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List of Active Newsgroups (Part 3)

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Archive-name: active-newsgroups/part3

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Newsgroup               Description
sci.aeronautics		The science of aeronautics & related technology. (Moderated)
sci.aeronautics.airliners	Airliner technology. (Moderated)
sci.aeronautics.simulation	Aerospace simulation technology. (Moderated)
sci.agriculture		Farming, agriculture and related topics.
sci.agriculture.beekeeping	Beekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.
sci.agriculture.fruit	Agricultural techniques for fruit, berries & nuts.
sci.agriculture.poultry	Chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.
sci.agriculture.ratites	Ostrich, emu, rhea, or cassowary ranching.
sci.answers		Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
sci.anthropology	All aspects of studying humankind.
sci.anthropology.paleo	Evolution of man and other primates.
sci.aquaria		Only scientifically-oriented postings about aquaria.
sci.archaeology		Studying antiquities of the world.
sci.archaeology.mesoamerican	The field of mesoamerican archaeology.
sci.archaeology.moderated	All aspects of archaeology. (Moderated)
sci.astro		Astronomy discussions and information.
sci.astro.amateur	Amateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc.
sci.astro.fits		Issues related to the Flexible Image Transport System.
sci.astro.hubble	Processing Hubble Space Telescope data. (Moderated)
sci.astro.planetarium	Discussion of planetariums.
sci.astro.research	Forum in astronomy/astrophysics research. (Moderated)		The scientific study of plants.	Conservation biology research. (Moderated)		Ecological research.	Research on homopteran (sap-sucking) insects.	Lepidoptera: butterflies & moths.	General insect study and related issues.	Animal behavior and behavioral ecology.	Discussions of evolutionary biology. (Moderated)	All aspects of fisheries science and fish biology.	Topics related to food science and technology.		Biology of amphibians and reptiles.	Protists, fungi, algae, other microscopic organisms.		Biology and related sciences.	Life of the past (but no creation vs evolution!).	All aspects of plant diseases and pests. (Moderated)	Systematics, taxonomy, and the tree of life.
sci.chem		Chemistry and related sciences.
sci.chem.analytical	Analytical chemistry.
sci.chem.coatings	Paints and Coatings practitioners.
sci.chem.electrochem	The field of electrochemistry.
sci.chem.electrochem.battery	Analyzing all aspects of all types of batteries.
sci.chem.labware	Chemical laboratory equipment.
sci.chem.organomet	Organometallic chemistry.
sci.classics		Studying classical history, languages, art and more.
sci.cognitive		Perception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
sci.comp-aided		The use of computers as tools in scientific research.
sci.cryonics		Theory and practice of biostasis, suspended animation.
sci.crypt		Different methods of data en/decryption.
sci.crypt.research	Cryptography, cryptanalysis, and related issues. (Moderated)	Modelling, storage and retrieval of scientific data.
sci.econ		The science of economics.
sci.econ.research	Research in all fields of economics. (Moderated)			The science of education.
sci.electronics.basics	Elementary questions about electronics.
sci.electronics.cad	Schematic drafting, printed circuit layout, simulation.
sci.electronics.components	Integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors.	Electronic circuit design.	Test, lab, & industrial electronic products.
sci.electronics.misc	General discussions of the field of electronics.	Fixing electronic equipment.		Discussions about energy, science & technology.	All about hydrogen as an alternative fuel.
sci.engr		Technical discussions about engineering tasks.
sci.engr.biomed		Discussing the field of biomedical engineering.
sci.engr.chem		All aspects of chemical engineering.
sci.engr.civil		Topics related to civil engineering.
sci.engr.color		The art, science, and industry of coloring.
sci.engr.control	The engineering of control systems.
sci.engr.electrical.compliance	Laws, regulations and design for EMC, safety.
sci.engr.electrical.sys-protection	Power system protection.
sci.engr.geomechanics	Geomechanics issues and related topics.
sci.engr.heat-vent-ac	Heating, ventilating, air conditioning & refrigeration.	Light, vision & color in architecture, media, etc.
sci.engr.manufacturing	Manufacturing technology.
sci.engr.marine.hydrodynamics	Marine Hydrodynamics.
sci.engr.mech		The field of mechanical engineering.
