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Peter J. Kappesser (
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 16:31:00 -0400

Recently (heh) wrote:
>I've long thought that there should be an unmoderated alt group for
>all those silly faqs ... you know ..., alt.gorets,
>alt.spam.barf.barf.barf, ... that kind of thing. Many of those
> have faqs, but are not really suited for
>news.answers and are not willing to run the gauntlet.
>Having these faqs tossed into one group would be a grand pointer
>to where silly stuff was going on in the looney bin.
>Anyone have ideas for alt.groups where this might be fitting?

You mean, the group to which such FAQs would be crossposted, or silly groups
with FAQs whose maintainers aren't willing to go through the fru-fru for
approval to *.answers?

On the first point, Tim Pierce responded 'alt.answers' but that's a
moderated offshoot of news.answers, containing all the FAQs for alt.groups
which have been approved for news.answers. (After all, news.answers is the
'master index', so to speak, so I'm not sure what you mean by "not really
suited for news.answers." Heck, somebody posts a multi-part FAQ on lemurs,
and I seem to recall the alt.devilbunnies FAQ was there too. You might as
well say that certain reference books aren't "suited" for a general
library.) So there would have to be another, unmoderated created,
such as 'alt.alt.answers'...

As for the second point, I think the FAQ posting server pretty much obviates
the technical considerations for approval; and I post by proxy several FAQs
for some groups I like, as a way of contributing to the group, so the
maintainers don't have to worry about the fiddly header lines and only have
to take care of the content.

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