publicizing the mailing-list FAQ


Al Gilman (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 10:40:49 -0400 (EDT)

to follow up on what A. Lester Buck III said:

> Uh, "Russian Women Mailing List" is a list I started and currently
> control. We will name the FAQ exactly that, thankyouverymuch!
> Since the only reason we are having to write another FAQ is
> because our pissant current author is not allowing ANY access to
> his work, I don't forsee any archiving conflicts. :-) In fact,
> the original FAQ was under password control to prevent search
> engine access. The list administrators are moving to make the
> FAQ a public document. Archiving it in some public forum (any
> public forum!) is another thing to be gained from a rewrite.

Most mailing lists need FAQs whether they have them or not.
The LoPIP at
basically covers News. I am not aware of a comparable service
for mailing lists, which are highly independent beasties.

You might do some networking with the people who run services
such as Liszt and the PAML -- however people find your list -- as
to how to make prospective subscribers aware of the availability
of the FAQ.

What do you do on your list to tickle people from time to time
with unsubscribe instructions, etc?

There is also the Web and search services covering the Web.

Some day let us know what works for you, in terms of making people
aware that the FAQ exists. RTFM is an icon because getting people
to do it is a persistent problem.

Al Gilman