.2 Features:
     BUILDING BLOCK          : Upgrade to EFM or ENM or CI within one year
     Niching module          : to identify multiple solutions
     Clustering module       : Use separately or with Niching module
     Optimization            : Single and Multiple Objectives
     Flex-GA                 : Very fast proprietary learning algorithm

     GA                      : Modular, User Friendly, and  System Transparent
     GUI                     : Easy to use, user friendly
     Help                    : Online
     Tutorial                : Hands-on tutorial, application guidelines
     Parameter Settings      : Default parameter settings for the novice
     General                 : Statistics, figures, and data collection
     Compatibility           : FlexTool product suite

     GA options              : generational, steady state, micro, Flex-GA
     Coding schemes          : include binary, logarithmic, real
     Selection               : tournament, roulette wheel, ranking
     Crossover               : include 1, 2, multiple point crossover
     Compatible to           : FlexTool(GA) M1.1 Genetic Algorithms Toolbox

     The FlexTool product suite includes various soft  computing  BUILDING
     CI: Computational Intelligence
     EFM: Evolutionary Fuzzy Modeling
     ENM: Evolutionary Neuro Modeling
     FS : Fuzzy Systems
     NN : Neural Networks

     For information contact <>

     GAME   (GA   Manipulation   Environment)   aims   to  demonstrate  GA
     applications and build a suitable programming ENVIRONMENT.

     GAME is being developed as  part  of  the  PAPAGENA  project  of  the
     European Community's Esprit III initiative.

     GAME  is  available  as  an  addendum to a book on PGAs (cf PAPAGENA,
     Q20.3).      And     from     the      project's      FTP      server  e.g.  "papagena/game/docs" contains all
     the papers that have been  produced  over  the  course  of  the  GAME
     project.    The   sources   can   also   be   obtained   by  FTP  see

     GAME is now in version 2.01. This version is still able to  run  only
     sequential GAs, but version 3.0 will handle parallel GAs as well.

     Unfortunately,  The  project  yet  only  produced  a  Borland C++ 3.x
     version, so far.  It is intended to distribute a version for UNIX/GNU
     C++   as   well,   when  some  compatibility  issues  concerning  C++
     "standards" have been resolved. Afterward  a  UNIX  version  will  be
     released,  but  this  will  be  only  happen  after the release of PC
     version 3.0.

     For more information contact: Jose Luiz Ribeiro Filho, Department  of
     Computer  Science,  University  College  London, Gower Street, London
     WC1E 6BT, UK.  Net: <> (Unverified 8/94).

     GeneHunter from Ward Systems runs  on  a  PC  under  Windows.  It  is
     callable  from  Microsoft  Excel  5  spreadsheets, and accessible via
     function calls in  a  dynamic  link  library.  The  DLL  is  designed
     especially for Visual Basic, but runs with other languages which call
     DLLs under Windows 3.1 such as Visual C++. 16-  and  32-bit  versions
     are  available.   GeneHunter  can  also  integrate with Ward's neural
     network software. Cost $369.

     For full details, see  or  contact:  Ward
     Systems Group Inc, Executive Park West, 5 Hillcrest Drive, Frederick,
     MD 21703, USA.  301-662-7950 <>

     GENERATOR is a GENETIC ALGORITHM package designed  to  interact  with
     Microsoft  Excel  for  Windows.   Users  are able to define and solve
     problems using Excel formulas,  tables  and  functions.   FITNESS  is
     easily  defined  as an Excel formula or optionally a macro.  Progress
     can be monitored using GENERATOR's real-time fitness graph and status
     window as well as user-defined Excel graphs.  GENERATOR can be paused
     at any time to allow adjustment of any of  the  parameters  and  then

     GENERATOR Features:

     o  Multiple GENE types: integer, real and permutation.
     o  Combined roulette-wheel and elitist SELECTION method.

     o  ELITISM is optional and adjustable.

     o  None, two-point, and a proprietary permutation CROSSOVER.

     o  Random,   Random  Hillclimb  and  Directional  Hillclimb  MUTATION

     o  Special hillclimbing features to find solutions faster.

     o  fitness goal: maximize, minimize or seek value.

     o  Convergence: duplicates not allowed.

     o  Real-Time  alteration  of  parameters   relating   to   crossover,
	mutation, POPULATION, etc.

     o  Real-Time progress graph of Best, Worst and Median fitness.

     o  fitness defined using an Excel formula or macro.

     The parameters available to the user include mutation probability for
     population and genes, control of mutation limit per gene, control  of
     hillclimbing,   population  size,  elite  group  size,  RECOMBINATION
     method, and mutation technique.

