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soc.culture.taiwan FAQ (part 3/6) -- Internet

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Archive-name: Taiwan-faq/internet
Last-modified: 1997/08/01

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                      Tung-chiang Yang (

  ***** FAQ'S OF SCT *****

     * (I. 1) Is there any World Wide Web page for Taiwan?
     * (I. 2) Is there any FTP site in Taiwan?
     * (I. 3) Is there any archie server in Taiwan?
     * (I. 4) Is there any gopher server in Taiwan?
     * (I. 5) Where can I get Internet access in Taiwan?
     * (I. 6) My friend has such an E-mail address. Where is he?
     * (I. 7) How can I read local Usenet newsgroups in Taiwan?
     * (I. 8) Is there any list for TANet BBS'?
     * (I. 9) How can I sign in the TANet for BBS access?


    (I. 1) Is there any World Wide Web page for Taiwan?

   Yes, there are some. If you have a World Wide Web browser, you can
   start at the home Web page Jon A. Nunez made at

   This page briefly explains the political structure of Republic of
   China. On the other hand, you can also try

   which is jointly maintained by the Computer Center or Ministry of
   Education, ROC, Tung Nan Junior College of Technology, Yimin Hu at
   "" and Joe Hsu at "". This
   WWW page provides more information about Taiwan, ROC, and some
   technical information about miscellaneous networks in Taiwan, like
   some BBS'. The selection "General Information" includes a lot of
   useful data about Taiwan. Some Chinese environment (like Big-5) will
   be helpful.

   "" is the first WWW site established in Taiwan.

   Government Information Office set up a WWW page at

   which might be viewed as an official Web page for the ROC government
   on Taiwan. This page is available in French, Spanish, German,
   Japanese, and Chinese (GB and Big5). The 1996 yearbook provides a
   detailed description about Taiwan, and many statistics are also
   available. The year book is located at

   The WWW site of Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and
   Statistics, Executive Yuan provides some official statistics of
   Taiwan, like population, marital status, mass media services,
   chronology and government of Republic of China, and so on. You can go

   for more information.

   If you are interested in knowing Taiwan from an American viewpoint,
   try the WWW page for Central Inteligence Agency (CIA), U.S.A.:

   and then choose "Taiwan" under the entries "CIA Publications", "The
   World Factbook 1996" and "Asia", or use

   Taiwanese Student Association at University of Texas at Austin,
   U.S.A., also worked on a pretty good Web page for Taiwan. You can try
   them at

   Miscellaneous universities, institutions and even high schools also
   have built their own WWW pages. The corresponding URL address can be
   formed by replacing the "xxx" in[edu,gov,org].tw

   with the node name reserved for that school, which can be found in the
   document FAQ Yellowpage part.

   The Web page at

   provides a search base for 14000 leading firms and 5000 select
   commodities in Taiwan for import and export purposes, where the data
   is from the Customs Bureau. This might be useful for business-oriented
   people. On the other hand, the URL at

   provides a list of some official trade associations in Taiwan. As of
   Aug. 2, 1995, the list includes toy and electrical/electronic
   manufacturers, and those for textile and computers will be added.

   YamWeb Navigator might be considered the "Yahoo" in Taiwan, which
   provides a search engine in Chinese (Big5). You can reach it at

   and start your navigation there.

   Li & Partners set up a legal data bank for laws in Taiwan and Mainland
   China, which includes both the Constitutions of Republic of China and
   People's Republic of China, and some related items like Republic of
   China Constitution Amendments and the Basic Laws for the Hongkong
   Special District. You can reach

   and start your legal experience.

   For more information regarding WWW, subscribe to the newsgroups
   "comp.infosystems.www.misc" and "comp.infosystems.www.announce".

   (Thanks for Jon A. Nunez, "", Chung Shen,
   "" and Alan Chun-hsing Wu,
   "" for contributing the information here.)

    (I. 2) Is there any FTP site in Taiwan?

   You can try to reach "" (it is also aliased to
   "") [ or] anonymous ftp archives,
   which is the main file server in Taiwan. You might also try
   "" [] for similar services. Currently
   this is the largest anonymous ftp archive in Taiwan and possibly in
   Asia, for which 40 GB space is assigned.

   A partial listing of the contents at this site is as follows.

          Chinese collections from the world, which might include Big5,
          GB and HZ.

   /PC    Some MSDOS software for IBM PC compatibles.

          Macintosh archive.

          A collection of some freely distributed computing languages and

          Document archive.

   (Reference: "00README.FTP" by HUANG, Chih-hsien obtained from the said
   FTP site previously)

    (I. 3) Is there any archie server in Taiwan?

