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Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ, v2.8

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Archive-name: AudioFAQ/AmbisonicFAQ
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 2.8
Last-modified: 21 January 1998

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Pointer to 
Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by domestic listeners about Ambisonic
Surround Sound. Includes theory, practice, details of current decoder
manufacturers and a discography of UHJ encoded LPs and CDs. 

Where can I get this FAQ?

A major problem with FAQs is out-of-date versions. Even if you
are reading this online it may not be the latest version. The latest
version is available on the Web at the following location: 


Only this pointer is posted monthly to the Usenet newsgroups,,,, 
rec.answers and news.answers (*.answers archive-name:
AudioFAQ/AmbisonicFAQ). To read the FAQ please visit the Web site 
listed above.

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