Re: What do I do?


Edward Reid (
Thu, 15 May 97 17:35:44 -0500

> or tell them you will write them a tailored
> version for their web site for a nice fee.

With all this talk about suits and threats and fees, I'd like to
re-iterate what someone already said. Call them up and ask for a
correction. For goodness sake, this is a bicycle shop. Bike
shops tend to be some of the most laid back, accepting places on
earth. Even in Brooklyn. The chances are very high that they are
not even aware of the problem. Bike shops are also not high
profit businesses, and there's a good chance that some loyal
customer (or web site designer needing publicity) did it for

Assume mistakes before malevolence. Give people a chance to
correct mistakes before trying to force them to.

Edward Reid