sci.engr.metallurgy	Metallurgical Engineering.
sci.engr.micromachining	Devices enabled by micromachined structures.
sci.engr.mining		Mining engineering and mining technical topics.		All aspects of the safety of engineered systems.
sci.engr.semiconductors	Semiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics.
sci.engr.surveying	Measurement and mapping of the earth surface.
sci.engr.television.advanced	HDTV/DATV standards, equipment, practices, etc.
sci.engr.television.broadcast	Broadcast facility equipment and practices.
sci.environment		Discussions about the environment and ecology.	Abstracts of unpublished finance working papers. (Moderated)
sci.fractals		Objects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
sci.geo.earthquakes	For discussion of earthquakes and related matters.
sci.geo.eos		NASA's Earth Observation System (EOS).
sci.geo.fluids		Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.
sci.geo.geology		Discussion of solid earth sciences.
sci.geo.hydrology	Surface and groundwater hydrology.
sci.geo.meteorology	Discussion of meteorology and related topics.
sci.geo.oceanography	Oceanography, oceanology and marine science.
sci.geo.petroleum	All aspects of petroleum and the petroleum industry.
sci.geo.rivers+lakes	Science of rivers and lakes.
sci.geo.satellite-nav	Satellite navigation systems, especially GPS.
sci.image.processing	Scientific image processing and analysis.
sci.lang		Natural languages, communication, etc.
sci.lang.japan		The Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.lang.translation	Problems and concerns of translators/interpreters.	Slowing, stopping or reversing the ageing process.
sci.logic		Logic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.materials		All aspects of materials engineering.
sci.materials.ceramics	Ceramic science.
sci.math		Mathematical discussions and pursuits.
sci.math.research	Discussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)
sci.math.symbolic	Symbolic algebra discussion.
sci.mech.fluids		All aspects of fluid mechanics.			Medicine and its related products and regulations.		AIDS: treatment, pathology/biology of HIV, prevention. (Moderated)	All aspects of cardiovascular diseases.	Dentally related topics; all about teeth.	Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis research and care.	Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.	Hepatitis diseases.	Lyme Disease: patient support, research & information.	Osteoporosis information exhange.	Medical/scientific aspects of immune illness.	Computer applications in medical care.	All aspects of laboratory medicine and management.	The practice of obstetrics by midwives. (Moderated)		Nursing questions and discussion.	Physiological impacts of diet.		Obstetrics & gynecology. (Moderated)	Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) & job injury issues.	Orthopedic Surgery, related issues and management. (Moderated)	Pathology and laboratory medicine.	The teaching and practice of pharmacy.		Issues of physics in medical testing/care.	Benign prostatic hypertrophy.	Prostate cancer.	Prostatitis.	Dialog and news in psychiatry and psychobiology.	All aspects of radiology.	Vascular and interventional radiology.	Hospital/physician networks. No diagnosis questions.	Information for and about medical transcriptionists.		Human vision, visual correction, and visual science.
sci.military.moderated	Military technology. (Moderated)
sci.military.naval	Navies of the world, past, present and future.
sci.misc		Short-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
sci.nanotech		Self-reproducing molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)
sci.nonlinear		Chaotic systems and other nonlinear scientific study.
sci.op-research		Research, teaching & application of operations research.
sci.optics		Discussion relating to the science of optics.
sci.optics.fiber	Fiber optic components, systems, applications.	Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.
sci.physics		Physical laws, properties, etc.
sci.physics.accelerators	Particle accelerators and the physics of beams.
sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamics	Computational fluid dynamics.
sci.physics.cond-matter	Condensed matter physics, theory and experiment.
sci.physics.electromag	Electromagnetic theory and applications.
sci.physics.fusion	Info on fusion, esp. "cold" fusion.
sci.physics.particle	Particle physics discussions.
sci.physics.plasma	Plasma Science & Technology community exchange. (Moderated)
sci.physics.relativity	The theory of relativity.
sci.physics.research	Current physics research. (Moderated)
sci.polymers		All aspects of polymer science.
sci.psychology.announce	Psychology-related announcements. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.consciousness	On the nature of consciousness. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.journals.psyche	E-journal on consciousness. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.journals.psycoloquy	E-journal on psychology. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.misc	General discussion of psychology.
