Re: OSU FAQ archive?


Balanone (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 18:17:16 -8

> My questions to faq-maintainers is:
> - What changes would you like to see?

I'm too new here to know generally what changes would be desirable.
But I can give my thoughts concerning specific questions:

> - Should the archive be primarily an archive of pointers to FAQs on the
> Web? (perhaps with local mirrors?) Or should it remain primarily an
> archive of Usenet FAQs?

There are going to be important FAQs that exist only on the Web, and
important FAQs that are posted to Usenet and not placed on the Web.
If the purpose of the archive is to make FAQs available for use, then
it should include both.

I see no problem with keeping ASCII FAQs in ASCII, and using HTML for
those FAQs that offer it.

> - Should we again raise the issue of providing a single standard header
> that Usenet FAQs insert to indicate where to find the current Web version
> of the FAQ, and use that (exclusively?) in our archive?

I think this would be good. Then FAQ maintainers like myself who
maintain their own HTML version would be able to point to the primary
Web copy. The archive need only link to that primary Web copy, saving
storage and spreading out the access load.

I thought that the standard "URL" header indicated this, though. Did
I read too much into the FAQ instructions?

> - How to handle multi-part FAQs? Should this be a case-by-case basis?
> (some FAQs are broken into true "chapters", not just chopped up into parts).
> How should the decision be made?

ASCII FAQs which are broken into chapters can probably include a
standard X- header indicating (part 1 of 4) or whatever, with a part
title if appropriate. Those which don't have this can be treated as
one FAQ (chopped into parts randomly).