     Connecting generator to problems defined on the Excel spreadsheet  is
     achieved  by  first  specifying the spreadsheet locations of the gene
     group cells and their type, and lastly, the location of  the  formula
     used to evaluate the problem-specific fitness function.

     GENERATOR requires at least a 386 IBM compatible PC with 2 MB of RAM,
     Windows 3.0 (or  later)  and  Microsoft  Excel  4.0  (or  later).   A
     comprehensive  manual  includes  an explanation of genetic algorithms
     and several tutorial example  problems.   The  $379  package.includes
     GENERATOR  on a 3.5" diskette, the manual, and free customer support.

     For further information or to order, contact: New  Light  Industries,
     Ltd.;  9713 W. Sunset Hwy; Spokane, WA USA 99204 Tel: (509) 456-8321;
     Fax  (509)   456-8351;   E-mail:   <>   WWW   page:

 Genetic Server and Genetic Library:
     Genetic  Server  and Genetic Library are tools that allow programmers
     to  embed  GENETIC  ALGORITHMs  into  their  own  applications.  Both
     products  provide  a flexible yet intuitive API for genetic algorithm
     design.  Genetic Server is an ActiveX component designed to  be  used
     within  a  Visual Basic (or VBA) application and Genetic Library is a
     C++ library designed to be used  within  a  Visual  C++  application.
     There  are  no  royalties  for  distributing applications built using
     Genetic Server or Genetic Library.

     Features include:

     o  Data types: Binary, Integer, and Real

     o  Progression types: Generational, Steady State

     o  SELECTION operators: Roulette (FITNESS or Rank),  Tournament,  Top
	Percent, Best, and Random

     o  CROSSOVER  operators:  One  Point, Two Point, Uniform, Arithmetic,
	and Heuristic

     o  MUTATION operators: Flip Bit, Boundary, Non-Uniform, Uniform,  and

     o  Termination  Methods:  GENERATION  Number, EVOLUTION Time, Fitness
	Threshold, Fitness Convergence, POPULATION Convergence,  and  GENE

     o  User-defined selection, crossover, and mutation operators (Genetic
	Library only)

     For more information or to place an order,  contact:  NeuroDimension,
     Inc.,  1800 N. Main Street, Suite #D4, Gainesville, FL 32609.  Voice:
     (800) 634-3327, Fax: (352) 377-9009.  Email: <> Web  site:

     MicroGA  is a powerful and flexible new tool which allows programmers
     to integrate GAs into their software quickly and  easily.  It  is  an
     object-oriented  C++  framework  that comes with full source code and
     documentation as well as three sample applications. Also included  is
     the  Galapagos  code  generator which allows users to create complete
     applications interactively without writing any C++ code, and a sample
     MacApp interface.

     MicroGA  is  available  for Macintosh II or higher with MPW and a C++
     compiler, and also in a Microsoft Windows version for PC compatibles.
     Compiled  applications  made with MicroGA can be sold without license
     fee. MicroGA is priced at $249.

     Galapagos is a tool for use with Emergent Behavior's MicroGA Toolkit.
     It  allows  a  user to define a function and set of constraints for a
     problem that the user wants to solve using the  GA.   Galapagos  then
     generates a complete C++ program using the information supplied. Then
     all the user has to do  is  to  compile  these  files,  using  either
     Turbo/Borland   C++  (PC,  MS  Windows),  or  MPW  and  C++  compiler
     (Macintosh), and link the resulting code to the MicroGA library. Then
     just  run  the  program.  Galapagos  comes  free  with  every copy of

     For further information and orders, contact: Steve  Wilson,  Emergent
     Behavior,  635  Wellsbury  Way,  Palo  Alto,  CA  94306,  USA.   Net:

     MicroGA is distributed in Germany by Optimum Software (cf EvoFrame  &
     REALizer entries).

     The  Omega  Predictive Modeling System, marketed by KiQ Limited, is a
     powerful  approach  to  developing  predictive  models.  It  exploits
     advanced GA techniques to create a tool which is "flexible, powerful,
     informative and straightforward to  use".  Omega  is  geared  to  the
     financial  domain,  with applications in Direct Marketing, Insurance,
     Investigations  and  Credit  Management.   The   ENVIRONMENT   offers
     facilities  for  automatic handling of data; business, statistical or
     custom measures of PERFORMANCE, simple and complex  profit  modeling,
     validation   sample  tests,  advanced  confidence  tests,  real  time
     graphics, and optional control over the internal GA.

     For further information,  contact:  KiQ,  Business  Modeling  Systems
     Ltd.,  Easton  Hall,  Great Easton, Essex CM6 2HD, UK.  Tel: +44 1371
     870254 (Unverified 8/94).