sci.psychology.personality	All personality systems & measurement.
sci.psychology.psychotherapy	Practice of psychotherapy.
sci.psychology.research	Research issues in psychology. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.theory	Theories of psychology & behavior.
sci.research		Research methods, funding, ethics, and whatever.	Issues relevant to careers in scientific research.
sci.research.postdoc	Anything about postdoctoral studies, including offers.
sci.skeptic		Skeptics discussing pseudo-science.	Historical manned and unmanned space flight programs.		Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated)	Discussions about space policy.	Space and planetary science and related technical work. (Moderated)	The space shuttle and the STS program.		Technical and general issues related to space flight. (Moderated)
sci.stat.consult	Statistical consulting.		Statistics education.
sci.stat.math		Statistics from a strictly mathematical viewpoint.		The theory and application of systems science.
sci.techniques.mag-resonance	Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
sci.techniques.mass-spec	All areas of mass spectrometry. (Moderated)
sci.techniques.microscopy	The field of microscopy.
sci.techniques.spectroscopy	Spectrum analysis.
sci.techniques.testing.misc	General testing techniques in science.
sci.techniques.testing.nondestructive	Nondestructive tests in science.
sci.techniques.xtallography	The field of crystallography.
sci.virtual-worlds	Virtual Reality - technology and culture. (Moderated)

soc.adoption.adoptees	Discussion of adoption by adoptees. (Moderated)
soc.adoption.parenting	Adoptive parenting by adoptive parents.
soc.answers		Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
soc.atheism		Living as an atheist and atheism in society. (Moderated)			Discussions of bisexuality.		College, college activities, campus life, etc.	The university admissions process.	Financial aid issues, college and beyond.	General issues related to graduate schools.	Information about graduate schools.	The Int'l Assoc. of Business and Commerce Students.	Issues affecting collegiate teaching assistants.
soc.couples		Discussions for couples (cf.
soc.couples.intercultural	Inter-cultural and inter-racial relationships.	Wedding planning.
soc.culture.afghanistan	Discussion of the Afghan society.
soc.culture.african	Discussions about Africa & things African.
soc.culture.african.american	Discussions about Afro-American issues.
soc.culture.albanian	Albania and Albanians around the world.
soc.culture.algeria	From A to Z about Algeria.
soc.culture.arabic	Technological & cultural issues, *not* politics.
soc.culture.argentina	All about life in Argentina.
soc.culture.asean	Countries of the Assoc. of SE Asian Nations.
soc.culture.asian.american	Issues & discussion about Asian-Americans.
soc.culture.assyrian	Assyrian culture, history, language, current diaspora.
soc.culture.asturies	Asturian culture.
soc.culture.australian	Australian culture and society.
soc.culture.austria	Austria and its people.
soc.culture.baltics	People of the Baltic states.
soc.culture.bangladesh	Issues & discussion about Bangladesh.
soc.culture.basque	Basque culture and related issues. (Moderated)
soc.culture.belarus	All things about Belarus. (Moderated)
soc.culture.belgium	Belgian society, culture(s) and people.
soc.culture.bengali	Sociocultural identity of worldwide Bengali population.
soc.culture.berber	The berber language, history, and culture.
soc.culture.bolivia	Bolivian people and culture.
soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna	The independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
soc.culture.brazil	Talking about the people and country of Brazil.
soc.culture.breton	All about Breton culture and Brittany.
soc.culture.british	Issues about Britain & those of British descent.
soc.culture.bulgaria	Discussing Bulgarian society.
soc.culture.burma	Politics, culture, news, discussion about Burma.
soc.culture.cambodia	Cambodia and its people.
soc.culture.canada	Discussions of Canada and its people.
soc.culture.caribbean	Life in the Caribbean.
soc.culture.catalan	The Catalan language and the lands where it is spoken.
soc.culture.celtic	Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Manx & Welsh.
soc.culture.chile	All about Chile and its people.
soc.culture.china	About China and Chinese culture.
soc.culture.colombia	Colombian talk, social, politics, science.
soc.culture.cornish	All things Cornish and Cornwall, worldwide.
soc.culture.costa-rica	Topics about Costa Rica.