   Yes. The machines "" (aliased ""),
   "" and/or "" and "" (aliased
   ""), "" are currently running for archie
   services. However, please keep in mind that you had better connect to
   a site which is closest to yours (in the network sense, not
   necessarily in the real distance). Go to some more remote sites like
   the ones mentioned here only if you cannot find what you are looking
   for in the current archie server. You can telnet there with login ID
   "archie" and no password is needed.

   Now there is also a archie web page installed. You can start your file
   search at

   Both the Chinese (Big5) and English versions are available.

    (I. 4) Is there any gopher server in Taiwan?

   Yes. You can visit the following gopher servers in Taiwan. A Big-5
   environment is recommended for making full use of them. In a few cases
   no English entries are available and a Big-5 environment becomes a
   must. For the organization/institution related to these sites, please
   refer to the document FAQ Yellowpage part. Usually you can cascade
   "gopher" with "xxx.[edu,gov,org].tw" and use
   "gopher://[edu,gov,org].tw" as an URL.

     * (Ministry of Education, information about TAnet)
     * (but this server does not provide detailed
       information for NCUE)
     * (This site provides the addresses for all the
       elementary schools in Taiwan at
     * job information site)
     * Network Information Center)
     * entries completely in Chinese Big-5)
     *'s commUnity)

   (Thanks for Alan Chun-hsing Wu, "", Dept. of
   Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan
   University for contributing the information here.)

    (I. 5) Where can I get Internet access in Taiwan?

   In addition to the the educational sites in Taiwan, there are also
   some Internet connection service providers in Taiwan. Listed below is
   a partial list of them in the alphabetical order:

   Name:  GlobalNet


          GlobalNet Communication Services, Inc.

          dial-up terminal emulation & SLIP/PPP

   Geo area served:
          Taipei, Taichung, Nantou, Hualien, Changhua

          (Flat Rate, 4MB harddisk space, free online software)
          NT$4,000/year, NT$2,600 for 6 months (NT$2,400 for renewal) and
          NT$1,500 per quarter,
          or NT$2,000 for 100 hours of online access.


          + phone (8864)375-8258, (8862)778-8007
          + Fax (8864)375-8259, (8862)777-2337
          + E-mail
          + WWW


   Name:  HiNet


          DCI (Data Communication Institute, a govt agency)

          dial-up terminal emulation & PPP/SLIP 14.4/64/128Kbps leased
          line subnet available

   Geo area served:
          local call access available for many localities.

   Configuration Fee:
          NT$200 for dialup; NT$2,000 for 14.4KBPS leased line; NT$4,000
          for 64/128KBPS leased line

   Monthly Charge:

          + dial-up terminal emulation: NT$170; NT$0.4/min for
          + leased line: NT$2,250 for 14.4KBPS; NT$11,100 for 64KBPS;
            NT$19,500 for 128KBPS. additionally, int'l communications
            charge: NT$26/MB before 2000MB; NT$22/MB afterwards


          + phone 886-2-344-2790, 886-2-212-1040
          + E-mail
          + WWW


   Name:  iVNet


          Formosa Information Technology Co., Ltd.

          Commercial Databank Access and E-Mail

          Networking Database System Transfer and customer support

   Area served:
          local call access available for many localities.

   Application Fee:
          NT$ 2,950 for six months for flat rate.


          + Phone 886-2-709-3307
          + Fax 886-2-709-3380
          + E-mail
          + WWW


   Name:  SeedNet


          III (Institute for Information Industry, which is partially

          dial-up (PPP, terminal mode and SLIP) leased-line (PPP, router,

   Geo area served:
          access numbers local to most local communities in Taiwan.

   Application Fee and Monthly Charge:
          PC Dial-up (PPP, Terminal Emulation): NT$200 for setup, NT$6000
          for annual fee.
          Host (PPP, SLIP): NT$2000 for setup, NT$6000 for annual fee.
          After 30 hours, the charge is NT$60 per hour or NT$1500 per
          month for the flat rate option.
          14.4K Direct line NT$2,000 for setup, NT$35,700/year
          19.2K Direct line NT$4,000 for setup, NT$56,100/year
          64K Direct line NT$9,000 for setup, NT$183,000/year
          128K Direct line NT$2,000 for setup, NT$561,000/year
          T1 Direct line NT$190,000 for setup, NT$3,360,000/year


          + phone 886-2-733-6454 (Taipei), 886-4-254-7805 (Taichung),
            886-7-336-4884 (Kaohsiung)
          + E-mail,
          + Gopher server "". Big-5 coded information
          + WWW

   Note:  SeedNet only provides Internet services to group users
          including governmental departments, privately- and state-run
          corporate bodies. It will be open for individuals when the
          charge plan is finished.


