returned copies of FAQs

Sat, 29 Apr 1995 12:30:52 -0400

I can always tell when the 24th of the month has gone by, since that's
when I run my postfaq script. No, it's not because of the output of
the script, it's because I get mailed lots of copies of the FAQs I post.
Well, anywhere from 3 to a dozen, usually.

Sometimes I ask why, and it's always a mistake, `I pressed the wrong key'
or something. Which is fine.

How many of these do other people get?

For a couple of years it was no more than 1 every two or three months,
and yet I'd have thought that the FAQs I edit (OpenWindows/OPEN LOOK and
the list of Metafont fonts) have if anything a dwindling readership.


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