soc.culture.croatia	The lives of people of Croatia.
soc.culture.cuba	Cuban culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.czecho-slovak	Bohemian, Slovak, Moravian and Silesian life.
soc.culture.dominican-rep	The life and people of the Dominican Republic.
soc.culture.ecuador	The culture and people of Ecuador.
soc.culture.egyptian	Egypt, and its society, culture, heritage, etc.
soc.culture.el-salvador	Topics about El Salvador, Central America.
soc.culture.estonia	Estonian culture, language, news, politics. (Moderated)
soc.culture.ethiopia.misc	Unmoderated forum to discuss Ethiopian culture.
soc.culture.ethiopia.moderated	Ethiopian culture. (Moderated)
soc.culture.europe	Discussing all aspects of all-European society.
soc.culture.filipino	Group about the Filipino culture.
soc.culture.french	French culture, history, and related discussions.
soc.culture.german	Discussions about German culture and history.
soc.culture.greek	Group about Greeks.
soc.culture.guinea-conakry	Guinea (ne French Guinea, in West Africa).
soc.culture.haiti	Haiti specific development and cultural issues.
soc.culture.hawaii	Aloha kakou, E KOMO MAI! Eh, no forget hemo da shoes. (Moderated)
soc.culture.hmong	Discussion of Hmong people and its culture.
soc.culture.honduras	General topics regarding Honduras and Central-America.
soc.culture.hongkong	Discussions pertaining to Hong Kong.
soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment	Entertainment in Hong Kong.
soc.culture.indian	Group for discussion about India & things Indian.
soc.culture.indian.delhi	Information related to Delhi, capital of India.
soc.culture.indian.gujarati	Gujarati cultural group.	Info group for soc.culture.indian, etc. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indian.jammu-kashmir	The culture of Jammu & Kashmir.
soc.culture.indian.karnataka	Karnataka's culture, history, and present.
soc.culture.indian.kerala	Culture of the people of Keralite origin.
soc.culture.indian.marathi	Discussion related to Marathi Culture.
soc.culture.indian.telugu	The culture of the Telugu people of India. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indonesia	All about the Indonesian nation.
soc.culture.intercultural	People of mixed "culture", "ethnicity", "race".
soc.culture.iranian	Discussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
soc.culture.iraq	Iraq, its society, culture and heritage.	Ireland and Irish culture.
soc.culture.israel	Israel and Israelis.
soc.culture.italian	The Italian people and their culture.
soc.culture.japan	Everything Japanese, except the Japanese language.
soc.culture.japan.moderated	Anything Japanese. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish	Jewish culture & religion (cf. talk.politics.mideast).
soc.culture.jewish.holocaust	The Shoah. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish.parenting	Issues about raising Jewish children. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jordan	All topics concerning The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
soc.culture.kenya	Kenyan peoples, politics, culture, and affairs.
soc.culture.korean	Discussions about Korea & things Korean.
soc.culture.kurdish	People from Kurdistan and Kurds around the world.
soc.culture.kuwait	Kuwaiti culture, society, and history.
soc.culture.kuwait.moderated	Kuwaiti culture, society, and history. (Moderated)
soc.culture.laos	Cultural and Social Aspects of Laos.
soc.culture.latin-america	Topics about Latin-America.
soc.culture.lebanon	Discussion about things Lebanese.
soc.culture.liberia	The culture of Liberia.
soc.culture.maghreb	North African society and culture.
soc.culture.magyar	The Hungarian people & their culture.
soc.culture.malagasy	Madagascar and the Malagasy culture.
soc.culture.malaysia	All about Malaysian society.
soc.culture.mexican	Discussion of Mexico's society.
soc.culture.mexican.american	Mexican-American/Chicano culture and issues.
soc.culture.misc	Group for discussion about other cultures.
soc.culture.mongolian	Everything related to Mongols and Mongolia.
soc.culture.native	Aboriginal people around the world.
soc.culture.nepal	Discussion of people and things in & from Nepal.
soc.culture.netherlands	People from the Netherlands and Belgium.	Discussion of topics related to New Zealand.
soc.culture.nicaragua	Topics related to the country of Nicaragua in general.
soc.culture.nigeria	Nigerian affairs, society, cultures, and peoples.