   Name:  TranSend


          TranSend Internet Co.

          Full service Internet Station (FTP,Telnet,Usenet...). Available
          for ROC citizens only.

          Internet classes (8 hours in English or Mandarin) and customer

   Geo area served:
          local calls in Taipei and Taoyuan

   Monthly Charge:

          + Individual and student shell accounts flat fee NT$ 7,000/yr.
            NT$ 4,000 for 6 months.
          + PPP (+ shell) accounts flat fee NT$ 10,000/yr. NT$6,000 for 6


          + Phone 886-2-706-9089
          + Net phone 886-2-708-6783
          + Fax 886-2-706-3384
          + E-mail:
          + WWW

   Overseas Connections differs from the above Internet Service Providers
   in the way that it offers WWW service but not dialup accounts:

   Name:  Overseas Connections


          Overseas Connections

          Internet marketing, WWW concepts & design. We do not provide
          dialup service.

          Internationally focused WWW presence for Taiwan companies and

   Geo area served:

   Application Fee:

   Monthly Charge:
          Varies depending on type of service required


          + Phone 886-2-756-2900
          + Fax 886-2-764-3878
          + E-mail
          + WWW,

   Compuserve also offers some limited service with Internet, like
   sending and receiving E-mails. For further information, please contact

      TTN-Serve (Taiwan Telecommunications Network Svcs. Co., Ltd.
      Far East ABC Intelligent Science Park
      1st Floor, No. 13, Lane 50, Nan-Kang Road, Section 3,
      Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C
      Tel: (toll-free in Taiwan) 080-251-009
      Fax: 886-2-651-1800
      Hours:  09:00 - 18:00, Monday - Friday,
              09:00 - 12:00, Saturdays.

   You can also send an E-mail to "" for other
   questions you might have.

   (Thanks for Heng-Yi Lin, "" for contributions

    (I. 6) My friend has such an E-mail address. Where is he?

   This part has been separated from the FAQ Internet part and put into a
   new document. You can go to

   for further information.

    (I. 7) How can I read local Usenet newsgroups in Taiwan?

   You can try to connect your newsreader program like "tin" to the
   following newsservers to read local Usenet newsgroups in Taiwan.
   However, please do not forget that the Internet connection across the
   Pacific is quite slow at times. The descriptions and the postings for
   Taiwanese newsgroups are Chinese Big-5 coded. -- (This BBS news server seems to provide the fastest
                     connection. However, it does not carry SCT) -- National Chiao-tung University. This site
                         carries only cna.xxxx groups. (aliased as "") -- National Taiwan
                 University. This site carries only ntu.xxxx groups. (aliased as "") -- Institute for
                 Information Industry

   You might want to try some of the following newsgroups. Not all news
   servers carry all the groups mentioned here.
          There are 41 newsgroups, including 6 groups for alumni of some
          high schools.

          There are 58 newsgroups in this hierarchy. For some cities,
          there might be "dancing", "drama", "folk", "lecture", "misc",
          "music" and "paint" as subgroups.

          You might find some lyrics of your favorite songs here,
          including the English songs.

          There are 32 newsgroups for miscellaneous hobbies and

          There are 17 newsgroups for science-related topics, including
          "astrology" and "destiny-prediction".

          Hakka Discussions.
          There are 6 newsgroups for the six professional baseball teams
          in Taiwan.
          There are 8 newsgroups, including "love", "boy-girl",
          "ladytalk" and "mentalk".

   Outside Taiwan, the following news servers are known to carry
   "tw.bbs.xxxx" hierarchy and open to the public (not necessarily for
   posting, but at least for reading):

   If you want to search for certain Usenet postings (in the recent three
   months) in hierarchy, you can try the URL

   where some options make the searching machine easy to use.

    (I. 8) Is there any list for TANet BBS'?

   Listed below is a partial list for BBS' in TANet. Entries marked by an
   "*" correspond to those not verifiable at UCLA, U.S.A. during the
   routine testings. For most of them, you can login with the ID "bbs"
   and no password is required. At times you might also need to try to
   login as "guest" or "new", depending on the site policy.

   Entries marked with "(Password required)" do not take login attempts
   with id "new", "bbs" nor "guest". They might no longer be open for
   outside BBS purposes.

   For the name of the schools, governments or organizations associated
   with the listed BBS address, please refer to the document FAQ
   Yellowpage part.

