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Listing of Acorn-related Mailing-Lists

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Archive-name: acorn/mailing-lists
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 17-Aug-1996
Version: 0.24

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                Listing of Acorn-related Mailing-Lists
                          Maurice Hendrix


 This overview is maintained by Maurice Hendrix <>.
Please send your suggestions, updates, remarks to me.

NOTE: I do not operate a "help service".  Please do not mail me
unless you have corrections, suggestions or additions for this FAQ.

 Up-to-date copies of this overview are available at the archive site as /pub/usenet/news.answers/acorn/mailing-lists.
Especially retrieve an up-to-date copy if you're reading this on
CD-ROM or another non-volatile medium.
 There's also a mail server on that machine: if you send an email
message to containing, without the quotes,
the text "send pub/usenet/news.answers/acorn/mailing-lists" in the
message body, you'll get the latest version mailed back to you.

 In this overview angle-brackets <> are used to indicate that the text
within them is an email-address.

 This overview lists all known mailing-lists concerned with the
discussion of Acorn computers or hardware/software for these computers
in alphabetical order. The format of the listing is as follows:

-ListName-      -email-address for submitting articles-


   -Subscription information-

******************************** POLICY ********************

 Adding, updating or removing the entry of a mailing-list to this overview
is based solely on requests from the list-owner. If you own/moderate a
mailing-list and you want it added to/remove from this overview please mail
me directly.



ACORN-L         <acorn-l@trearn.bitnet> or <>

   This list is used to discuss all Acorn related topics.

   To subscribe send email to: <listserv@trearn.bitnet> or
   <> in the body of the message enter the

   SUBSCRIBE ACORN-L <your-full-name>

   E.g. SUBSCRIBE ACORN-L John H. P. Doe


BBC-LIST        <>

   The bbc-list is basically for anyone interested in
   anything associated with the 6502 based BBC micro.
   Traffic is light, but it's still running, and there are
   some good people who can answer most technical questions.

   Admin info should be sent to That's  
   handled manually.


FORTHMACS       <>

   FORTHMACS is a forum for all RiscOS Forthmacs users
   discussing all matters concerning Forthmacs. bugs,
   updates and new tools/applications are announced in here.

    To subscribe send email to: <>
    with the SUBJECT: subscribe FORTHMACS
    There is a human on the other side.


MAILLIST-L      <>

   MAILLIST-L is a mailing-list concerning the discussion of
   bugs and features of the application !MailList. The
   mailing-list is aimed at host-owners (who are using this
   application on their machine) and list-owners (who are
   managing mailing-lists with this application) !MailList
   is an application which provides a mailing-list and
   mail-server robot and a simple mail/news scheduler to
   users of the Acorn range of RISC computers and requires
   the RiscOS v3.10 platform.

   To subscribe send email to: <>
   The rest of the message will be ignored.


PHOTODSK-L      <>

   PHOTODSK-L is a mailing-list concerning the discussion of
   techniques, features, new releases and technical support
   related to Spacetech's  !Photodesk.

   !Photodesk is an application designed for Photo
   Re-touching and Artwork Generation on the Acorn range of
   RISC machines (specifically the Acorn Archimedes and RISC

   Please note that this mailing list is not officially
   mandated by Spacetech.

   To subscribe, send the mail to:
   with the Subject: SIGNON PHOTODSK-L
   The body of the mail will be ignored by the robot.


RISCBSD         <>

   This list is for the discussion of RiscBSD: the
   NetBSD/ARM32 port for the RiscPC. NetBSD is a
   cross-platform public domain UNIX.

    To subscribe send email to: <> with the BODY:

        subscribe port-arm32


RISCOSTEX       <>

   This is a RISC OS TeX mailing-list for people to discuss
   problems/ideas or anything else related to TeX/LaTeX and
   their extended family running under RISC OS.

   To subscribe, send the mail to:
   in the body text put: subscribe riscostex


TAYLOR          <>

   TAYLOR is a mailing-list concerning the discussion of
   bugs and features of the application !uucp (Taylor UUCP
   1.04) by Thomas Aeby. The list is aimed at users of this

   To subscribe send email to: <>
   There is a human on the other side.


With thanks to all the contributors.


  Copyright (c)1995,1996 by Maurice Hendrix, all rights reserved.
  This overview may be distributed freely on a non-commercial basis.
  When doing so this overview must be distributed as-is, with no changes
  made to it and this copyright notice included.
  This overview may NOT be included in commercial collections or 
  compilations without the express permission from the author.

  This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties.
  While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the
  information contained in this article, the author assumes no
  responsibilities for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from
  the use of the information contained herein.

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