     OOGA  (Object-Oriented  GA)  is  a  GENETIC  ALGORITHM  designed  for
     industrial  use.   It  includes examples accompanying the tutorial in
     the companion "Handbook of Genetic Algorithms". OOGA is designed such
     that each of the techniques employed by a GA is an object that may be
     modified, displayed or replaced in object-oriented fashion.  OOGA  is
     especially well-suited for individuals wishing to modify the basic GA
     techniques or tailor them to new domains.

     The buyer of OOGA also receives Genesis (see  above).   This  release
     sports  an  improved  user interface.  OOGA and Genesis are available
     together on 3.5''  or  5.25''  disk  for  $60  ($52.50  inside  North
     America)  by  order from: The Software Partnership (T.S.P.), P.O. Box
     991, Melrose, MA 02176, USA.  Tel: +1 617 662 8991 (Unverified 8/94).

     optiGA  for  VB is an ActiveX control (OCX) for the implementation of
     GENETIC ALGORITHMs.  It is described by the author, Elad Salomons, as

     No  matter  what  the  nature  of your OPTIMIZATION problem might be,
     optiGA is a generic control that will perform  the  genetic  run  for
     you.  With very little coding needed, you can be up and running in no
     time.  Just define your variables (binary, real  or  integers),  code
     the  FITNESS  function  and you are set to go. On the other hand, you
     can override optiGA's default parameters and select from  several  of
     MUTATION methods and many controlling parameters.

     If that isn't enough, optiGA can grow with you: Did you come up  with
     a  new  crossover  method  and  wanted  to try it?  Have you read the
     latest article about an interesting mutation method that you want  to
     implement?  No  problem!   Just  use the "User Defined" crossover and
     mutation events and code them yourself.

     optiGA was written in "Visual Basic" and can be used with VB and  all
     supporting ENVIRONMENTs.

     Visit  optiGA's  site  for more information end an evaluation version

     PC-Beagle is a rule-finder program for PCs which examines a  database
     of  examples  and uses machine-learning techniques to create a set of
     decision rules for classifying those examples, thus turning data into
     knowledge.   The  system  contains six major components, one of which
     (HERB - the "Heuristic Evolutionary Rule Breeder") uses GA techniques
     to generate rules by natural SELECTION.

     PC-Beagle  is  available to educational users for 69 pounds sterling.
     Orders, payment or requests for information should be  addressed  to:
     Richard Forsyth, Pathway Research Ltd., 59 Cranbrook Rd., Bristol BS6
     7BS, UK.  Tel: +44 117 942 8692 (Unverified 8/94).

 XpertRule GenAsys:
     XpertRule GenAsys is an expert system  shell  with  embedded  GENETIC
     ALGORITHM  marketed  by  Attar Software. Targeted to solve scheduling
     and design applications, this system combines the  power  of  genetic
     algorithms  in  evolving  solutions  with  the  power  of  rule-based
     programming in analyzing the effectiveness of  solutions.  Rule-based
     programming  can  also be used to generate the initial POPULATION for
     the  genetic  algorithm  and  for  post-optimization  planning.  Some
     examples  of  design  and  scheduling problems which can be solved by
     this system include: OPTIMIZATION of design parameters in  electronic
     and  avionic  industries,  route  optimization  in  the  distribution
     sector, production scheduling in manufacturing, etc.

     For further information,  contact:  Attar  Software,  Newlands  Road,
     Leigh,     Lancashire,     UK.      Tel:     +44     1942     608844.
     <> (confirmed 3/96).

     XYpe (The GA Engine) is a commercial GA application  and  development
     package  for  the Apple Macintosh. Its standard user interface allows
     you to design CHROMOSOMEs, set attributes of the genetic  engine  and
     graphically  display its progress. The development package provides a
     set of Think C libraries and include files for the design of  new  GA
     applications. XYpe supports adaptive operator weights and mixtures of
     alpha, binary, gray, ordering and real number codings.

     The price of $725 (in  Massachusetts  add  5%  sales  tax)  plus  $15
     shipping   and   handling   includes   technical  support  and  three
     documentation manuals.  XYpe requires a Macintosh SE  or  newer  with
     2MB  RAM  running  OS  V6.0.4  or  greater,  and Think C if using the
     development package.

     Currently the GA engine  is  working;  the  user  interface  will  be
     completed  on  demand.  Interested parties should contact: Ed Swartz,
     Virtual Image, Inc., 75 Sandy Pond Road #11,  Ayer,  MA  01432,  USA.
     Tel: +1 (508) 772-4225 (Unverified 8/94).

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