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FAQ: part 5/6 (A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions)
Section - Q20: What EA software packages are available?

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Top Document: FAQ: part 5/6 (A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions)
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     This  gives a list of all known EA software packages available to the
     public. The list was originally maintained by Nici  Schraudolph.   In
     June  '93  it  was agreed that it would be incorporated into this FAQ
     and the responsibility for maintenance taken over by the FAQ  editor.

     A  copy  of  most of the packages described below are kept at ENCORE,
     (See Q15.3), available by anonymous FTP.

     Most  GENETIC  PROGRAMMING  software  is   available   by   FTP   in:    There    are    subdirectories
     containing papers related to GP, archives of  the  mailing  list,  as
     well  as  a  suite  of  programs for implementing GP.  These programs
     include the Lisp code from Koza's "Genetic Programming" [KOZA92],  as
     well  as  implementations  in  C and C++, as for example SGPC: Simple
     Genetic Programming in C by Walter Alden  Tackett  and  Aviram  Carmi

     A  survey paper entitled "Genetic Algorithm Programming Environments"
     was published in IEEE Computer in the June 1994  issue.   Written  by
     Filho,  Alippi  and Treleaven of University College, London, UK. It's
     available by FTP as
     (file size: 421k).

     For  many  of these software packages, specific ordering instructions
     are given in the  descriptions  below  (see  Q20.1  -  Free  Software
     packages,  Q20.2  -  Commercial  Software  Packages, Q20.3 - Research
     Projects).   Please  read  and  follow  them   before   unnecessarily
     bothering  the  listed  author  or  contact!   Also  note  that these
     programs  haven't  been  independently  tested,  so  there   are   no
     guarantees of their quality.

     A major revision was undertaken in August 1994, when all authors were
     contacted, and asked to  confirm  the  accuracy  of  the  information
     contained  here.  A  few  authors  did not respond to the request for
     information.  These are noted below by: (Unverified 8/94).  In  these
     cases,  FTP  address  were checked by the FAQ editor, to confirm that
     this information (at least) is correct. In two cases,  email  to  the
     author bounced back as "undeliverable" -- these are noted below.

     Type (this is a very ad-hoc classification)
	       GE:  generational GA
	       SS:  steady-state GA
	       PA:  (pseudo) parallel GA
	       ES:  evolution strategy
	       OO:  object-oriented
	       XP:  expert system
	       ED:  educational/demo
	       CF:  classifier system

     OS   Operating  System;  X11  implies  Unix;  "Win"  means  Microsoft
	  Windows 3.x/NT (PC); "DOS" means MS-DOS or compatibles.

     Lang Programming Language; in parentheses: source code not  included;
	  "OPas" = MPW Object Pascal
     Price (circa 1994)
	  (1)   free   to  government  contractors,  $221  otherwise,  (2)
	  educational discount available, (3) available as addendum  to  a
	  book,  (4)  single 1850 DM, site license 5200 DM, (5) single 200
	  DM, site license 500 DM, (6) free for academic  and  educational

     Author or Contact
	  Name of creator/maintainer. For internet e-mail addresses, refer
	  to the details of the specific package.
		   ES/GA/XP System Implementations:

      Name         Type   OS      Lang   Price  Author/Contact

      BUGS         GE,   X11,     C      free   Joshua Smith
		   ED    Suntools

      Computer-    ED,   Win      ?      free   Scott Kennedy
      Ants         GA

      DGenesis     GE,   Unix     C      free   Erick Cantu-Paz

      DOUGAL       SS,   DOS      Turbo  free   Brett Parker
		   GE             Pascal

      Ease         GE,   Unix     Tcl    free  Joachim Sprave

      ESCaPaDE     ES    Unix     C      free  Frank Hoffmeister

      Evolution    GE,   DOS      C      free  Hans-Michael Voigt and
      Machine      ES                          Joachim Born

      Evolutionary GE,   Unix     C++    free  JJ Merelo
      Objects      OO

      GAC,         GE    Unix     C      free  Bill Spears
      GAL          "     "        Lisp   "

