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Kent Landfield (
Thu, 15 May 1997 09:45:42 -0500 (CDT)

Hire a cheap laywer and bounce the following past him... If you're a student,
contact the University legal and see what they can do for you. Sometimes they
take things like this very seriously, sometimes they don't. Ask.

First, grab a copy of the entire web site with a web copy program and put it 
on tape.  Have someone else witness your doing so.  Then have them jot a note 
that they were there and what you did.  Have the witness seal the tape up
in a small package so they can identify it has not been tampered with if
it goes to trial.

Give the tape to the lawyer to protect along with the statement from the witness.

I might first call Ace Cycles, ask for the owner. Inform them that the people that did their web site have stolen material and placed it on Ace Cycles web site. This is placing you in a position of having to take legal action if it is not immediately removed. (It appears they had someone else build their site so they may not know of the problems.)

As previously suggested, have the laywer write a cease-and-desist letter. Send the letter registered with a return notice request.

Keep a personal log of your actions.

I might also post messages to related newsgroups but that can be a dual edged sword. Who was it, P.T. Barnum?, who said that there is no such things as bad publicity...

The phone call will put them on notice, the letter will reinforce that you are serious and if neither works, it's up to you to decide if you wish to persue it further.

Here is the web site owner info:

Ace Cycles 1116 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11218-5304 (718) 462-7713

Whois info: ------------- Ace Cycles (BIKE-LINK-DOM) 1116 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, NY 11218 USA

Domain Name: BIKE-LINK.COM

Administrative Contact: Markardt, Robert (RM3861) admin@NARL.COM (718) 462-7713 (FAX) (718) 462-4850 Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Hostmaster, Rapidsite Inc (BN63) hostmaster@RAPIDSITE.NET (561) 994-6684 (FAX) (407)989-8784 (FAX) (561) 989-8784 Billing Contact: Markardt, Robert (RM3861) admin@NARL.COM (718) 462-7713 (FAX) (718) 462-4850

At least this is what I'd do but I AM NO LAYWER!!!

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