Updating Terror (was Re: FAQs/REFs/COMs, Legitimacy )


Jeff Knapp (director@gti.net)
Mon, 5 May 1997 18:57:14 +0000

On 5 May 97 at 15:33, Terry Carroll wrote:

> That's actually part of the reason I've been slow to update my FAQ.
> It's one thing to write about a legal subject when you're a law
> student -- quite another when you're a lawyer representing clients
> who may have positions adverse to the commentary you're writing.

Yeah, I could see the malpractice carriers getting a little edgy
about that :-)

Either way, I do refer to your FAQ often and point people there all
the time; so I hope you do manage to find some time to keep up with
things (or find another law student willing to pitch in) but I
certainyl understand if you don't.

It was torture for me to sit down and update my FAQ after 8 months
mostly because so much had changed in the group (namely we
made a new one) that there was a huge amount of work to be done, that
I always saw it as an unbeatable beast... and after 2 weekends of
heavy re-writing, the dragon laid slain... though I haven't worked up
the stamina to get it ready for another news.answers bid... :-)
(actually, I just haven't decided how I want it archived...)

Jeff Knapp

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