soc.culture.nordic	Discussion about culture up north.
soc.culture.pacific-island	Culture of the pacific islands (except Hawaii).
soc.culture.pakistan	Topics of discussion about Pakistan.	Education in Pakistan. (Moderated)
soc.culture.pakistan.history	History of Pakistan. (Moderated)
soc.culture.pakistan.moderated	Discussions on Pakistan. (Moderated)
soc.culture.pakistan.politics	Political discussions on Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.religion	Religious discussions related to Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.sports	Sports in Pakistan.
soc.culture.palestine	Palestinian people, culture and politics.
soc.culture.peru	All about the people of Peru.
soc.culture.polish	Polish culture, Polish past, and Polish politics.
soc.culture.portuguese	Discussion of the people of Portugal.
soc.culture.puerto-rico	Puerto Rican culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.punjab	Punjab and Punjabi culture.	Quebec society and culture.
soc.culture.rep-of-georgia	The Caucasian Republic of Georgia and Georgians.
soc.culture.romanian	Discussion of Romanian and Moldavian people.
soc.culture.russian	All things Russian in the broadest sense.
soc.culture.russian.moderated	Moderated discussion of Russian culture. (Moderated)
soc.culture.scientists	Cultural issues about scientists & scientific projects.
soc.culture.scottish	Anything regarding Scotland or things Scots.
soc.culture.sierra-leone	The culture of Sierra Leone.
soc.culture.singapore	The past, present and future of Singapore.
soc.culture.singapore.moderated	Singapore & Singaporeans. (Moderated)
soc.culture.slovenia	Slovenia and Slovenian people.
soc.culture.somalia	Somalian affairs, society, and culture.
soc.culture.south-africa	South African society, culture, & politics.
soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaans	The Afrikaans language and speakers.
soc.culture.soviet	Topics relating to Russian or Soviet culture.
soc.culture.spain	Spain and the Spanish.
soc.culture.sri-lanka	Things & people from Sri Lanka.	Swiss culture.
soc.culture.syria	Syrian cultural matters and affairs.
soc.culture.taiwan	Discussion about things Taiwanese.
soc.culture.tamil	Tamil language, history and culture.
soc.culture.thai	Thai people and their culture.
soc.culture.turkish	Discussion about things Turkish.
soc.culture.ukrainian	The lives and times of the Ukrainian people.
soc.culture.uruguay	Discussions of Uruguay for those at home and abroad.
soc.culture.usa		The culture of the United States of America.
soc.culture.venezuela	Discussion of topics related to Venezuela.
soc.culture.vietnamese	Issues and discussions of Vietnamese culture.
soc.culture.welsh	The people, language and history of Wales.
soc.culture.yugoslavia	Discussions of Yugoslavia and its people.
soc.culture.zimbabwe	Culture and other issues pertaining to Zimbabwe.
soc.feminism		Discussion of feminism & feminist issues. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.african	Genealogy of Africa and the African Diaspora. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.australia+nz	Australia, New Zealand, and their territories.
soc.genealogy.benelux	Genealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
soc.genealogy.computing	Genealogical computing & net resources.
soc.genealogy.french	Francophone genealogy.
soc.genealogy.german	Family history including a German background.
soc.genealogy.hispanic	Genealogy relating to Hispanics.
soc.genealogy.jewish	Jewish genealogy group. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.marketplace	Genealogy services and products.
soc.genealogy.medieval	Genealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.
soc.genealogy.methods	Genealogical methods and resources. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.misc	General genealogical discussions.
soc.genealogy.nordic	Genealogy in the Scandinavian countries.
soc.genealogy.slavic	Genealogy of Slavic peoples.
soc.genealogy.surnames	Surname queries & tafels. (Moderated)	Genealogy of Britain, Ireland & offshore isles.
soc.genealogy.west-indies	Genealogy of the West Indies.
soc.history		Discussions of things historical.
soc.history.african.biafra	History of Biafra (Eastern Nigeria). (Moderated)	Living history and reenactment, issues and info.
soc.history.medieval	The historic period of the middle ages.
soc.history.moderated	All aspects of history. (Moderated)	History of science and related areas.
