Re: The FAQ system approaches obsolescence. What do we do now?


Dave (
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 11:03:10 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 5 Dec 1994, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> The real questions before all of us aren't technotrivia about digest formats
> or conversion tools. They're strategic questions like:
> 1. When should I convert to WWW? (not "Should I" but "When should I")

Actually, in MY case, it's "How can I convert to WWW?" I'm sure there's a
guide to this, but where is it? (Be nice if it was mentioned in the FAQ
creation guide...
> 2. How long after conversion should I maintain a parallel FAQ form?
I would say it's good to maintain both forms and continue posting
periodically for the Usenet challenged, as well as for those on online
services, e.g. America Online.

> 3. How, in a WWW universe, can I recapture the useful properties
> of the FAQ format, distribution modes, and archiving?
> 4. What, if anything, is the function of rtfm and worthies like
> jik and tale in a world where the "rendezvous database" is
> mostly pointers to WWW documents?
[quoted message has been heavily edited for bandwidth]

Maybe a WWW front page can be set up for FAQs down at MIT. This could
maybe even tap into the current archives (I have no idea of how these
things work, and apologize for my technical ignorance, but it would be
nice of the disk space could be used twice). That way, there would be a
single source and there would still be an opportunity for quality assurance.

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