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era eriksson (
Sat, 9 Aug 1997 10:45:29 +0300 (EET DST)

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997 14:46:06 -0700 (PDT),
Katie Schwarz <> wrote:
> I am attempting to submit my FAQ (for rec.arts.comics.dc.vertigo) to
> news.answers, but can't get past the automated FAQ checker at
> It appears to be ignoring all characters
> beyond the 80th character on the Newsgroups: line, which cuts it off in the
> middle of a newsgroup name.
> I'm pretty sure this isn't my mailer's fault -- I tried mailing the file to
> myself, and it came back fine, with the line perfectly intact. Is it
> possible the automated FAQ-checker really isn't working?

How long exactly is your "long" Newsgroups: line?

Are you using some sort of MIME encoding? (This would show up as
equals signs where the lines are broken up.)

Note that there should be no spaces between the newsgroup names. (I'd
imagine the FAQ checker would warn you about that if this was the

I submitted a silly test with a 604-line Newsgroups: line just now
which passed with flying colors:

------- Start of forwarded message ------- (slightly edited // era)
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 03:36:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: ignore -- testing long newsgroups line
From: auto-replier-daemon@penguin-lust.MIT.EDU (do not reply to this address)
Comment: send comments to news-answers-request@MIT.EDU
Precedence: junk

Our automated testing script did not find any straightforward errors
in your submission. However, because you specified "ignore" in the
Subject of your email to this FAQ-checker, your submission has NOT
been forwarded to the *.answers moderators for final approval. You
will need to submit it again if you wish to have it approved. Please
do not begin posting your article to *.answers, or try to submit it to
the faq-server, until you have requested, and received, approval from
the moderation team.

If you need to send an additional comment, or if this automated
FAQ-checker has made an error, you can contact the *.answers
moderators directly at <>.


[begin reference inclusion]

<.................... lots of header lines trimmed // era ....................>
> Subject: ignore -- testing long newsgroups line
> To: news-answers-submit@BLOOM-PICAYUNE.MIT.EDU
> Date: 9 Aug 1997 09:59:09 +0300
> From: era eriksson <>
> Subject: ignore -- testing long newsgroups line
> Followup-to: poster
> From: era eriksson <>
> Newsgroups: alt.-1d,alt.0.infinity.squared,alt.0000a.this-site.newgroups.everything,alt.0d,alt.1d,alt.2600,alt.2600.414,alt.2600.AOL,alt.2600.QnA,alt.2600.cardz,alt.2600.codez,alt.2600.crackz,alt.2600.crypteia,alt.2600.debate,alt.2600.fake-id,alt.2600.hackerz,alt.2600.hope,alt.2600.hope.announce,alt.2600.hope.d,,alt.2600.mod,alt.2600.moderated,alt.2600.phreakz,alt.2600.programz,alt.2600.warez,alt.2600a,alt.2600hz,alt.266,alt.2d,alt.3d,alt.3d.misc,alt.3d.rhino,alt.3d.sirds,,alt.3djam-tv,alt.59.79.99,alt.CUCAP,alt.Cajun,,alt.Karen,alt.answers,news.answers
> Archive-name: moo/bar

[body of submission deleted for brevity]
[end reference inclusion]

-------- End of forwarded message --------

Perhaps you could quote the problematic Newsgroups: line to the list
for us all to see?

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