soc.history.war.misc	History & events of wars in general.	Aspects of the U.S. Civil War. (Moderated)	American Revolution/international perspectives.
soc.history.war.vietnam	The Vietnam War. (Moderated)	History & events of World War Two. (Moderated)
soc.history.what-if	Alternate history.	Discussing all aspects of libraries.			Issues related to men, their problems & relationships.
soc.misc		Socially-oriented topics not in other groups.
soc.motss		Issues pertaining to homosexuality.		Announcements, requests, etc. about people on the net.	Nonprofit organizations.	General info on all service topics.
soc.penpals		In search of net.friendships.
soc.politics		Political problems, systems, solutions. (Moderated)
soc.politics.arms-d	Arms discussion digest. (Moderated)
soc.politics.marxism	Karl Marx and his legacy in theory and practice. (Moderated)
soc.religion.bahai	Discussion of the Baha'i Faith. (Moderated)
soc.religion.christian	Christianity and related topics. (Moderated)	Examining the Holy Bible. (Moderated)
soc.religion.christian.youth-work	Christians working with young people. (Moderated)
soc.religion.eastern	Discussions of Eastern religions. (Moderated)
soc.religion.gnosis	Gnosis, marifat, jnana & direct sacred experience. (Moderated)
soc.religion.hindu	Discussion about the Hindu dharma, philosophy, culture. (Moderated)
soc.religion.islam	Discussions of the Islamic faith. (Moderated)	The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Moderated)
soc.religion.paganism	Networking for Pagans. (Moderated)
soc.religion.quaker	The Religious Society of Friends.
soc.religion.shamanism	Discussion of the full range of shamanic experience. (Moderated)
soc.religion.sikhism	Sikh Religion and Sikhs all over the world. (Moderated)
soc.religion.unitarian-univ	Unitarian-Universalism & non-creedal religions. (Moderated)
soc.religion.vaishnava	All aspects of Vishnu and Vaishnavism. (Moderated)
soc.retirement		For seniors:  retirement, aging, gerontology issues.
soc.rights.human	Human rights & activism (e.g., Amnesty International).		Newsgroup for single people, their activities, etc.	Conversations among people who are or were single. (Moderated)	Personal crisis situations.	Coping with depressed people.	Bipolar/manic-depression.	Depression and mood disorders.	Seasonal affective disorder.	Treatments of depression.	Self-acceptance for fat people.  No diet talk.	Mutual help and chat for those of us who feel alone. (Moderated)	Support and Information about Pregnancy Loss.	Transgendered and intersexed persons.	Gay youths helping each other. (Moderated)
soc.veterans		Social issues relating to military veterans.
soc.women		Issues related to women, their problems & relationships.
soc.women.lesbian-and-bi	Lives of lesbian and bisexual women. (Moderated)

talk.abortion		All sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.
talk.answers		Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
talk.atheism		Debate about the validity and nature of atheism.
talk.bizarre		The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often interesting.
talk.environment	Discussion the state of the environment & what to do.
talk.euthanasia		All aspects of euthanasia.		Evolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!).
talk.philosophy.humanism	Humanism in the modern world.
talk.philosophy.misc	Philosophical musings on all topics.
talk.politics.animals	The use and/or abuse of animals.
talk.politics.china	Discussion of political issues related to China.
talk.politics.crypto	The relation between cryptography and government.
talk.politics.drugs	The politics of drug issues.
talk.politics.european-union	The EU and political integration in Europe.
talk.politics.guns	The politics of firearm ownership and (mis)use.
talk.politics.libertarian	Libertarian politics & political philosophy.
talk.politics.medicine	The politics and ethics involved with health care.
talk.politics.mideast	Discussion & debate over Middle Eastern events.
talk.politics.misc	Political discussions and ravings of all kinds.
talk.politics.soviet	Discussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign.
talk.politics.theory	Theory of politics and political systems.
talk.politics.tibet	The politics of Tibet and the Tibetan people.
talk.rape		Discussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted.
talk.religion.buddhism	All aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy.
talk.religion.course-miracle	A Course in Miracles.
talk.religion.misc	Religious, ethical, & moral implications.
talk.religion.newage	Esoteric and minority religions & philosophies.
talk.rumors		For the posting of rumors.

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