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FAQ: Expert System Shells 1/1 [Monthly posting]

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;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Expert System Shells *******************************************
;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Written by Mark Kantrowitz
;;; expert_1.faq

This post contains the Expert System Shells FAQ. 

If you think of questions that are appropriate for this FAQ, or would
like to improve an answer, please send email to us at

CONTRIBUTIONS to this summary should be sent to
Companies wishing to expand their entries should send product
summaries no longer than the RTworks or CLIPS entries, and should
focus on features and facts. Hype and vague generalizations will be removed.

*** Copyright:

Copyright (c) 1992-95 by Mark Kantrowitz. All rights reserved.

This FAQ may be freely redistributed in its entirety without
modification provided that this copyright notice is not removed.  It
may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents
(e.g., published for sale on CD-ROM, floppy disks, books, magazines,
or other print form) without the prior written permission of the
copyright holder.  Permission is expressly granted for this document
to be made available for file transfer from installations offering
unrestricted anonymous file transfer on the Internet.

If this FAQ is reproduced in offline media (e.g., CD-ROM, print form,
etc.), a complimentary copy should be sent to Mark Kantrowitz, School
of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 USA.

This article is provided AS IS without any express or implied warranty.

*** Recent changes:

;;; 1.32:
;;;  8-AUG-95 mk    Updated COMDALE entry in [1-6].
;;; 1.33:
;;; 21-DEC-95 mk    Deleted GEST entry, per Stefan Roth.
;;; 22-DEC-95 mk    Updated Gensym entry. New URL.
;;; 1.34:
;;; 18-JAN-96 mk    Updated M.4 entry.
;;; 19-JAN-96 mk    Updated the C-PRS entry.
;;; 1.35:
;;;  7-MAR-96 mk    Updated various Haley Enterprises entries.
;;; 19-MAR-96 mk    Updated ACQUIRE entry.
;;; 1.36:
;;; 10-MAY-96 mk    Updated EXSYS entry.
;;;  4-JUN-96 mk    Added TechMate entry.
;;; 20-JUN-96 mk    Updated telephone numbers for ILOG France.
;;; 23-JUL-96 mk    Updated XpertRule for Window entry.
;;; 29-JUL-96 mk    Replaced AIM entry with ModelQuest entry.
;;; 18-NOV-96 mk    Updated wxCLIPS entry.

*** Topics Covered:

  [1-1]  Introduction
  [1-2]  Other Sources of Information
  [1-3]  Bibliography of Expert Systems books, introductions,
         documentation, periodicals, and conference proceedings.
  [1-4]  Note about 'Real-Time' expert systems
  [1-5a] Free/Cheap Expert System Shells
  [1-5b] Free/Cheap Expert System Shells: CLIPS and Related Systems
  [1-6]  Commercial Expert System Shells
  [1-7]  Associations
  [1-8]  Glossary
  [1-A]  Acknowledgements

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