      GAGA         GE    Unix     C      free  Jon Crowcroft

      GAGS         GE,   Unix,    C++    free  JJ Merelo
		   SS,OO DOS

      GAlib        GA    Unix,    C++    free  Matthew Wall

      GALOPPS      GE,   Unix,    C      free  Erik Goodman
		   PA    DOS

      GAMusic      ED    Win      (VB)   $10   Jason H. Moore

      GANNET       GE,   Unix     C      free  Darrell Duane

      GAucsd       GE    Unix     C      free  Nici Schraudolph

      GA           GE,   DOS      (C++)  free  Mark Hughes
      Workbench    ED
      GECO         GE,   Unix,    Lisp   free  George P. W. Williams, Jr.
		   OO,ED MacOS

      Genesis      GE,   Unix,    C      free  John Grefenstette
		   ED    DOS

      GENEsYs      GE    Unix     C      free  Thomas Baeck

      GenET        SS,   Unix,    C      free  Cezary Z. Janikow
		   ES,ED X, etc.

      Genie        GE    Mac      Think  free  Lance Chambers

      Genitor      SS    Unix     C      free  Darrell Whitley

      GENlib       SS    Unix,    C      (6)   Jochen Ruhland

      GENOCOP      GE    Unix     C      free  Zbigniew Michalewicz

      GIGA         SS    Unix     C      free  Joe Culberson

      GPEIST       GP    Win,     Small- free  Tony White
			 OS/2     talk

      Imogene      GP    Win      C++    free  Harley Davis

      JAG          GA    -       Java   free  Stephen Hartley

      LibGA        GE,   Unix/DOS C      free  Art Corcoran
		   SS,ED NeXT/Amiga

      LICE         ES    Unix,    C      free  Joachim Sprave

      Matlab-GA    GE    ?        Matlab free  Andy Potvin

      mGA          GE    Unix     C,     free  Dave Goldberg

      PARAGenesis  PA,   CM       C*     free  Michael van Lent

      PGA          PA,   Unix,    C      free  Peter Ross
		   SS,GE etc.

      PGAPack      GA,   any      C      free  David Levine

      REGAL        GA             C      free  Filippo Neri

      SGA-C,       GE   Unix      C      free  Robert E. Smith
      SGA-Cube          nCube

      Splicer      GE   Mac,      C      (1)   Steve Bayer

      TOLKIEN      OO,  Unix,     C++    free  Anthony Yiu-Cheung Tang
		   GE   DOS

      Learning     NN   Win       ?      free  Universal Problem Solvers

      WOLF         SS   Unix      C      free  David Rogers

      XGenetic     GA,  Win    ActiveX   free  Jeff Goslin
		   OO,ED                 demo


		  Classifier System Implementations:

      Name     Type  OS      Lang   Price  Author/Contact

      CFS-C     CF,  Unix/DOS  C    free   Rick Riolo

      SCS-C     CF,  Unix/DOS  C    free   Joerg Heitkoetter
		ED   Atari TOS

		     Commercial Packages:

      Name       Type    OS      Lang   Price  Author/Contact

      ActiveGA    GA     Win   (ActiveX) $99  Brightwater Software

      EnGENEer    OO,    X11    C        ?    George Robbins,
		  GA                          Logica Cambridge Ltd.

      EvoFrame/   OO,    Mac,   C++/   (4,2)  Optimum Software
      REALizer    ES     DOS    OPas   (5,2)

      Evolver     GE     DOS,   (C,    UKP350 Palisade
			 Mac    Pascal)

      FlexTool    GA     Win    Matlab  ?     Flexible Intelligence Group

      GAME        OO,    X11    C++     (3)   Jose R. Filho

      GeneHunter  GA     Win,   (VB)    $369  Ward Systems

      Generator   GE,SS  Win,   (C++)   $379  Steve McGrew, New Light Industries
	       ES,OO,ED  Excel

      Genetic     GE,SS  Win    (ActiveX) ?   NeuroDimension Inc.
      Server/Library            (C++)

      MicroGA/    OO,    Mac,    C++    $249  Emergent Behavior, Inc.
      Galapagos   SS     Win             (2)

      Omega        ?     DOS     ?        ?   David Barrow, KiQ Ltd.

      OOGA        OO,    Mac,    Lisp    $60  Lawrence Davis
		  GE     DOS

      optiGA      ?      Win     VB,      ?   Elad Salomons

      PC/Beagle   XP     DOS     ?      69UKP Richard Forsyth

      XpertRule/  XP     DOS    (Think 995UKP Attar Software
      GenAsys                   Pascal)

      XYpe        SS     Mac    (C)     $725  Ed Swartz, Virtual Image Inc.

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