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r.v.s.tvro FAQ -- Contents

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Archive-name: Satellite-TV/TVRO/intro
Posting-Frequency: 15 Days
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Author: J. Trees
Contributors: F. Tilley, D. Levingston, F. Miata

The control file for can be found at

For your newsgroups file: "Large Dish" ("BUD") systems and technologies.

The charter, culled from the call for votes: will be for the discussion of TVRO (an acronym for TeleVision 
Receive Only) ... or "Large Dish" satellite reception, generally by non-commercial 
home-dish owners and hobbiests. This group will continue to cover C/Ku band 
reception worldwide, including programming, technical, legal issues and other matters 
relating to home-dish usage, in the same way that the existing group, 
has done since its inception. The existing HOMESAT mailinglist will be gatewayed 
to this group, if this proposal is successful.

This FAQ will be posted in 10 parts (Not including this Intro)


1. What is TVRO?

 1.1  How did satellite TV begin?
 1.2  How exactly are satellite signals transmitted?
 1.3  What frequencies and/or bands are used for TVRO satellite transmissions?
 1.4  Who is likely to be a prospective big dish system owner?
 1.5  Okay, now I know a bit about BUD systems. But those minidish satellite 
         systems are fairly cheap and simple. What about DBS?

2. How do I get started assembling a home TVRO satellite system?

 2.1  About how much might it cost to put a system together?
 2.2  Exactly what equipment do I need?
 2.3  Okay, I have my equipment. How do I get my TVRO satellite system installed?
 2.4  Okay, I now have my satellite system working. How do I connect more than one 
        TV and receiver to it?
 2.5  All the hype these days is about HDTV.  Can I view HDTV signals with my BUD 

3. Programming

 3.1  What Programming is Available on BUDs?
 3.2  What about the broadcast networks? Can I get them with my big dish system?
 3.3  What are the requirements for subscribing to the networks?
 3.4  What are these "raw feeds" and backhauls that I always hear about?
 3.5  How do I access all this programming?
 3.6  Are ALL channels freely available for watching? What is encryption?
 3.7  How do I tune audio?
 3.8  There is so much programming! How do I keep track of it all? Are there program 
        guides available?
 3.9  Who provides subscription programming and about how much might it cost me?

4. Compression, Encryption and Encoding Methods

 4.1  What Television Broadcast Standards are compatible with BUDs?
 4.2  What Compression Schemes are used with BUDs?
 4.3  What Encryption Methods are used with BUDs?

5. Are there any hobbies related to owning a big dish system?

 5.1  DVB/MPEG-2
 5.2  Non-standard Audio (analog SCPC and FM Squared)
 5.3  International Satellite Tracking
 5.4  Inclined Orbit Satellite Tracking

6. How does the environment affect my big dish system?

 6.1  Stormy Weather
 6.2  Winter Weather
 6.3  The Sun
 6.4  Wildlife

7. Can Zoning Ordinances or Homeowner Associations prevent me from Installing a 
    TVRO System?

 7.1  Zoning Ordinances
 7.2  Homeowner Associations

8. What is the Future for TVRO?

9. Where Can I get More Information or Help with my TVRO System?

10. Glossary and Sources Cited

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