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Data Communications Cabling FAQ
Section - 8.0 Cabling Standards

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     American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
     Electronic Industry Association (EIA)
     Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

     Current specification is the ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-1991 Standard
     _Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard_ and
     two Tech Sys Bulletins:

     _Additional Cable Specifications for Unshielded Twisted-Pair Cables_
     EIA/TIA Tech Sys Bulletin TSB-36, Nov 1991
     [Transmission Characteristics of Category 3-5 UTP cables]

     _Additional Transmission Specifications for UTP Connecting Hardware_
     EIA/TIA Tech Sys Bulletin TSB-40A, Dec 1993
     (Performance of Connectors and Patch Panels Above 20 MHz)

     Extended Specifications for 150-ohm STP Cables and Data
     Connectors - EIA/TIA Tech Sys Bulletin TSB-53, 1992 [Type 1A cable]

     EIA-570: Residential and Light Commercial Telecommunications
     Wiring Standard - EIA/TIA, 1991

     EIA-606: Telecommunications Administration Standard for Commercial
     Buildings - EIA/TIA (was PN-2290)

     EIA-607: - Commercial Building Grounding and Bonding Requirements
     for Telecommunications - EIA/TIA

     EIA/TIA PN-2840 - [draft for the EIA-568-A standard, incorporating
     TSB-36 and -40A, expected in early 1995]

     EIA/TIA PN-2840A - [draft for next version of the EIA-568-A standard]

     American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/
     National Fire Protection Assoc. (NFPA):
    70     National Electrical Code (1993)
    78     Lightning Protection Code

     Canadian Standards Association (CSA):
    C22.1-1994   Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1

     CAN/CSA-T527: Bonding and Grounding for Telecommunications
     in Commercial Buildings - Canadian Standards Assoc.
     [harmonized with EIA-607]

     CAN/CSA-T528: Telecommunications Administration Standards for
     Commercial Buildings - CSA, Jan 1993 [harmonized with EIA-606]

     CAN/CSA-T529-M91: Design Guidelines for Telecommunications Wiring
     System in Commercial Buildings, - CSA [harmonized with EIA-568]

     CAN/CSA-T530-M90: Building Facilities, Design Guidelines for
     Telecommunications - CSA, 1990  [harmonized with EIA-569]

     ISO/IEC 11801: [international equivalent of EIA-568 and CSA T-529,
     includes 120 ohm Screened Twisted Pair cable]

     IEC 603-7, Part 7 - [Modular connector physical dimensions, mechanical
     and electrical characteristics. Level A: 750 mating cycles min;
     B: 2,500 min; C: 10,000 min.]

     ISO 8877: Information Processing Systems - Interface Connector and
     Contact Assignment for ISDN Basic access interface located at
     reference points S and T - International Organization for
     Standardization [same pin/pair assignments for 8-line modular
     connector as EIA T-568A]

     National Electrical Safety Code Handbook (NESC):
     Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)/
     American National Standards Institute (ANSI):
      C2-1993      National Electrical Safety Code
     ISBN 1-55937-210-9 (order # SH15172)
     [In USA, governs the area between the property line and the
     building entrance]

     National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Research in
     Construction (NRC-IRC):
    National Building Code of Canada (1990) - order NRCC 30619
    Supplement to the National Building Code of Canada (1990)
    - order NRCC 30629
    National Fire Code of Canada (1990) - order NRCC 30621

     A Guide to Premises Distribution
     - NCR/AT&T order #555-400-021, Apr 1988

     Building Network Design - Bell Canada, 1992

     The Corporate Cabling Guide - M. McElroy,
     Artech House, ISBN 0-89006-663-9, Dec 1992

     Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (1050 pages)
     - Building Industries Consulting Service International (BICSI), 1994

     Universal Transport System Design Guide, Release II
     - Siecor Corp, 1991 [fiber-optic cable plant]

     Requirements Beyond Jacks and Cable: an Installation Guide
     - Leviton Telecom, Second edition, T15-00004-003, Jan 1994

     SiteWire Twisted-pair Installation Guide
     - Hewlett-Packard,  p/n 5959-2208, Jan 1988

     SiteWire Planning Guide - Hewlett-Packard, p/n 5959-2201,
     Sept 1989

     Tech Ref Guide for Workgroup LANs
     - Hewlett-Packard, p/n 5091-0663E, Apr 1991

     Tech Ref Guide for Site LANs and MultiSite LANs
     - Hewlett-Packard, p/n 5091-0666E, Apr 1991

     Understanding Fiber Optics - J. Hecht
     Howard Sams & Co., ISBN 0-672-27066-8, 1988

     Optical Fiber Communications, I & II - S. Miller
     Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-497350-7 & -5

     Optical Fiber Splices and Connectors: Theory & Methods -
     C. M. Miller, Marcel Dekker, 1986

     Principles of Optical Fiber Measurements - D. Marcuse
     Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-470-980-X, 1981

     Single-Mode Fibers: Fundamentals - E. G. Neumann
     Springer-Verlag, ISBN 0-387-18745-6, 1988

     CATV Cable Construction Manual, 3rd edition - Comm/Scope Inc., 1980
     [Outside Plant tools and procedures: trenching, boring, installing
     aerial and buried cable]

     Marking Guide: Wire and Cable - Underwriters Labs, 1993
     [How to interpret UL cable jacket markings]

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