   === Universities, Colleges and Institutes ===             Computer Center          Dept. of Computer Science
                     (alias            CHPI PowerBBS
                     (alias            DYIT BBS
   *          Fengchia Gray Sky BBS       (Password required)
   *          (Password required)
   *             Dreaming Village BBS, MCU
   *            (Computer Center)            NCHU Tien Shu BBS            BBS of Computer Center, NCKU         Chemist BBS      BBS of Inst. of
                                                Information Engr.
   *       Music       BBS of CSIE, NCTU    Taiwan Culture BBS, NCTU        BBS of CIS, NCTU         BBS of EE, NCTU
                     (alias            (Password required)       (Password required)
   *         (Password required)          Pine Romance BBS, NCU
   *         Totoro BBS, NCU     Secret Garden BBS, NCU           Formosa BBS, NSYSU          South Wind BBS, NSYSU          Shitze Bay BBS, NSYSU
   *         Dept. of Eletrical Engr.  The Room of One's Own
                                                BBS, NTHU      Electronic Mathematics
                                                Club, NTHU  Star of Platinum BBS, NTHU
   *           Hualien County Education
                     (alias Bureau
   *          (login: NTICVTX)
   *         BBS of EE, NTIT            Goblin City BBS, NTNU        (Password required)
                     (alias     Reasoning Playground BBS,
                                                NTNU             Coconut Forest Romance
                                                BBS, NTU          BBS of EE, NTU        Drunken Moon BBS, NTU
                     (alias          Tunghai BBS          Eggstir EE BBS, TKU
                     (alias     Bright Top of Statistics,
                                                TKU             Eggroll Square BBS, TKU
   *        Secret Lover BBS, TTIT
                     (alias            Green Valley Hon-shi
                     (alias     Village BBS, WCJC             Wufeng Dream Garden BBS
                     (alias            Wufeng Apollo BBS
                     (alias            Wufeng Yuan Garden BBS

   === High Schools ===         KGHS BBS
                     (alias         TCGS BBS
                     (alias                                  TNSSH BBS
                     (alias           Huhohaute BBS
   *            (Password required)

   === Governments, Organizations, and Others ===             BBS of Council of Agriculture             BBS of EPA             BBS of AIDE         BBS of Kaohsiung City
                                                Education Bureau
   *                                BBS of Taichung Country
                                                Education Bureau             BBS of Taipei City
                     (alias   Government             Taiwan Fishery Information
                                                Service System        (Password required)             BBS of KMT
   *           TWDDE BBS (World Data
                                                Exchange BBS)        Unalis BBS

   (Thanks for HUANG, Yu-shen, "", at Dept.
   of Business Management of National Yunlin Institute of Technology for
   contributing the information here)

    (I. 9) How can I sign in the TANet for BBS access?

   Listed below are some phone numbers useful for signing in TANet in
   Taiwan for direct BBS connection. You might need an account for some
   of them. After signing in you may be able to get connected to most
   BBS' in the Internet. Please keep in mind that in Taiwan you have to
   dial "0" in front of the number for long-distance access.

   You can send an E-mail to "", which is for the
   magazine "HOPE_NET CD-ROM Monthly", for any questions you might still
   have. However, please try to be polite in asking since this is a
   service provided voluntarily by "HOPE NET".

      (2)651-3920 ( 8 lines)   Central Academic Sinica
      (2)737-7466 (12 lines)   Computer Center of Ministry of Education
      (2)368-9280 (10 lines)   National Taiwan University
         367-6981 (24 lines)
      (2)938-7183              National Cheng-chi University
      (2)322-4233              National Taiwan Normal University
      (3)427-2178 (10 lines)   National Central Univerisity
      (35)73-0600~99 (100 lines)  National Chiao-tung University
          (automatic dialing selection at 73-0600)
      (4)285-4757~63           National Chung-hsing University
      (4)224-1659              National Taichung Institute of Commerce
      (4)728-5172 ( 8 lines)   National Chang-hua Normal University
      (5)272-0627 ( 9 lines)   National Chung-cheng Univiersity
      (6)274-6177~8            National Cheng-kung University
      (7)533-2040              National Sun Yat-sun University
         531-0103 (32 lines)

   (Reference: "How to get into the Internet World for the Modem people"
   by CHEN, Chien-chuen, page 93 on the magazine "HOPE NET" in Taiwan,
   1995 January issue)

   (Permission to repost the finished document or make copies of it in
   electronic, mechanical, photocopied, or other form as appropriate will
   be granted provided it is not modified in any way whatsoever, and it
   is not used for profit purposes without prior explicit consent from
   the author. Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997 by Tung-chiang Yang.)

Tung-chiang Yang                    

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