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Rev. Mama Lani (
Sat, 17 May 1997 00:43:37 -1000 (HST)

On Sat, 17 May 1997, Omer Zak wrote:
>The problem is that several E-mail spammers abuse those E-mail addresses
>and send junk E-mail to the original contributors of those messages as
>well as the webmaster (me).As a result, some of them request that their
>E-mail messages be removed from the WWW pages, thus diminishing the
>usefulness of those pages as sources for contact information for people
>who have legitimate need to contact those people.

After months of getting spam, as well as worrying about people on my FAQ
(and our "regular reader gallery" at our main newsgroup's official web
site), I have done the following:

1. Set up a very big procmail file for myself that filters out any
email not sent to me directly or to a list I subscribe to (I gave
up on sending complaints to the postmaster), and
2. manually changed every single MAILTO tag so it includes a "remove-this"
within their addresses. I also warn readers about this.
I do this because many spammers don't bother to read the text
but use scanning software that just pulls up addresses.

> <h3>Warning to E-mail spammers</h3>

>The questions are:
>1. Is there any better way to express the above warning so that it'll be
> legally binding?

Some, like Wallace Spamford and Jeff Slaton, they have shown that they are
willing to flout whatever notice you post, and are willing to back it up
with counter-suits. You can make whatever notice you want, but you may
have to be willing to follow it up.

> I could determine, most, if not all, spammers are from USA).

I've gotten spam from Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy and some other places.

One solution is to write their addresses manually. For example, my address
<> could simply be written out as it's spoken verbally, and
write <lani at lava dot net>, or try things like <>,
<>, or even flip it so it says <>
with instructions.

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