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Peter J. Kappesser (
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 02:30:21 -0400

Recently Tim Pierce <> wrote:
>> On the first point, Tim Pierce responded 'alt.answers' but that's a
>> moderated offshoot of news.answers, containing all the FAQs for alt.groups
>> which have been approved for news.answers.
>Sez who? [...] Whoever told you this was trying to pull a fast one on you,

Sez the *.answers submission guidelines:
In order to submit a periodic informational posting for the
news.answers newsgroup (and if appropriate for one or more of the
other *.answers newsgroups [alt.answers, comp.answers, de.answers,
misc.answers, rec.answers, sci.answers, soc.answers, talk.answers]
as well), you should first modify the header of your posting to conform
to the guidelines given below in Section I. Then, you should submit
your posting to us using the instructions given in Section II.

>Look, no one from the news.answers moderation team gave any
>kind of official blessing, sanction, or disapproval to
>alt.answers. Someone merely suggested it in alt.config
>once, for the sake of symmetry, and it was agreed that it
>would serve some purpose. It was also decided that it would
>best reflect the spirit of alt if, like alt.hackers, it was
>created as a moderated group but without a designated
>moderator in the mailpaths file.

The guidelines file gives no indication of this. Now that I know, I'll
certainly take advantage of the fact.

>I am not aware of any precedent that defined *anything* as
>being unacceptable for alt.answers. I rather suspect that
>anyone attempting to establish any such precedent would be
>shot down by the Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists.

I presumed the same would go for news.answers -- the moderation is for
technical purposes for the rtfm archive, as I understand it, whereas the
content is governed by the topic and entirely up to the maintainer. *Is*
there a content limitation not mentioned in the guidelines? Are there any
groups whose FAQs would not be allowed in news.answers because of the topic
of the group?

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