Re: Locating a FAQ maintainer


Martin Leese - OMG (
Thu, 15 May 97 10:09:39 ADT

>> I'm having difficulties locating ( V. Phaniraj).
>> I've sent several emails to his address as listed in the FAQ and have
>> received neither bounces nor replies. I've tried contacting him several
>> times over the past month after I noticed some errors in the FAQ.

Send a polite e-mail to postmaster@.... No need to explain in detail
why you wish to contact this person, simply ask if the e-mail address
is still valid. I am postmaster here and have been elsewhere. It is
not unusual to receive such requests.

The rules for e-mail state that messages sent to postmaster@... MUST
end up at a live human being. This rule is broken by domains that
send spam, but an edu domain will follow the rule.

Alternatively, find a WWW server for this institution and look the
person up in the e-mail directory, assuming they have one (most do).
If the person is listed then the address is almost certainly current.
Maybe they are ill or are away on an extended vacation.

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