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Aliza R. Panitz (
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 08:29:01 -0400 (EDT)

"Peter J. Kappesser" <> wrote:
> I presumed the same would go for news.answers -- the moderation is for
> technical purposes for the rtfm archive, as I understand it, whereas the
> content is governed by the topic and entirely up to the maintainer. *Is*
> there a content limitation not mentioned in the guidelines? Are there any
> groups whose FAQs would not be allowed in news.answers because of the topic
> of the group?

The *.answers moderators do not place any restrictions whatsoever on the
contents of the posts accepted for *.answers, other than a basic check
that the post is actually an FAQ or other informational posting. This
implies that no newsgroup should have its FAQ automatically barred from

The moderators also place no restrictions on the format of posts, other
than occasionally pointing out illegible formats (CR/LF damage or lines
longer than 80 characters.)

We are not net.gods - it is not our place to decide what is or is not
appropriate content. (We also don't have the time to read EVERY faq to
check them for content.) By explicitly refusing to reject any faq for
its content, we defend ourselves against people who think that some post
has inappropriate content. The content is the responsibility of the
poster, i.e. the person named on the From: line.

- Aliza R. Panitz, attempting to speak for

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